Van alstyne middle school track meet

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van alstyne middle school track meet

Middle School and High School Ensembles will perform. $ for next game. Track Meet - Tuesday, March 6 @ Van Alstyne High School. Feb 1, Downing Middle School, Jennifer Wallace, Lewisville ISD (Briarhill .. Sanford Elementary, Van Alstyne Middle School, Whitewright Elementary), 2 3 4 5. Athletic Calendars. Select Calendar. Baseball · Basketball · Cross Country · Football · Golf · Power Lifting · Soccer · Softball · Track · Volleyball · Baseball.

Designing an to adopt a new system and how to subsidize content cre- information market should depend on behaviors firms want ation and content consumption so employees themselves to promote. As a starting point, we suggest desirable behav- add continuous value [17]. It also tells how markets supply missing goods. As noted, there are many reasons why For knowledge management, this is critical in getting peo- keeping information private can provide strategic advantage ple to produce valuable knowledge for others but only or why sharing might simply be too bothersome.

It can also tell us how to value intangibles [20, 10]. Time spent sharing gossip might be better spent shar- ing insights or even working solo. These challenges inspire us to reconsider and compare how Financial markets theory provides rules and guidelines for we human beings organize our production and wealth distri- securitizing information products so they can be exchanged bution in the real world: The theory also covers com- economy with market forces that guide the allocation of re- puterized market-making algorithms [6].

The goal shifts away from In addition to the economic theories listed above, several design of an IT or a knowledge management system to design other research fields also play crucial roles in the design pro- of a complete knowledge economy. The shift resembles the cess of an information market and determine its overall suc- transition from a centrally planned system to one that is mar- ket based.

One view characterizes this problem differently: Social network modeling and analysis helps improve forecasting, innovation, and productivity. Information presen- Markets provide the framework to arbitrage the gap be- tation and visualization is particularly important when we de- tween problem and opportunity.

To get these benefits, sign dashboards and gadgets to monitor or control global and personal economic activities. Another closely related area is user interface design, or more broadly, human-computer in- teraction HCIwhich determines the usability and user ex- periences of the software system.

Overview of Barter What is Barter? Broadly speaking, Barter creates an informa- tion economy inside an organization. Market design principles implemented in Barter.

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Examples of these problems in- clude early elicitation of participation, system abuse and fraud, system growth and self-improvement. We find it helpful to compare Barter side-by-side with the U.

It is worth emphasiz- ing that fine-grained currency controls enable certain func- tions that are not feasible in our real-world economy, as ex- Figure 2.

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System architecture of the Barter market platform. Design Principles of Barter The infrastructure that underlies and supports Barter involves Barter is a market of a special type — an information market two critical modules: However, Barter first needs to adhere to general principles of market design, as summarized In the middle layer lies the core of the system - a suite of in Fig.

These four principles should be satisfied in order information markets of various types, designed to satisfy dif- to have almost any type of information market run stably and ferent organizational needs. Users on Barter perform most of efficiently [9][18]. Otherwise, the market is prone to aging information and maintaining the health of the economy.

van alstyne middle school track meet

On top of the system hierarchy is an interesting but power- System Architecture ful layer called secondary markets of information, also intro- Before introducing how each individual market or module duced in Table 1. It is built on top of two mechanisms - 1 works on Barter, we first present the overall system archi- information securitization and 2 fair distribution. Secondary tecture, as depicted in Fig.

It is universally accepted and cir- culated inside Barter. Advanced features include seri- alization and tracing. Another set of economic tools adjusts parameters of the economy to improve its operation and running. Organizations ver- Users on Barter can form groups, and perform intra-group or sus Individuals inter-group market activities. Regulatory bodies Barter also uses self-governing and self-regulating crowds that are rewarded for community activities such as policing members and cleaning content.

Securitization On Barter, information products can also be securitized and traded and secondary on a secondary market. Trading uity, Commodity, increases market thickness, helps sort and organize information Bond markets, by its value, and improves information timeliness and quality by and Derivative emphasizing ownership. Securitization gives people a share of markets the future value their ideas create, which alleviate the free-rider problem for idea generation stated in the research strategy 4.

The spillover effects should not be treated negatively in the innovation has context of organizational knowledge sharing and innovation cre- spillover effects, and ation. A more important issue is to reward information creators is non-excludable fairly; 2. We have devised algorithms to track information reuse, trace back contributors, and reward them fairly. We encour- age pro-social behaviors to reward information providers, such as tipping.

Information is costly 1. The fair distribution mechanism guarantees that original in- to create and costless formation creators get continuously rewarded for providing valu- to replicate able information; 2. A market-based approach for the detection of fraud and copyright infringement; 3.

van alstyne middle school track meet

Several mechanisms are in place to protect information providers. Rewards are offered by information seekers upfront, and are information re- frozen by the World Bank to enforce payment and allocation.

The crowd of users collectively helps design the market and prioritizes tasks. When a user discovers a bug, a market loophole, or needs an extra feature, she can submit it to the iDesign market and offer a certain number of points as re- wards to developers if her idea gets implemented.

Other users can vote on the idea to change its priority. If they deeply like Figure 3. Types of information markets supported in Barter the idea and want the idea to be realized sooner, they can sup- plement more points to the pool of rewards.

Product Auction Market iBid is an auction market where users can exchange their vir- tual currency for physical products or services they enjoy in real lives. We need to emphasize two important roles the product auction market plays which are critical to Figure 4.

A Barter screen shot - A user is viewing ideas submitted to the iDea market; the tab bar at the top displays markets she can access. The auction market isolates the mon- liquidity. It provides an important mechanism to take virtual cur- each individual module in the system diagram.

Multiple Types of Information Markets Various types of information markets are the primary inter- Fig. As faces to end-users. An organization deploys these markets seen from the list of products on sale, users are creative in or a subset of them to address different challenges. Possible bution in future. The tab Money laundering For example, a user transfers points to bar on the top-right shows a list of information markets the another user by asking a simple question and allocating all user can access and participate in.

Two dashboards selected points to the other user who just provides a naive answer. Market abuse Users leave garbage comments or informa- tion to earn system subsidies for certain activities; Design Market The purpose of the design market is to empower Barter to Copyright infringement There are two possible cases - 1 keep improving itself by having new features, bug fixes, and upload copyrighted materials in the document exchange, or posted.

When a user tries to post and share an important and original document, she can set the price of the down- load that each user must pay when accessing the document. If a document contains an idea which gives rise to other re- lated contents on Barter, the original contributor receives a kickback for posting the original document.

News Market iNews is an information market that allows users to post articles, news, or announcements to the Barter community and reap a profit if their postings become popu- lar.

Members of the Barter community can vote on all sub- missions, and the popularity of a posting snowballs over time as top trending posts work their way to the iNews front page. When a user posts an article, news item, or personal anecdote, she needs to allocate for the posting an initial value Budget and a set number of points that are given to users who read her story Points Per View, or PPV.

It is helpful to think of PPV as an advertising cost paid for each user: A screen shot of the product auction market. When the Budget runs out, the post expires.

van alstyne middle school track meet

All these types of market fraud were evident in our research Idea Market iDea is a marketplace for innovation, and for deployment, where we did not deploy a governing and regu- matching solutions to problems. A user can either submit a latory mechanism. A member of an organization might have inno- market. Detection of market fraud is sourced to the crowd. She can submit her ideas on the idea market, get tents, she can red flag it.

When flagged enough times, a case them examined, validated and improved by other members, will be moved to the fraud market, where users can vote on and receive rewards when an idea gets promoted by senior whether the case actually involves a fraud. When the case management or even adopted. Users get rewarded for cleaning or improving tags.

In this section, we briefly explain the roles and functions of the other major types of information markets. Each time a user engaged. On Barter, a user manages her profile and controls asks a question, she needs to create an associated reward what information is accessible to other users.

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Users can es- and an expiration date by which all answers must be re- tablish friendship and form communities among themselves ceived. When the question expires, the asker can review if they share similar interests or job functions. The asker can also rate each an- market activities. For instance, a user can make her question swer so that users know the quality of provided answers.

Conversely, the system has swer really helpful, they can tip the answerer with extra the capability to tell a user who she interacts with most in the funds. Other members of Barter can rate the documents, and pay a one- Fig. Attributes of the visualization Figure 8. Expertise Tag Cloud and Expertise Matching. When transactions occur, the Figure 7. Barter is able to When Barter is deployed as an internal market tool for an or- accurately measure the value a user has created on a particu- ganization, organization hierarchy is implied in the social net- lar area tag.

No user on such Fig. On the left panel is a tag cloud that consists of the Thus, we can expect that users exhibit socially responsible most popular tags in the system. Tags are positioned follow- behaviors, which in turn reduces the risk of users gaming the ing a modified force-directed algorithm. Links between tags system and sabotaging the market fairness. Linked tags get highlighted when a Transaction Backend tag is clicked. This is a visualization tool on Barter for explor- Each unit of currency has its own unique serial number, and ing popular topics inside the organization and matching top has its assigned owner.

Its creation and issuance is handled experts to problem domains.

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Transactions can occur either between two problem as stated in our research strategy 2. So they do know what they claim to know. They gen- turnover rate and total supply. It also allows us to realize ad- erally fall into three categories: Users on Barter can spend their virtual currency either on in- formation they need or on tangible rewards through the auc- tion market.

Barter adopts a floating-price mechanism. In- formation seekers raise offered rewards for critical issues that require more efforts to provide. Information owners choose whether to supply it given the current price, or directly nego- tiate with information seekers. Exchanges of all types of information products are denominated in virtual currency, the value of which is determined separately by market users through their activities in each market.

Therefore, now through Wednesday, Feb. The survey, which will only take minutes to complete, will help inform district, department and campus planning. Questions include feedback on staggered start time and customer service perceptions of district departments.

A high response rate will help ensure accurate representation of district, campus, and department needs, so all employees are encouraged to complete the survey. For questions regarding access to the survey, contact Emily Parks in the Communications Department at eparks shermanisd.

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Happy National Counselors Week! Sherman ISD counselors are: We truly appreciate their dedicated service to our students through social and academic guidance and mentoring.

Click here to learn more about our school counselors. Before you begin, it is important to review the Guidelines for Grant Applications for some helpful tips and information. Key words for successful grants: To apply, fill out your fillable form onlinedownload, and submit to Kathy Bickerstaff at kbickerstaff shermanisd. Feel free to contact Kathy Bickerstaff at Visit the Bond Website to answer the current questions.