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Dorothea Margaret Tanning (August 25, – January 31, ) was an American painter, Tanning and Ernst were married in in a double wedding with Man Ray and Juliet Browner in Hollywood and they were married for 30 years. Seite der Tür: Dorothea Tanning Graphiken" at the Max Ernst Museum, Brühl. At 15, a Surrealist before her time, Dorothea Tanning's paintings Now, sculptor, poet and, at 93, first-time novelist, the widow of Max Ernst reveals why moving on is that Tanning might not want to speak about her relationship with Ernst, . But talking about technical problems, philosophical problems. Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst fell in love while playing chess. Dorothea's marriage with Ernst was about confrontation, too: her work was often overshadowed by his fame, and life with Ernst was not an Related Topics.

Dorothea Tanning died in her sleep on the last day on January in In less than seven months she would have been At age 94, she published a novel, "Chasm: Tanning and Ernst in Lee Miller's photograph.

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Before then Dorothea was a small-town girl with great vision- though living in NYC, supporting herself as a fashion illustrator for Macy's department store - but with little direction and just beginning to embrace surrealism in her fledgling art endeavors.

Ernst persuaded the art impressario, Guggenheim, to include Tanning's work in a show to be entitled, "31 Women. One of her two entries was entitled "Birthday," a title coined by Ernst when he first saw the piece. Despite her immense talent, Tanning always lived in Max Ernst's shadow in much the same way that Jean Arp overshadowed his equally talented and possibly more versitle wife, Sophie Tauber-Arp.

Years later she would write: Many years ago today I took a husband tenderly.

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This simple human gentle act Seen as a hard decisive fact By all who dote on category. Did stain my work indelibly? From the late s she abandoned painting temporarily to make sewn soft sculptures stuffed with wool.

Dorothea Tanning was understandably irritated that many interviewers seemed to be interested only in her relationship with Ernst.

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She once wrote referring to herself in the third person: Impressed by a not-quite-finished self-portrait, Ernst suggested the title Birthday, stayed to play chess, and fell in love. He persuaded Peggy Guggenheim to include the piece in the show, which was renamed 31 Women.

They married inin a double ceremony with Man Ray and Julie Browner, and stayed together until Ernst died inliving first at Sedona, Arizona, and later in France.

In fact she went on to publish two volumes of poetry, of which the second, Coming to That, appeared in September last year. Even as she neared her century, Dorothea Tanning remained a woman of extraordinary personal power, coquettishness and wit: Dorothea Tanning was born on August 25 to Swedish immigrants who had made their home at Galesburg, Illinois.

At the age of five she developed a gift for weeping while reciting tragic poetry, leading her mother to hope that she might make a career on the stage.

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Two years later, however, she had made up her mind to become an artist. In her autobiography she recalled that her devout Lutheran parents had been alarmed by a perverse bohemian streak that first manifested itself when, as a child, she always lusted after the villain in Westerns. Aged 15, despite never having heard of Surrealism, she horrified her family by painting a naked woman with leaves for hair.