Definition of double standards in a relationship

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definition of double standards in a relationship

Double standards can become the deadly virus in a relationship under certain circumstances. The term means expecting someone to act a certain way based on. There are too many double standards in relationships that can ruin a good thing. means you're contributing to the issues that will break up your relationships. What are the double standards women practice in everyday life? 1, Views · What is the meaning of a double standard? 12, Views.

Admitting mistakes can start the healing process; sitting down for a frank discussion can be the beginning of that. Are there other double standards that make you see red? Did he ask you to dump your best male friend at work, but has a female friend of his own?

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Reassure him it's a platonic relationship, just like his. Once it's out in the open, you can discuss it. By clearing the air, you might prevent a future argument. Here's a common double standard: Do you ever dis his mom, but get mad when he disses yours? It doesn't work in any relationship.

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If you value your relationship, bite your tongue. Words can hurt, and can't be taken back. Obviously, there are bigger double standards that can do serious or permanent damage. They might involve affairs, unfair accusations, lying, and cover-ups. If that's the case, get help. A professional counselor can be neutral and unbiased. They can help you see why it's a double standard, and figure out how to repair it.

We can learn from them, and then apply that learning to our lives. The purpose of a mistake is to learn from it. We can all do that.

definition of double standards in a relationship

Do you want more equality in your relationship? Then think about the Golden Rule.

Does A Double Standard Exist In Your Relationship?

You know how it goes "Do unto others. Don't you want to be treated with fairness? It's actually a simple theory; treat your partner like you want to be treated. Your relationship will be better. A possessive jealous man is considered desperate and needy. For girls, they need someone to depend upon. But when a guy is insecure about something, he is asked to give some independence.

This is what this double standard is all about. Hiding The Feelings Open communication is one of the key attributes of these characteristics of a healthy relationship. For an everlasting relationship, it is necessary for a couple to be open about their feelings. But there is a double standard here that makes a healthy relationship toxic, i.

Well, is it true? Girls want their men to be completely honest about even the smallest of the things. They want each and every detail of their act. It is totally unacceptable to them if guys lie about something. They demand the whole truth and will not sit back until everything is unrevealed.

definition of double standards in a relationship

Whereas, girls are known to hide their feelings. Especially not telling what they exactly want. To actually develop a strong bond, girls need to share how they feel and not rely completely on their partner to figure it out. Bringing Up Insecurities This double standard is taken way too lightly by girls and they do this all the time. For example, they may comment about something that their partner is not comfortable sharing with others and get away with that.

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And guys are supposed to take it and get over it as if it never happened. When a guy talks about something that his girl is not okay with being exposed about, it can put an end to a good relationship. That is why girls should be the one ending this double standard in relationship.

Whenever your partner opens up about their insecurities, they want you to support them and show affection. It is not fair for you to expose any insecurity of your partner to others. Both of you should keep these private secrets just to yourselves. Demanding Too Much A good relationship is all about making your partner happy. There is a fine line between asking for the right things and demanding too much.

Furthermore, a girl can easily ask for something she wants from her man but when he does it, he is termed as controlling. There will be times when a girl acts like a princess and start asking for too many things. If for any reason a guy refuses to do what his girl says, it can put a full stop to their relationship. This is not how relationships work. To be able to understand the needs of your partner and respecting their requests is what makes relationships stronger.

Double Standards in Household Chores Household chores are generally gender based. Some jobs around the house are for the woman to do and some are for the man. It is expected for the wife to make dinner every time and whenever a man does it, it is considered he is the doing way above and beyond. If these roles are already declared then it is okay but if not, it will give rise to double standards in a marriage and will lead to misunderstandings.