Im your man meet john doe lyrics

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im your man meet john doe lyrics

MEET JOHN DOE A new musical based on the film by Frank Capra. The score by newcomers Andrew Gerle (music) and Eddie Sugarman (lyrics), who also From the insistent, save-my-job song (I'm Your Man) to the wistful prayer (I Hope . Based on the Frank Capra film of the same name, Meet John Doe is far harmonies while Sugarman's insightful lyrics provide the large ensemble with a Ann's first big number "I'm Your Man" is a real catchy winner. Lyrics for I'm Your Man by Heidi Blickenstaff. Are the lyrics correct? login to vote Meet John Doe (Original Studio Cast Recording) Various Artists - cover art.

The music is pleasantly melodic and occasionally brash, and the story is simple but affecting. The plot concerns Ann Mitchell Heidi Blickenstaffa reporter desperately trying to save her job. So she invents a character, John Doe, who promises to commit suicide on Christmas Eve to protest the condition of "the common man.

Norton Patrick Ryan Sullivan have to come up with a flesh and blood Doe.

im your man meet john doe lyrics

They find him in the person of James Willoughby James Moyea rundown and homeless former baseball player. The fictional Doe fronts "plain-speaking" columns written by Mitchell that preach charity and paint a portrait of America as a land where neighbors take care of neighbors.

He becomes a national figure and "John Doe Clubs" spread across the country. That's a tempting opportunity for the wealthy publisher and his fat cat friends, who decide to use Doe to take over the government.

While Capra was famously unable to come up with an ending for his film that he found satisfying, Schaeffer and the writers devised a new finale that enhances its impact. With her girlish laugh, Blickenstaff doesn't always seem the hard-bitten reporter, a female making her way in a man's world. However, she energetically throws herself into the big tunes, such as the peppy "I'm Your Man," where Mitchell begs for her job.

“I’m Your Man” (show version) – PDF

Indeed, she manages to make such lyrics as, "You need someone who crosses her legs and her tees," sound less banal than they are. Willoughby falls for Ann whose sights are set on newspaper mogul D. Norton Patrick Ryan Sullivana corrupt businessman has more sinister plans for the "John Doe Movement" up his sleeve.

Hands down, the best part of Meet John Doe is its snazzy score. Composer Andrew Gerle and lyricist Eddie Sugarman who collaborated together on the book have written songs that are both tunefully melodic and richly complex. Gerle has a particular talent for choral numbers that reveal subtle harmonies while Sugarman's insightful lyrics provide the large ensemble with a sense of character often absent in big musicals.

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Sugarman shows off clever writing in the snappy "I Feel Too Good," in which Ann humorously tries to get John to feign anger for some publicity shots, as well as in a lovely duet between Ann and her mother Melissa Hart in which they sing about the men in their lives. Ann's first big number "I'm Your Man" is a real catchy winner particularly as sung by Champlinsharply revealing Ann's tough and eager personality.

Why though, after such a stunning announcement of "go get 'em" drive, is Ann almost forgotten by the writers?

Oh sure, she's on stage singing in a handful of duets and group numbers, but with all the plot to cover, somehow Ann's emotional side is all but forgotten.

Ultimately, Ann doesn't come off as the leading lady than she really needs to be.

im your man meet john doe lyrics

When did this change of heart happen though? During intermission in the dressing room?

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Gerle and Sugarman give no reason or warning for Ann's shift of emotions and when she pours out her heart to John in her final eleven o'clock number, it's too little too late. Meet John Doe is best when its music is gritty, brash, and dark, but the show often takes detours into the land of sweet and pleasant.

im your man meet john doe lyrics

Capra's story, though, is ultimately one of cynicism, lies, and deceit, themes that Gerle and Sugarman only partially communicate. When the company sings the lyrical "He Speaks to Me" at the end of act one, the song's platitudes about hope and kindness that Doe advocates are too sincere, not at all undercut by any sense of skepticism that the show really demands.

im your man meet john doe lyrics