Poland road doesnt meet

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poland road doesnt meet

ing the road infrastructure is not only of immediate .. investor which is why GDDKiA meets all the legal requirements concerning social and environmental. Road transport was privatised and deregulated, but there are still problems with . At times of economic hardship, the government could not meet these costs. This does not apply to the rare situations when you meet a tram at such an intersection – in this The level of road courtesy is, unfortunately, poor in Poland .

If the apparatus isn't at the place, fines are applied: The new plans were made because of the big problems concerning the Manual Toll Collection System. Drivers in these cases are forced to wait 2 hours to pay the toll at the toll booths. That was the reason the works to construct the toll booths on A4 were suspended, even though there were some stages of construction in progress.

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The situation wasn't much relieved even after the toll booths had separated a special lane for those vehicles that have been registered into the ViaAuto system. It came out even worse. A lot of experts tell it is one lane less for those paying traditionally.

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At those times a few simple solutions were introduced, for example the cashiers themselves giving the tickets. Next solution came from the Council of Ministers, which claimed that the motorway will be free from the day they gave out the decision Now the ministry is working on the system new electronic system.

All but one said they had filed suits against the state road agency which were unresolved. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has defended his officials, and said Poland will not bow to foreign pressure.

poland road doesnt meet

His office referred reporters to the transport ministry, which defended the agency, saying it had acted within the terms of its agreements with contractors. Witecki was put in the job with a brief to get the best possible value just as European Union spending on Polish roads was about to reach an all-time peak.

poland road doesnt meet

Roads were part of a Witecki followed standard industry practice: His agency would announce a tender for a road project and contractors would bid. Usually, the winner would be the firm that offered to build the road for the lowest price.

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First, executives from several construction firms have said, the Polish agency would in many cases not clarify project details when asked. That left companies with a choice: Take a risk and bid on incomplete information, or walk away. Secondly, when contractors who had begun work encountered unforeseen problems - World War Two bombs on the site, say, or a design flaw - and needed to adjust the project costs, the agency would consistently reject any change, say executives with construction firms who have dealt with the GDDKiA.

Normally when a problem arises, Kehlenbach said, the contractor and client sit down together and clarify the cost.

poland road doesnt meet

But the Polish authorities did not negotiate on such matters, and instead referred contractors to the courts. Witecki told Reuters his agency did show flexibility on contracts, approving modifications in many cases, but only when this was justified.


He said he and his officials acted in line with Polish law, and only tried to enforce the contracts which the contractors themselves had signed. He said he had delivered thousands of kilometers of good quality highways, and provided good value for taxpayers. When the design for the bridge was being drawn up, it was intended to be a bold architectural statement fitting for a newly-confident Poland.

In fact the brook at the bottom of it is only about four meters across - the length of a small family car. But there were problems from the start. Most modern motorway suspension bridges are made up of concrete slabs supported on two sides by wire cables hung from towers.

poland road doesnt meet

This one had towers and a set of wire cables running down the middle of the roadway only. He believed that the bridge could withstand the additional stresses resulting from the unusual design, but there would be little margin for error. On the motorway contract, Alpine said it could not proceed unless the road agency changed the project design; GDDKiA said Alpine was not fulfilling its obligations, and the contract was torn up in It was put up for tender again a year later and Alpine Bau won it again, in August - a week after the government agency had written to ask the firm to clarify if its price included all the work on the project, including the bridge.

poland road doesnt meet

According to the documents, which Reuters has seen, three highly qualified engineers who were or had been employed by the agency said the design of the bridge was unproven and too ambitious.

But the agency disagreed with most of them. It took the view that the contractor was raising problems with the design to excuse its failures and inflate costs, the documents show.

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By latethe bridge was taking shape. One expert the agency had hired, Professor Kazimierz Flaga, proposed adding extra ribs to strengthen the concrete span - advice which the agency did not follow, the documents show.

Flaga declined to comment for this article. The road agency said in a statement to Reuters in July this year: He did not respond to a request for comment.

By earlycracks had appeared in one of the concrete sections on the underside of the bridge. The regional construction inspectorate stepped in and ordered a halt to the work.