Tigrevurmud vorn relationship advice

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tigrevurmud vorn relationship advice

I heard that Tigre married Ellen, Mila, Sofy, Liza, Olga, Lim, Titta and Regin. I just don't know which volume and chapter did he do that with eight wives. At first, I. After witnessing Tigre's amazing archery skills and his relationship with Elen, .. in using him but reluctantly complied his request under Elen's and Lim's advice. Relationship Tigrevurmud Vorn · Edit Sometimes Lim asks some advice from Mashas about warfare since he is more experienced on the warfare than Lim.

Upon her reunion with Tigre, who was under his amnesiac moniker as UrsLim asked him regarding his choice of his life despite she had a hunch that Urs was in fact a survived Tigre, which turned out to be correct. Prior the defeat and death of Baba YagaLim also worried over Tigre since he became the demon's target.

Lim was also once Tigre's temporary teacher to teach him about governing that he may never learned yet until the Liberation of Alsace. Elen depends on Lim to get news from Tigre due to her obligation as a ruler of Leitmeritz that makes her have less chance to meet him more than Lim does.

Since the aftermath of Zhcted Civil War which Tigre won, Lim becomes one of his 7 concubine after his ascension to be king and she has a child with him. Edit Leitmeritz's champion archer before Tigre's position as Leitmeritz's only prisoner of war, Rurick is also Lim's fellow Leitmeritz soldier.

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Like Lim, Rurick is also one of Elen's devoted and loyal general of Leitmeritz. Contrasted to Lim however, Rurick is rather open-minded and also seemly tended to tease her from behind her back with Tigre.

Edit Lim and Titta Tigre's housemaid and one of Lim's few friends whom she tolerates. For instance, in the manga, Tigre attempts to kiss Elen when she falls asleep clinging to his back, changing his mind seconds after thinking it was a cowardly thing to do when she's asleep. Tigre was left alone from the ambush whilst Elen is captured Greast. Regardless, he and Mila eventually rescued Elen from Greast's diabolical torture and leads the Moonlight Knights's to victory over Greast Army and executing the leader.

Despite their victory however, Tigre becoming concerned about Elen when she isolating herself and drinking in her room in order to deal with her depression from her near-rape trauma by Greast. During that confrontation, Tigre admits his feelings for Elen, which she accepts, and they made love. Even after that, Elen admits that she cannot afford to bear his offspring if anything happens to her but she does not mind if he also married other women he loved as long as he also cherished and took care of her which he agree and consider about it.

Ever since that day, both Tigre and Elen has become lovers. Tigre with his son Vachell and Elen. As Zhcted has fallen into a brutal civil war, both Tigre and Elen are working together to fight both Ganelon and Tina in order to bring peace back to Zhcted, with Elen is among the few who favors Tigre's aim for the crown after Eugene's tragic death.

When Tigre finally ascends as the new King of Zchted, Elen is chosen as one of his seven concubines. Tigre, Elen and their son are last seen together watching the scenery of Alsace alongside with Lunie. While formerly antagonistic rival towards Elen, she was also Tigre's former enemy due to her family's alliance with House Thenardier.

After witnessing Tigre's amazing archery skills and his relationship with Elen, Mila begins to respect him as an unrivaled marksman in archery.

Sometimes, Mila often tells him strictly about "Minus One" or "Minus Two" whenever Tigre thinking longer beyond her expectation to teach his mannerism during the war council. Prior Tigre's disappearance, Ludmila is one of two Vanadis that receive gift from Asvarre, it was a pack of Black Tea since Tigre knew Ludmila's favorite tea. Ludmila become Tigre's teacher after Brune's Civil War and taught him about defense and siege before he was dispatched to Asvarre which ended up successful in Battle of Fort Lux using her strategy.

Interestingly, Mila's sole reason to visit Leitmeritz was to see Tigre himself. Edit Sofy with Tigre. Zhcted's Vanadis Mediator and it's official messenger, Sofy is one of Tigre's prominent allies through her acquaintance with Elen.

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Sofy's first met Tigre when she was chasing after Lunie and accidentally bumped onto him in the nude. Despite that event, Sofy remained in good terms with Tigre and began to respect him through his sincerity and bravery, as well as Elen's trust. It was after Tigre's occasional rescues, from overpowered Roland to vicious Prince EliotSofy began to fall in love with him and trying to flirt with him as her "gratitude".

Sofya is the fourth official prominent Vanadis Allies after Tigre's rescue at Asvarre. Currently, Sofy is investigating Tigre regarding to his title earned by Elen as a King of the Magic Bullet and Tigre's Heirloom, The Black Bow whose power was on par or above the Vanadis, presumably because of it's relevance to the same lore.

Edit Vanadis of Legnica and also Elen's best friend, Sasha was a legendary Vanadis who diagnosed a rare blood-disease that resulted her early retirement as the Vanadis mediator.

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Tigre is devastated he will not be able to return Durandal to his rightful owner. It is Urs's teaching about the people's bonds and connections that shaped Tigre's character. Tigre often uses his name when in disguise. Takehito Koyasu Japanese ; Jason Douglas English The king of Brune, Faron is a just and benevolent ruler, until the assumed death of his only daughter Regin, which caused him to breakdown mentally and suffer an illness that began afflicting his body and rendering him unable to keep Ganelon and Thenardier in check.

It is later revealed he was being poisoned by Ganelon's minions to keep him mindbroken and ill while killing him extremely slowly. After the civil war ends, he is reunited with his daughter and formally recognizes her as a member of the Royal Family and his heir. He also congratulates Tigre and his friends for saving her and ending Thenardier and Ganelon's plans.

With his dying breath, Faron gives Tigre the title of Knight of the Moonlight, a title that, in ancient times, was only given to a hero who became the next king of Brune, although only Badowin knows of the true meaning of the title.

He becomes Tigre's ally in his war against Ganelon and Thenardier after he defeats a large group of bandits that had plagued his territory. While he likes Tigre, he is not completely immune to the Brune custom of resenting bow users, and has a bad habit of neglecting Tigre's personal achievements, such as taking out a lot of bandits and especially their leaders with his archery, or attributing them to extreme luck, much to Lim's dismay.

He is able to perform mental calculations very quickly and serves as a supply officer at the Silver Meteor Army, effectively distributing food, money and weapons in times of need.

Unlike his father, he is a rather sarcastic person and often gets in arguments with Rurick. He constantly tests Tigre to see if he really is worth following, even if his father will punish him severely for it. After the Civil War he becomes Secretary of the Royal Court, being tasked with supervising the progress of the construction of an important road that will connect Brune and Zhcted as part of the peace agreement.

He later become a supplier and informant of the Moonlight Knights to supply Tigre with information, supplies and troops. After Zhcted's invasion of Brune, Regin fakes her death and exiles herself to Agnes.

Though Thenardier and Ganelon suspect that she may still alive, they take advantage of Faron's frail health to do as they please. Tigre rescues her from soldiers of the Muozinel army and she exposes her true identity to Tigre, Elen, Mila, Lim and Mashas after Muozinel retreats from Brune, asking for their help to regain the throne that is rightfully hers. Having met Tigre during a bird hunt in their childhood, Regin trusts the count.

She seems to also have feelings for Tigre. Regin also becomes a good friend of Titta after they talking about Tigre. After the civil war ends she is reunited with her father, King Faron, who recognizes her as his heir. After her father's death, she is crowned Queen of Brune and agrees to a 3 year alliance with Zhcted to allow her to strengthen her position. She also returns Tigre into Elen's custody and later the uprising of the Royal Palace led by Melisande Thenardier fortifies her resolution.

He is incapable of stopping the fighting between Dukes Ganelon and Thenardier and had to warn Mashas of the king's condition. Only he knows the true meaning of the title 'Knight of the Moonlight' that was given to Tigre by the dying King Faron.

Unlike his commander, he is more narrow-minded as he saw the negotiations with the Silver Meteor Army as a business.

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While he speaks in a friendly tone, Greast is a sadistic person who invented many cruel ways of torture and execution, including Roland's death by bee sting. He escapes Brune after the death of Thenardier alongside his master Ganelon. He later returns to Brune to weaken Regin's rule by stealing the treasure sword Durandal. While keeping his identity secret, he begins to conspire with some merchants who are discontent in the concessions that Regin has given to the Zhcted kingdom after the war.

Eventually, he captures and tortures Elen, only for Mila and Tigre to rescue her. Shortly after, he is defeated by the Moonlight Knights and Donny kills him using one of his torture devices.

Kenji Hamada Japanese ; Marcus D. Stimac English Thenardier's second in command. A serious and almost expressionless man, he is the Duke's confidant because he is able to keep his emotions in check when speaking to him. When he attempts to kill Tigre during the confrontation at the Sacred Caverns of the Palace, Bertrand takes the blow in his place.

He dies when part of the cavern collapses, crushing him. As with Felix, Melisande is a power hungry woman who wishes to obtain the crown by any means necessary, considering her cousin Regin unworthy of the throne, which leads her to have Sachstein invade Brune.

While not directly responsible, she is aware of the theft of Durandal and it's replica, so she is detained in the royal palace following her and her supporter's failure at humiliating Regin by breaking the replica during an important banquet. However, Tigre rescues Regin by killing Armand and most of her soldiers. She attacks Regin with a fragment of the fake Durandal, only for Regin to swing a torch in her direction.

tigrevurmud vorn relationship advice

She falls through a passage, with the fragment stabbing her in the neck and before dying, she wonders how she wanted to return to happier days. A native of Alsace, Auguste is Urs Vorn's long time follower until his death. He joins several other Knights to aid Tigre in his battle against Muozinel in Ormea. He also helps in the final battles against Thenardier.

Several months later he is assigned by Prime Minister Badowin to protect Regin under the guise of normality, choosing to arm his subordinates with crossbows in hopes of increasing the opinion about archers.

He and Vorn have a friendly and even brotherly relationship. He is also one of Moonlight Knights's primary supporters. He does not participate in the civil war since his father asks him and his elder brother Urbain to protect Aude in his stead. He was once a slave but because his talent was recognized, he was freed. In order to provoke the Silver Meteor Army, Kasim ordered the beheading of 10 male slaves and threatened to do the same to the women unless they surrendered.

tigrevurmud vorn relationship advice

His arrogance is what caused his death, as he failed to realize he had fallen into an enemy's trap. He was shot and killed instantly by Tigre with a well aimed arrow to the face. He received the nickname "Red Beard" after he defeated an invading army five times the size of his.

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An excellent tactician, capable of discerning the best possible strategy with his available troops. After he realized that even if he defeated Tigre and his current forces, the remaining soldiers would have been crushed by the forces of Thenardier.

He decides to retreat with his remaining forces, not long after he sends a letter of congratulations to Tigre calling him "Star Shooter". He returns several months later with an army ofmen, and remains at the border between Muozinel, Brune and Zhcted for about a month without fighting.

tigrevurmud vorn relationship advice

After assigning his aide Damad with the task of finding out Tigre's whereabouts, he returns to Muozinel without even trying to invade, vowing to return next year with an army ofmen. While keeping Zchted occupied with small attacks towards Olmutz and Polesia, once he found out about the repelling of Sachtein, he mobilized his troops to invade southern Brune. After he subjugated Nemetacum, he confirms Tigre's whereabouts among the Moonlight Knights which prompts him to go on to capture Nice, but later he withdraws completely after the battle of Severack when he heard of his brother's King of Muozinel death.

He further remarks that as long as Tigre was still alive, Brune will never fall despite the fact that he was able to capture Nice.