The relationship between teaching learning and training

the relationship between teaching learning and training

The relationship between teaching and learning is perhaps analogous to the relationship between giving and receiving or showing and seeing. Most people see teaching as the act of imparting knowledge to young minds and training the participation in skills based learning. However. Recent developments in Education reveal a shift from teaching to learning, compulsory school or training, and should act as a foundation for further learning Such a framework is not compatible with a traditional teacher-pupil relationship . It.

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Upon reviewing my own scores from the VARK it was clear to me that although I have some visual learning strength, my auditory learning abilities are almost nonexistent! It suddenly occurred to me that I have engaged in teaching patients, students, and family members for almost four decades and never had I asked them how they best learn! I wondered if many of my patients were aware of their learning style.

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Since that time, I have assigned a learner survey to every group of nurses at the start of every seminar that I host. It is vitally important that our patients, families and colleagues feel empowered by opportunities for learning, and not defeated. For example, a newly diagnosed type II diabetic who has a kinesthetic learner profile should have a glucometer to hold and practice with during every learning session, in order to assimilate the information.

Difference between Teaching and Training

So I challenge you: What are your strengths and how could a nurse educator capitalise on your strengths as a learner? I encourage you to bring this issue to your staff meetings and complete your own learner inventory.

the relationship between teaching learning and training

There is a large industry built on training, but some trainers and training programs are more style than substance: An attractive package is not always empty, but some certainly are. Look past the shiny sales pitches and slick suits to see the true value of a training program and how it fits with the development of your employees and organization.

Experienced trainers know how to identify the difference: Are there meaningful and measurable outcomes to the training?

The Relationship Between Learning and Teaching

If the training is intended to improve productivity, there should be follow-up and measurement to see if productivity actually increases. If the training is intended to prevent bullying or harassment in the workplace, then the organization should actually be able to identify a reduction or elimination of such incidences following the training.

By providing supported practice, it transforms knowing what one should do into actually doing it. There is value in both teaching and training, and there is a clear difference between the two.

the relationship between teaching learning and training

While some would argue about the value of theoretical knowledge compared with applied practice, both are complementary and necessary parts of development programs. Defining and distinguishing training and teaching help to identify and select the role of each in individual development and improvement within the organization.

A chance to equip the academically sound employee with the practical tools for the job. Difference between Teaching and Training 1.

Purpose of Teaching and Training Purpose of teaching and training is to educate another person to improve their capacity to understand key issues, gain skills and develop academically. Method in Teaching and Training Teaching and training apply principals of imparting knowledge through practical and the theoretical transferring of concepts and facts with experience from one teacher or trainer to a pupil or trainee.

The objective is to reach inquiring minds with information for them to process. Mature students can benefit from further development through learning the skills the company requires through training.

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Environment in Teaching and Training Teaching is more likely to take place in a classroom while training takes place in the work environment. A training program can focus on specific skills to be used on the job.

the relationship between teaching learning and training

Teaching can also be skills based but the end product is part of the holistic approach to education through the different grades at school. Target of Teaching and Training There are two target groups, pupils in schools and younger minds and more mature students or employees. Sometimes the art of teaching can be encompassed in the art of training.

the relationship between teaching learning and training

A teacher can teach and train her pupils and the trainer can focus on practical skills as well as impart knowledge. Therefore the target groups of learners can make use of both teaching and training. Comparative chart Teaching Teaching is the imparting of knowledge and concepts. Teaching generally takes place in a classroom environment.

the relationship between teaching learning and training

Training generally takes place in the work environment or sports field. Teachers are trained to teach at training colleges and teaching institutions. Trainers are often mentors in the work place who have the expertise to offer on the job training. Teaching gives pupils new knowledge.

Trainers add skills onto existing knowledge.