Emotionally abusive relationship quizzes for women

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emotionally abusive relationship quizzes for women

Emotional abuse can be a sneaky killer of the spirit – and worse. Take This Quiz And Find Out Right Now: Should You Break Up With Him? . because there are 2 big turning points every woman experiences in her relationships with men. Anyone can become emotionally abusive in an intimate relationship. Here are the signs. Here's how to tell if you are an emotionally abusive man or woman. In addition to the above, you can take this useful emotional abuse quiz. The Way. Take this quiz to find out if you are currently in an emotionally abusive relationship. Calculating Results Embed.

emotionally abusive relationship quizzes for women

Do you feel bad when you spend time with your friends and family? Pay attention to that gap between how much they want to communicate when you are around and their texting, calling and checking up on you when you — or they — are away.

emotionally abusive relationship quizzes for women

This is not jealousy driven by care, but jealousy driven by control. An emotional abuser will make you feel guilty or evil or shameful for simple, innocent interactions with others.

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Along the same lines, they will try to control your spending as well as your social ties. This is how an abuser reduces an adult to the level of a child, cutting off their autonomy, begging for money for the simplest things. If they do, then ask yourself this crucial question: But emotional abuse is far more subtle.

But because emotional abuse is a sub-category of control, they will often resort to other methods of threat. Some will threaten to leave you — and blame that choice on you. Some will threaten to hurt or even kill themselves — and blame that choice on you. These are classic behaviors of abusers because they exhibit different expressions of one of their core traits: If you feel that your partner is making plans without you, if they are taking part in activities without you and if they are keeping secrets from you, disappearing and reappearing at will while refusing to explain their movements, you are likely in a relationship with someone who is abusing you in multiple ways.

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Abusers Make You Doubt Yourself Everybody feels self-doubt, sometimes, which makes this behavior so destructive and so effective. Sometimes an emotional abuser will deliberately lie to you to confuse you and make you doubt your perceptions. They will make you doubt their own observations, memory and sanity.

Sometimes they will straight out deny what you saw.

What is emotional abuse?

Sometimes they will attack your clarity, your ability to tell right from wrong, your intelligence and your good sense. Whatever the tactic, the goal is the same: So most abusers offer crumbs of love or approval or compliments or buy you gifts in order to keep you in their circle of influence or under their thumb.

It is important not to mistake these crumbs that mimic affection for actual affection, which is evidenced by consistent behavior, not occasional blips or gifts. They will surprise you with a meal or a piece of jewelry or a sudden compliment or getaway. They will overdo their apologies when they feel as if their mask will fall away and reveal the cruel abuser beneath.

Someone who is trying to control you will make that offering of love conditional.

15 Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Relationship (real one)

This is how controllers keep their victims off balance. By contrast, if you are in a relationship with an emotional abuser, you will awaken, live and go to bed in a state of anxiety. This is often done as a way of making a person feel small and stopping them from standing up for themselves. This could be things like namecalling or making lots of unpleasant or sarcastic comments.

37 Warning Signs Of Emotional Abuse In A Relationship

This might include things like dismissing your opinion. It can also involve making you doubt your own opinion by acting as if you're being oversensitive if you do complain, disputing your version of events or by suddenly being really nice to you after being cruel.

Being made to feel guilty. This can range from outright emotional blackmail threats to kill oneself or lots of emotional outbursts to sulking all the time or giving you the silent treatment as a way of manipulating you.

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As the examples above make clear, emotional abuse is generally about control. Sometimes this is explicit. Does your partner tell you when and where you can go out, or even stop you from seeing certain people? Do they try to control how you dress or how you style your hair? How do I know if it's abuse? But the point about whether the behaviour is abusive, is how it makes you feel.

There may be many reasons for partners behaving in this way. They may have grown up in a family environment where there was lots of shouting or sarcasm or been in relationships in the past that made them feel insecure.