Seri awashima relationship test

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seri awashima relationship test

Cosplay costume - buy cosplay wigs K Project Cosplay Seri Awashima Cosplay Black Cosplay Boots [KPC] - Category: Cosplay Shoes Anime/Video Games: . Anonymous said: How would Series be in a relationship? Answer: Seri Awashima • She likes to cook for her partner, but she puts red bean. The true test to Munakata and Fushimi's relationship lied in K: Return of Kings when Seri Awashima of course is special in her own way.

Seri seems to put high regards in herself, and likely her leadership abilities, which may make her very reckless. This was evidently shown as she tried to re-imprison Mikoto Suoh despite how Reisi Munakata ordered his clan to not fight him even if the Red King were to make his escape.

Because of this Scepter 4 suffered heavy casualties and Seri later apologizes to her king, not in regards to how she disobeyed orders, but because she failed to recapture Mikoto and expects a suitable punishment. Reisi, not planning to give any punishments, instead points out to Seri that the entire failure was likely what symbolizes her level of arrogance.

The Blue King also adds that she was very fortunate to be alive after directly facing a king, implying she could have easily been killed for overestimating her abilities. Although Seri's prideful she does care about others even if they are clansmen of other clans.

For instance, she is friends with Izumo Kusanagi or the time when Yata MisaKi and Saruhiko Fushimi were fighting in Asahinka School's campus she stopped them and even told Yata about Suoh's condition albeit in a sarcastic manner which made him relax and postpone the fight.

seri awashima relationship test

She was quite worried about Fushimi when after a fight with Munakata he walked away from SCEPTER 4 wondering that whether he even had a place to sleep; Seri later seems to become very hurt after confirming Fushimi's betrayal and wanted to know why Fushimi would go as far as to join Jungle. When she is not at work, her personality drastically loosens up. She ate all the anko she wanted until her middle school graduation, when her family forbade it to let her learn the difference between different kinds of anko.

Her family then sells her the same azuki beans that they use in the shop, and she makes her own anko [6]. Before joining Scepter 4, Seri was always a top student in her academic grade, with notable leadership and business skills, and was appointed the vice-president of the student council.

She excelled in sports, particularly kendo, holding status at the fourth dan. At her university, she won a beauty pageant despite not recalling ever entering it. She later meets Reisi Munakata on an airplane. The airplane had been hijacked and nearly crashed until Munakata succeeded in landing it.

seri awashima relationship test

There, Munakata revealed his status as a King, to which Seri was divided between dismissing him as frazzled with fear and instinctively believing his words, knowing she'd serve under him. The following day, Munakata invited Seri to Tsubaki-monand she only agreed to go because of how many questions she wanted answers to.

She later left university in order to serve under Munakata. Only a few clerks remained that Munakata introducted himself, explaining that he wished to familiarise himself with Scepter 4's documents. He revealed his Sword of Damocles, this being the first time Seri ever saw it. Instead of being afraid, Seri felt excited and inspired by the sword's presence, strengthening her conviction in serving Munakata. Over the next three days, both remained at Tsubaki-mon whilst Munakata went over tons of documents.

When Munakata finished, he decided to take up an invitation from the Gold King he earlier declined. Before leaving, he once again addressed Seri with the topic of her joining him, offering a sabre to her.

Seri accepted the sabre, becoming Munakata's Clansman. She immediately told them to issue a chase. Seri then reported to Captain Munakata about the news, adding that HOMRA is likely to interfere, thus she additionally commanded her subordinates to avoid any Clan disputes. Seri commands her subordinates to prepare for battle before doing so herself.

How would Series be in a relationship?

Seri and her Clansmen then return to their headquarters. Seri suggests that they try every possible option before administrating a killing blow, such as using drugs; however, Munakata turns down those ideas while telling Seri in how she was being negligent on Mikoto's human rights. They then bring their attention to the weapon used to kill Tatara Totsuka. Seri reports her findings and states that she would like to issue Level: Prussian Blue in order to run an investigation unit. She is told instead by Munakata to issue Level: Royal Blue; with her orders given, Seri leaves.

She explains that Scepter 4 will enter the Yuishiki System and that for two weeks, people will be disenfranchised of their rights; with her duties completed, Seri then leaves the facility with her two Clansmen. Seri later returns to headquarters where she and several of her Clansmen continue their research on Yashiro Isana ; during their private investigation, Seri discovers that he is a student on Ashinaka High School.

The information quietly surprises her. She speaks to an unknown individual about doing her own investigation there and eventually receives authorization to do so.

seri awashima relationship test

During the meeting, Seri asks to locate Yashiro within their student body system, despite the fact that she does not know who the student look-alike really is. Unfortunately, the principal is stubbornly reluctant to grant her permission to do so. With further efforts being futile, the meeting comes to a close shortly after. While walking near the cafeteria, Seri notices Fushimi and a skateboarding Red Clansman fighting with their Auras in broad daylight. She swiftly stops them both from continuing the battle and scolds Fushimi afterwards for his recklessness in the situation; afterwards, Seri turns her attention to Yata.

She grows uncomfortable when he refers to her by a specific nickname she was given in the past, though Seri quickly shrugs it off. She tells him to postpone the fight with Fushimi, only to be bluntly refused. Wanting to maintain a shred of peace among the two Clans, Seri reassures Yata that his King Mikoto Suoh is in good condition; the information relaxes Yata enough for him to leave quietly with Kamamoto.

She is told flatly that Totsuka's murderer does not appear to be a student at the school. Seri asks that he does not tell his Clansmen about the nickname he gave her. She then orders her drink. As she drinks from it, Seri states her confusion at how relaxed Kusanagi could be despite the fact that his King is imprisoned; quickly, the conversation turns to about Mikoto Suoh.

Once Seri finishes her drink, she takes her leave, though she stops briefly to look at a jukebox owned by Totsuka. Seri is told briefly about Totsuka in regards to the musical item.

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She dresses back in her uniform, then leads a group of her Clansmen to the field within the stadium. Upon hearing of their refusal, she and her men draw out their sabers. Shortly after, they all find themselves in a location similar to the city's streets during the day, surprising them.

While looking at the people walking around her, Seri extends her arm to one person, and sees them disappear upon physical contact.

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A yawn answered from the one in the back. Any more and he would slide over them completely. It was like an out-of-body experience, realizing fully what she had agreed to: Miss Awashima managed to get on almost-side-saddle in her fawn colored skirt. Heels locked onto the bottom bar of the frame to give her the illusion of stability.

And they were hell to get turning at first under the added weight. When the bike picked up speed he felt her grip curl tighter into the fabric of his shirt. The chains made an awful rattling noise from then on. They took the street in favor of the sidewalk, which meant weaving around parked and moving cars rather than people. Now this was starting to feel like a circus act; now she was piled on top for everyone to see. While rolling along their ringleader introduced the three of them properly.

From what she observed they were a kind of absurd spectrum of personality, ranging from the intense to the flighty. The one in the middle… lukewarm. With something cunning bubbling under the surface. It was just in the way he talked her up.

Suoh would stiffen and shift his weight. I open our case. At least not at this level. And not much of a spectator sport either. Bright eyes peeking back at her were becoming too much. It was the form of another, more feral-looking young man eyeing them from the street corner. He emerged between parked cars on fluid steps, into their skinny bicycle lane. The underarms of his loose black muscle shirt swung low when he moved, dark and sandy blond-tipped fringe over one eye swaying with them.

His acquaintance loomed over, forcing Tatara to sink deeper down into the basket the closer he pulled it in. Last time was too much fun. Tensed with dormant power that could rival anything the other guy was packing. He threw some his own weight forward. Just as a reminder who won the last round.

Gets all worked up. Kane tilted the bike to get a better eye on him. The heel of her free palm caught him fast and hard under the chin. Suoh lunged, grabbed him up tight by the neck of his shirt just as a stiletto heel unhitched from the bike frame and precision kicked into his gut.

All they had to do was hold things steady for her. The wind knocked straight out of his chest, and she watched him buckle down to the asphalt without so much as flutter of her eyes.

Kane was left writhing behind before the light could go yellow. Tatara came back up shaken, but wiser, and clingier. Pressed her into white linen and the scent of smoke. Faint like left over from a stolen break between classes. It had taken so long to notice they all bore a light air of smoke around them. She wondered if the little one did any of that himself. Anything to keep her mind off of checking for the time. Unpaved ground meant kicking up dirt, but at that point no one felt like complaining.

At least not about the dirt. Everything went by, it seemed, in slow motion. From the moments spent airborne to the loose rattling of bike chains. Tatara anticipated his landing from the moment the everything started to tip and hit the slope in an almost graceful roll, tucking skinny limbs close into himself. After gathering herself from the crash Miss Awashima sat up with her legs crossed just so.

Grass stains smudged her blouse; the uniform bow tucked under the collar had fallen loose, and a frown of extreme disapproval aimed square down at him. Kusanagi caught himself wondering if there was anything left he could do about that.

He threw off the bike. Or otherwise ditch them and continue on foot. Both hands up, he left a comfortable space between them where he settled back down in the grass. Watched Tatara in his desperate attempts to nudge, push and pull Suoh up from the ground.

At least someone was having fun.

seri awashima relationship test