Skunk anansie i hope you get to meet your hero lyrics deutsch

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skunk anansie i hope you get to meet your hero lyrics deutsch

They hope the DVD will be finished soon, and they plan to have the book finished next fall. Swedish hard rock veterans BACKYARD BABIES will release their new .. KISS meet-and-greet experiences will be available Tuesday, November 27 at 10 SKUNK ANANSIE has announced the release of a new live album. Lyrics to 'Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)' by Skunk Anansie. I hope I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero - Skunk Anansie - Official Music Video. Song Lyrics: Why take everything you see? You'll have nothing left to squander []; Skunk Anansie - I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero Pop/Rock [].

A cool thing as practiced during the latest tour, they did "Soft" with the fake ending. I don't know if you've noticed it, but they leave the stage one after one, but the music continues. At the end Arvid is left jamming on the bass, and it gets to you that something is not right!

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P I wonder how they blend in the studio track on the live song? Kinda ressembles the way Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream ended their gigs. But at that time it was to show off the sequencer thing, which was completely new. Oh, and the played the new single, which is confirmed to be called "Dusty Roads". It's good, i told you earlier.

Because Of You

Jan Sundstrom Date: Couple of gigs in Helsinki Heigh-ho, can't remember the last time I posted to this list but I'm a happy lurker, anyway On the 18th Sat. And it's the first gig ever by this promising group from Helsinki!

Featuring Joachim Schonert on guitar. Well worth checking out. On the 1st of June at Club Splendid Semifinal: Coo Dada Girl Yes! Definitely worth checking out! Oh yeah, hee hee, I happen to play in one these groups Dada Girl come from Nokia, Finland near Tampere. Kind of artsy, Love-ly, powerpop. Antti the singer has an amazing voice.

The bassist sports long hair. Coo are a five-piece from Tampere with a good-looking lead singer and a rhythm guitarist who owns hockey goaltender equipment doesn't wear it on stage, though playing dronish guitar pop.

A cd-single soon to be out on Tangerine Records.

skunk anansie i hope you get to meet your hero lyrics deutsch

Oh yeah, and the Club Splendid DJs are famous for playing old-skool indie pop as well as new smokin' jungle tunes. Seeya, Chris Date: Then they are rather stupid, I think. Why on earth would they consider that type of promotion which costs a lot of money, btw yet not let some guy put one song on a compilation tape that maybe 2 dozen people are going to hear? It is absolutely free promotion, just like Kimmo said, nothing more.

If MCA is planning on sending Fidget promos to even one magazine, then they are total hypocrites if they ultimately don't let Erik use the song, that is. And I will be forced to believe that perhaps there is some truth to what Toby said about corporate big labels trying to undermine the indie underground don't remember the exact wording Just a thought, -Chris Date: Are you the good looking one?!

I totally dig Verve, Sp3, Ride etc Tell us when the single is out! Sat, 11 May Here's a track listing: Ulla Billquist-orkestern "Min soldat" yes!!! Well, at least it's free. Take care, Magnus Date: Picabo, Had their moments, at their best they reminded me of the Sea and Cake, at their worst they're just generic swedish indie pop, which isn't too bad after all. One of their members commented "hey, like your t-shirt".

Kent, Well, it was real cold outside, and their music wasn't good enough too keep me from going inside. In fact, I think they're pretty damn worthless. Their lyrics just sound like some really bad 9th grade swedish class poems. If you don't believe me now, you will in 10 years. Pineforest Crunch, Positive surprise, I missed the first 30 minutes though due to unsoberness. Well, it was warm, energenetic and really energetic.

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I expected the Cardiganesque boredom and got a something completely different. Sure, the girl is cute, but the guy who plays the electric guitar is just infinitely cuter. That girl giving the finger to her band members just come out as "fuck you, i'll hug you later" though, kinda silly if you ask me. And it was indoors! To sum it up, it was just too damn fucking cold at night for this kinda thing.

A new single was supposed to be released in April, but I haven't heard a word about it, so my guess is that it has been delayed.

skunk anansie i hope you get to meet your hero lyrics deutsch

Heh heh, I talked to Jennie yesterday again she's resting at home because she's sick, and they have a gig tonight and she said that the sound technician Honeymoons had with them had a long and funny story about the incident. She wasn't up to telling me yesterday, but apparently the whole place Dublin Castle went silent when Liam walked through the doors I hope I get to hear the whole story tonight!

Speaking for me - I haven't heard them. European Festivals list Found a list on another list, and I thought I'd post an edited to the better version of it to this list. Rumored To Be Playing: You might want to go and see Souls on May 22nd at Astoria, London.

They are playing together with Bush. Apart from TO There is a page for Swedish bands touring outside Sweden on the Scandinavian Indie Web, though at the moment, I have received extremely little information to add to it.

I have contacted a couple of labels and reminded them to send their gig lists though. The address to the page mentioned is: And I didn't know about it either - If I had, I would have posted it to the list, which means that I have to contact Soap as well Anyone in the position to confirm this? I guess we just have to wait a bit longer. Sive played a short set, and voices in the audience afterwards gave the gig a bad review.

Busty on the other hand was a success. Before their appearence a lot of people thought of them as a big hype, but afterwards, these thoughts had changed. Unfortunately the evening ended with someone in one of the bands using a fire-extinguisher and a stolen jacket which they got back fortunatelyand both bands left early from the venue. Scandinavian Indie Cardigans - Trampolene are working on their new album, that is going to be released this autumn, right now.

Their last album "Life" have passed the 1. Almost everything is ready and the release date is set to sometime in June. A compilation with old surf-pop from sold out vinyl records is also planned. They are currently rehearsing a lot, and hopefully, we'll see them live soon! Scandinavian Indie Drug - Ceilidh is a band from Vadstena. The new album will probably be released in Asia first this autumn and next spring in Europe.

Early years and Sevendust — [ edit ] Clint Lowery performing in Lowery is one of Sevendust's primary songwriters. John Connolly, a drummer, left his then band and joined Snake Nation as a guitarist. They recorded their first demo.

Not happy with vocals, however, Snake Nation spent a year searching for a new singer before finding Lajon Witherspoon. Six months passed, Clint Lowery joined the band, and they renamed themselves Rumblefish. Rather than purchase the rights, the band members chose to rename themselves Sevendust, a name inspired by the commercial insecticide brand " Sevin Dust". Sevendust released their self-titled debutin-part produced by former Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French[3] on April 15,known for its heavy riffs, angry vocals and thrash-like drumming, as in the songs "Black" and "Bitch".

The debut album also contains the song "My Ruin", from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. In the same year they released a compilation called Live and Loud which featured live footage of the band's performance of September 16, at Chicago's Metro. Home and Animosity — [ edit ] On August 24,they released their second album, Home.

skunk anansie i hope you get to meet your hero lyrics deutsch

The two singles from the album, "Denial" and "Waffle", gave the band moderate chart success, and the latter of which was played on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show. Inthey gained European exposure by opening for Skunk Anansie at various shows in Germany. In Novemberthe band released their third album, Animosity. This album went gold and gained the band commercial success thanks to the success of singles "Praise" and "Angel's Son", which peaked at 15 and 11, respectively, on the Mainstream Rock Tracks.

The song was never used as an official entry theme for him though. Strait had died in a car accident in In addition to being included on Animosity, the song was included on the compilation album Strait Up.

Another friend of the band, Dave Williamsthe lead singer of Drowning Pooldied in Tragedy would strike again when Lajon Witherspoon's younger brother was shot and killed later that year.

Due to his death, Sevendust went on hiatus in The album debuted at No. This was one of the band's best received albums and to date features their highest charting single tied with "Driven""Enemy", which peaked at No.

Other singles released from the album, "Broken Down" and "Face to Face", met with more moderate success charting at 20 and 22, respectively. This concert showcased a mellower side to the band with an acoustic performance. On December 11,after playing a show in Columbus, Ohio, it was announced that Clint Lowery had left the band mid-tour, because he wanted to play with his brother Corey Lowery in his new band Dark New Daywho had reportedly just signed with Warner Bros. A temporary guitarist was found for the rest of the dates, and Lowery was eventually replaced by Sonny Mayo from Snot and Amen.

In the process, Sevendust also created their own record label, 7Bros Records. The album was actually recorded in a private house-turned-studio owned by a couple outside of the band's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, where Creed had recorded the Weathered record.

The track "Pieces" appeared on the soundtrack for the film Saw II. Not much longer after the release of Next, Sevendust's former label TVT Records released a greatest hits package for Sevendust, titled Best of Chapter One —the label's final Sevendust release. There were no more cheques coming in, and the money had not been paid in full. WineDark Records had imploded, leaving them without distribution, tour support, or promised advance payments.

The band owed money to crew members and other staffers and had a mounting credit card debt. In April, they expected that a tax refund from the US government would help ease the burden. The disc contained the album's preceding internet track " Deathstar ", the Hot Mainstream Rock top 10 smash " Driven " and a further Active Rock radio top 40 hit in the form of " Beg to Differ ". Alpha is the band's second album featuring Sonny Mayo on rhythm guitar and the first with him as part of the writing process.