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meet your meat film manufacturers

Our company focuses on the needs of manufacturers in the meat, poultry, dairy, casings and films with technologies built-in to meet your business objectives. The authors of the study have been criticised for failing to disclose the identities of the suppliers from which the meat tested in the study was. Lab-grown meat and food-tech companies in the US are showing that applying science to what we eat can save the world and make money.

He says the GM yeast technique has a decades-long track record: Milk is being targeted by Tim Geistlinger, chief technology officer at Perfect Day in Silicon Valley, who says making real dairy products without cows may once have appeared mad.

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But the company has already made yoghurt, cheese and ice cream in their labs: The company has performed stunts like making gummy bears from gelatin derived from the preserved DNA of mastodons — an extinct elephant-like creature — and growing a leather book binding in the lab. Its first product, launching in April, is for cosmetics. But although purely plant-based replacements for meat and dairy are improving fast, can they ever really taste as good the real thing, and become the first choice of regular consumers?

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Taste has to be the most important factor, argues Tetrick. Beef, chicken and duck are being developed by Memphis Meats, seen as the clean meat leader and backed by food commodity giant Cargill among others.

Meat & Poultry Products

Steve Myrick, a vice-president at the company, says: We are not activists. We just want to make meat that is better. Patrick Brown, founder of Impossible Foods The first clean meat burger was created by a Dutch academic at Maastricht University back in We need to ask these questions and that will get the meat producers to get their ducks in a row. But the onus lies on the consumer," he said.

meet your meat film manufacturers

Meanwhile Wayne Rademeyer, owner of the country's only water buffalo dairy, said that he could confirm the water buffalo traces found in meat products did not originate from his farm. Rademeyer's Herd produces milk for buffalo mozzarella.

meet your meat film manufacturers

Only a small number of the animals are slaughtered for meat every few months, and these are sold directly to upmarket restaurants in the Western Cape. Water buffalo meat is typically very expensive and sells at almost double the price of regular beef, he said, but the type of water buffalo entering the market appears to be of very low quality, and used to bulk up products purporting to be beef.

But they're using cheaper meat to bulk it up, and they're charging higher prices for an inferior product," he said.

meet your meat film manufacturers

It's essentially fraud on the public, that's the part that I find most offensive," he said. Supermarkets It is unclear whether any of the major supermarket chains were implicated in the study. Woolworths said it does not believe any of its meat products were implicated in the study and that it had a number of controls in place to ensure the quality of its meat products, including random DNA testing.

The Shoprite Group said it was not aware if any of its products were sampled but added that meat products sold by its butcheries are supplied by local approved abattoirs and suppliers whose products are subjected to regular DNA analysis.

Whitey Basson, chief executive of the Shoprite Group, said its suppliers were reputable and he did not believe any of them would transgress food standards and labelling regulations. Pick n Pay spokesperson Tamra Veley said the supermarket chain has strict quality control measures in place, which include supplier warranties, regular spot checks by its team of food technologists and spot DNA testing.

The council said that the report was "a timely wake-up call that we cannot afford to be complacent with when it comes to compliance with food labelling standards".

Ronel Burger, head of the council's Food Safety Initiative, called on members to work with regulators to ensure that the supply chain practices are safe and can be trusted by consumers.

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The department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries has pointed out that eating unconventional species such as donkey, goat and water buffalo may seem unthinkable to many South Africans but it does not pose an automatic health risk. These animals are regularly consumed in other countries "The key element in the chain is that products must be obtained from animals slaughtered at registered abattoirs, and must undergo proper inspection and be approved as fit for human consumption," it said.

The department said that state officials were responsible for enforcing the laws concerning meat safety and correct labeling but did not comment on how thorough government is in upholding the regulations. The health department did not respond to questions by the time of publication.