Name for alumni meet invitation

Alumni Meet Invitation Letter Sample to the Student

name for alumni meet invitation

It is good to hear that Alumni Meet is being held this year. Hopefully, will be Thanks a lot for the invitation. I will definitely try So far as interacting with Baby MBAs (Loved this term) is concerned - we would loved to do that. & "Sir & Madam ". RMK Engineering College. Members of the RMKEC Alumni Association. Cordially invite you to the. 26th ALUMNI MEET – at p.m. Invitation to Sponsor Appreciation/Homecoming Social (6 tickets). □ Public recognition (radio, newspaper or Opportunity to utilize NDSCS meeting space. □ Business Name/Logo included in the Alumni Review. □ NDSCS Alumni website.

ILS extends invitation for Alumni Meet, | Live Law

Segu Jamaludeen Secretary and Correspondent, Prof. Around Alumnus had participated in this meeting.

name for alumni meet invitation

Our Alumni meet was an event of bringing all old students, who studied at our college under one forum for exchange of knowledge, skill and experience amongst themselves and to disseminate them to the students of the college in a righteous way. Faculty members from all the departments of Engineering college have participated and interacted with the Alumnus.

Addressing the Inaugural function Learned Principal, Prof. Afzal ali baig extended a hearty welcome to the alumnus, Chief Guest and the dignitaries to the Alumni Meet.

In his benevolent address Prof. Afzal ali baig shared the activities of the college and its growth and requested the alumni for their active support and suggestions for the growth and development of the Alumni Foundations in particular and the Institute in general in the national and international scenario.

name for alumni meet invitation

Segu Jamaludeen, Secretary and correspondent of Aalim Muhammed Salegh Trust extended a hearty welcome to the Alumnus and appealed to them that Alumni must have active participation in the college events and he presented the university rank holders to the alumni followed by the college activities in Social welfare. Alhajiyani janaba Habibunissa sahiba Chair person in her presidential address expressed her wish to alumnus to make their children too to study in the institution and make the bond between the alumnus and the college stronger.

name for alumni meet invitation

Building on her research at the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University during her Fulbright year in —17, Petra will also address current developments in Cuban politics and Cuba—U. The invitation with more details will reach you soon! How about you — What would you like to organize with us? Can you think of a place we could visit, a project you would like to present on, an activity you would like to experience with your Fulbright fellows?

The new board has a clear goal to activate the existing members and to attract new members from non-member alumni.

name for alumni meet invitation

With some pride, we claim that the Fulbright alumni brand stands for excellence, and we should try to capitalize on it. A great many of the alumni are accomplished academics, others have distinguished careers in industry, business or the public sector. We are convinced that the members have a lot to learn from fellow alumni, and want to reach out to all of you. Please dedicate ten minutes to fill in our membership questionnaire link below and include your suggestions and ideas for future plans!

Our Alumni Association is a voluntary organization, which cannot function without the support of its members.

Dear Alumni,

Each year, the Association gives this award to a Fulbright grantee with exceptional potential to comply with the standards and goals of the Fulbright program. At the same time, this Ambassadorial grant helps the newly elected grantees to perceive the role of the Alumni Association early on.

Your contribution is highly appreciated! You can access the membership questionnaire here and the membership fee form here.