Akane and ranma relationship advice

Annalyn's Thoughts: Ranma, Tell Akane She's Cute

akane and ranma relationship advice

Look first i think Ranma will marry Akane for sure,because no metter what he . I advice you to read the manga, and not only the TV series to make your conclusions. Their relationship is very cute, with a love/hate attitude. It's time to remember a classical comedy and action anime from the eighties. Its creator, Rumiko Takahashi, has kept active and surprising us. Akane tries to help Ranma meet his mother as a man, coming to a .. "You know, Akane, I can offer you relationship advice at reasonable.

Never feel silly for wanting to know that you are beautiful, you are loved, and you are womanly. If you doubt that any of this is true about you, and you're hurting because of it, then please, know that your hurt is real, and it is worth crying over.

You don't have to believe the lies. Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul. This book, written by John and Stasi Eldredge, has been popular for years now, and rightly so. It's not like they have all the answers, but they seem to have a pretty Biblical perspective on who women are and what we need—not what we should be doing, but what we desire and why. This book hasn't told me very much that's new, but it's affirmed what I already know about myself and other women.

It gives a little extra confidence to what I'm writing in this post. Here's a taste of what I read in the chapter called "Beauty to Unveil": Somewhere down deep, we know it to be true. Most of our shame comes from this knowing and feeling that we have failed here. So listen to this: It was given to her by God.


It was given to you" p. That's something internal, unremovable. It cannot be gained with cooking skills, makeup, or a quiet demeanor. It can, however, be covered up, as the Eldredges explain. That's why beauty is something we unveil. We are image-bearers of a beautiful God, but sometimes our beauty gets hidden, even from ourselves. Our doubts get in the way.

We hide our beauty, or try to put on artificial beauty, or otherwise raise our defenses.

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If beauty is our essence, that means it's a core part of us. In order to unveil more of our beauty, we have to unveil who we really are. We have to be vulnerable and open. In the first couple dozen episodes, Akane is rarely emotionally vulnerable. She's beautiful, and that can't be completely hidden, but she doesn't feel safe enough to share her heart and essence with those around her.

And how could she? She doesn't feel desired or deeply cared for—in fact, Ranma repeatedly tells her that she is undesirable. She's constantly on the defense around the guy her father betrothed her to.

She won't show how much the insults hurt her, so she can't be herself. She's not at rest. In that moment, he is honest about his feelings. He curls up on Akane's lap, content to be with the one he loves.

Kitty Ranma curls up on Akane's lap in episode twenty-three. And when he is an honest kitty, Akane is safe. She calls to him, holds him, and treats him tenderly. Cat Ranma won't reject her. So she can unveil more of her beauty. She is at rest. Her beauty also shows up when she defends her friends or even her "pig".

She holds nothing back, she doesn't bother with the opinions of those watching, and she kicks the offender into the next zip code. She's too busy being beautiful to hide. Of course, the deepest rest, the strongest confidence, comes through a relationship with God. God isn't written into most anime or manga. Instead, the writers create love interests to clumsily take over God's affirming role. When a girl knows that she is loved, that she is desirable, she can be a little more at rest. Although the idea of a guy who can turn into a girl might have been novel in those times, Takahashi decided to carry it out simply because if the protagonist had both genders, she would be able to draw many boys and girls.

The story of the karate trainees Ranma and Akane, betrothed by their fathers against their will, gave away to 38 volumes of manga, anime episodes, 3 films, several OVA, T. Although in the case of Ranma and Akane, there were good reasons to dislike each other, good reasons to be fond of each other… and even more good reasons to laugh at the messy situations they went through.

Still, Ranma keeps his strong minded, friendly and playful personality at all times, not showing particular traumas. On the contrary, he has taken advantage of his female looks on several occasions, either to get more food or to enter into martial arts competitions for example in the Ice skating battle of episode And of course, who can forget when he accidentally saw Akane naked in the first episode of the anime? Ranma did not lose his chance to tell her that he had a better body than her. Which takes us to our next reason… 2.

Notice how she wears dresses and feminine accessories, while Ranma usually appears in Chinese style clothes that can fit him in both of his genders. And she insists on such behavior despite that her father is more than expecting that Ranma will be the heir in charge. This girl is focused on being a good karateka and does not pay attention to boys… which explains why every time she heads to school, an army of admirers tries to defeat her in hopes of going out with her.

But strong willed Akane always sends them flying through the skies, just as she does with Ranma whenever he mentions that he is cuter or more feminine than her.

He goes alone to mope if his pride is wounded, at least until he figures out some way to mend it.

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When Ranma has a problem, something he needs help with—though how often does that happen? It makes me wonder. Auntie's house and ours aren't so far apart. If Uncle hadn't pushed Ranma to train at such an early age, we could've met a lot sooner.

Our families could've came to this park, when the fountain was intact and the sandbox dry, and spent Sundays together. We could've played with pails and plastic shovels and pulled each other's hair. Not like we need to be children to do that. Still, I wonder, though: Ranma and I could've been friends that way.

akane and ranma relationship advice

No, that's silly; we are friends. I believe that, as much as I mistrust him sometimes, as much as I give him reason to taunt me. I care what happens to him, whatever that's worth. If Uncle were still after Ranma, I'd need help to slow him down, give Ranma the chance to get away. No wonder it makes Ranchan uneasy. We set out following the wreckage of Ranma's fight with his father, and wouldn't you know it, dazed and snoring under a pile of steel pipes and plywood was… "Look!

He batted away some cardboard with his paw and blinked, eying us. He held up a sign. The panda who writes on wooden signs in perfect—well, legible—Chinese script isn't who we're looking for at all. I think Uncle got the hint about that.

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He barreled out of the rubble pile and took off down the street, his hind-paws pounding into the pavement as he ran. It was a ball of batter wrapped in cloth. As we ran, she poured oil over it and lit the ball with a cooking lighter. There was a shower of asphalt, a crater blasted from the road by the canal. And Uncle—I think he was a little surprised. He skidded to a halt and peered over the edge, like he was afraid to step on a mine. That make you enemy.

Even if Shampoo must have no father-in-law, is only way of doing things if you make difficult. We won't let you make him do things to you in that panda body! I know you like it. What is it you make him do? Trim your back hairs? Pick through your fur for bugs? Not about leaving the kettle—that's common enough—but what's he trying to do, make them go after Ranma?

I mean, there's Uncle, standing at the edge of the crater. We blocked his way. We kept him from Ranma and Auntie's house.

akane and ranma relationship advice

The house that was behind us, down the road. We were the ones between Uncle Saotome and Ranma, so Uncle was right—there was nothing between us and him. Uncle sidestepped, but the mace burrowed into the ground, caving in the pavement and soil beneath. Another hit, and the earth exploded! Dirt and water sprayed upward like a geyser. The maces' handles stuck out from ground, bent and shattered. Uncle covered his face with his paws, peeking out between the claws.

akane and ranma relationship advice

They left me and Uncle Saotome to stare at one another across the hole in the canal road. They acted like Uncle can't do anything, can't fend for himself.

And maybe that's true some of the time—he tends to be lazy, cowardly, and act like an animal to avoid responsibility for what he does—but who do they think trained Ranma, anyway?

Uncle's decades my senior in the Art; what could this do except set me up for the impossible, get me out of the way? I guess that was it, wasn't it. If his mother finds out his secret, it'll be seppuku for sure! You want Ranma to be safe, don't you? Absolutely I want him to be safe. I'd see him do the honorable thing if Auntie demanded it.

I think he would if she asked him to, but I'm not like you, Uncle. I'm not so afraid. I have faith in Ranma.

akane and ranma relationship advice

I have faith that, as much as he's hid from Auntie, perhaps out of fear of his life or of disappointing her instead, he's the son Auntie wanted all along. He shouldn't be afraid because, when it counts, Ranma is a man among men. I have no doubt of that, and neither should you. But I guess it's easier to believe in someone else.

It's easier for Ranma, or else he wouldn't have pretended to be "Ranko" for so long. Maybe what we all need is little more faith in ourselves. Uncle's undoubtedly stronger than me. He's faster, more agile, even in that panda body, but he's still Uncle inside. He still takes great pride in his Art, and maybe, just maybe, I can use that. If you want to get to Ranma, you'll have to go through me. You're getting old and slow. I can hardly feel your strength. Show me why I should fear you, but right now…" I stood upright, relaxed and unprepared.

If Uncle attacked me then, I'd hardly be in a position to defend myself, but that was the risk I had to take. He tossed his signs aside. He trembled, and so did I.

There was a strong energy in the air.

akane and ranma relationship advice

It tingled the back of my neck. It made the hairs there stand on end. Uncle stepped back from the crater and grew. He swelled above the houses and the skyscrapers in the distance. Godzilla and King-Kong would've hesitated to fight him, and his aura pulsed with a frightening glow.

I could imagine what he'd say if he could speak, or if he had a sign large enough to hold his words. I did because my knees wobbled and banged into each other. I'd seen it before. I remembered the last time, when Uncle and Father grew this tall.

Right then, as Uncle towered over me like a fantastic beast, I thought he could squash me underfoot like a piece of bubble gum. But only for a few seconds because, well, the price of making oneself seem so large is too much to fight with. Before, Uncle and Father fizzled out in moments, and the same was true here. Uncle staggered and shrank, falling backward.

His aura dissipated with a poof, and he fell flat on his back, barely shaking the asphalt. That's when I finally took a breath. If he'd had just a couple more seconds before he exhausted himself, I'd probably be up to my neck in the road or still flying from the hit, but I think this is our School's greatest weakness—pride. Ranma has it, and it's cost him. I've let pride keep me from admitting things: It means I'm not what I could be.

It means I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough, not yet. For a day's work, though, I could take seeing Uncle fall asleep on that street by the canal. As I recovered my wits, I heard sirens.

A pick-up truck with police lights pulled up by Uncle's body. The men in the flatbed loaded long rifles. They put Uncle in their glass scopes.

Two darts with green feathering lodged in the panda's fur. I decided against it. The zookeepers tied Uncle in ropes and rolled his body onto a huge, leathery stretcher, but I left them to their work. I ran down the street the other way; Ranma would be with his mother by now, and I guess there's nothing more manly than showing that he has two girls fiercely interested in him.

Maybe even more than that. Auntie would be proud, and Ranma…I guess he'd shrug it off, say it's nothing, but he'd be a liar then. We're all entitled to lie to ourselves a little bit, aren't we?

Even if we can't admit how important family is to us, that doesn't mean we don't feel it. I rounded the corner and trotted up the drive to Auntie's house. I slipped off my shoes by the three other pairs at the step, but the house was quiet. There was Ranma, kneeling at Auntie's beside in the dark, draping a wet washcloth over her forehead, watching the three of us from the corner of his eye. You'd almost think he really was one, but there's still that slight edge to his voice you can't shake.

That's what Kasumi said, anyway. She wasn't feeling too well, was hoping Ranko-chan could come over and bring some supplies first thing in the morning. You all dealt with Pop? Aw, come on, it's not like we destroyed that much irreplaceable property, right? Doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. He looked to Auntie with a stern, pensive expression.