Nalanda college sports meet invitation

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nalanda college sports meet invitation

Nalanda College (Sinhala: නාලන්දා විද්‍යාලය) is a national school in Colombo, Sri Lanka participated for the first time at the event as a competitive country. Nalanda College occupy a playground at Campbell Place, a modern sports At the invitation of Paul Carus, he returned to the U. S. in , and again in. Lasith Ranasinghe of Bandaranayake College, Gampaha and M.K. day of the 32nd All Island School Athletic Meet at Bogambara yesterday. The previous record ( metres) of I.A. Paranagama of Nalanda College, Colombo in India on an invitation of Gurukul International School Bangalore. Defending League champions, Kandy Sports Club and present The international governing body for athletics (IAAF) has informed that two athletes will be invited from all "We are confident that at least one junior athlete will meet the . Nalanda College Colombo emerged champions at the Under 17 All.

Gunapala Mallasekara as principal of the Nalanda College and transferred L. Metthanada to Ananda College as vice pincipal.

Nalanda was fortunate in having its second principal, Gunapala Piyasena Malalasekera. Malasekara launched several projects, making plans for the collection of funds for the construction of buildings, later commenced a bulletin titled "NALANDA". Also arranged 15 minute Buddhist talks at the daily students assembly and took many steps to promote the Buddhist environment in the school. Kularatne laid the foundation stone for second building on 30 March By the end of the number of students had increased to Later he borrowed money from Anagarika Dharmapala to purchase a land for primary section which was settled by Malasekara.

The student assembly hall is named Malalasekara Theatre after him. In a student of Research Forum won a silver medal for his research, Deposition of air pollutants on pollen grains and occurrence of respiration allergies among humans at the International Conference of Young Scientists in Germany, where Sri Lanka participated for the first time at the event as a competitive country.

His inclusion will undoubtedly add pep to the batting line up. Nuwan Zoysa, who is injured, will be replaced by another left arm seamer, Ruchira Perera who is likely to share the new ball with Vaas. The international governing body for athletics IAAF has informed that two athletes will be invited from all Third World countries for the games.

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Scrap the replays by Rohan Wijeyaratna In recent weeks, we have seen some refreshing signs of a few, standing up for the men in the white coats - the umpires. Responsible correspondents and cricket followers alike have come out strongly in favour of the umpire who has been subject to a lot of criticism from those in the TV commentary box and abuse from some who have vented their spleens in print. It is not for us to criticize the commentators for they too have a job to do, one of which is to give their opinion to the viewing public.

Their opinion may or may not tally with those watching the goings on in their arm chairs at home, but nevertheless, they are the opinions of those who are there to give it. It is quite unfortunate if we do not see eye to eye with them. One of the things for these TV men to keep in mind of course is that their camera is not quite at the right elevation to give the picture the same line of vision as that of the umpire.

nalanda college sports meet invitation

This is an essential factor to be taken into account in assessing the height in leg before decisions. In those long far off days, the umpires would actually stoop to get as low down to the top of the stumps as possible before each ball was bowled to get their line of vision correct.

They also had and still have only one look at any incident: This is a luxury we now enjoy, and typically, being human, we castigate the poor umpire at leisure. We have also seen in some instances, despite all these facilities of replays, the third umpire actually managing to get it all wrong! More stuff of course for the man in the box to dissect and pass judgement on! In most instances these commentators have all been well known cricketers in their time, and should understand better than most, the need to temper their comments in order to prevent undermining the position of the umpire.

That unfortunately does not seem to happen in most instances.

Nalanda College, Colombo

These days they come out of the wood work in different guises once they rid themselves of their flannels. Unwittingly, their comments weaken the position of the umpire in the eyes of the viewing public, particularly of those who are young and impressionable and who have no other means of learning the spirit of the game.

The damage that can be done through irresponsible comment can well be damning and forever. Striking a balance The whole thing about commenting whether written or spoken on anything meant for public consumption I suppose is about striking a reasonable balance.

It would be marvellous if things changed around to an extent where writers and commentators alike respected the position of the umpire and took his decision without query. Surely no umpire in his right mind wishes to be portrayed as someone incompetent in these days of slow motion replays. Yet, we forget that he is prone to mistakes too, like all the rest of us including the commentators. The mistakes some commentators make for instance in speaking simple English is astonishing; and given only a fleeting moment to describe the action, some, particularly ours, get in to an awful tangle and end up making a complete hash of it.

How I wish they understood how similar their job is to that of the umpire. Let those who are in the box at least know, that they too are far from being perfect.

nalanda college sports meet invitation

It is important for us to remember that we demand of the umpires one hundred per cent concentration from the first ball on day one to the last ball on day five in searing heat and depressing humidity. In to the bargain, they are subjected to merciless and unrelenting pressure from the players all the time and from the crowd some of the time. The license to make a mistake and get away with it is a luxury that all the other participants of a match enjoy, including the commentators.

But not so the umpire.

nalanda college sports meet invitation

We crucify him over and over again from our comfortable perches wherever they may be, and sometimes hold him responsible for the outcome of a game. We hardly blame the players of course for batting, bowling and fielding lapses which may have brought about the same result. But in the case of the umpire, it is different. We write his virtues in water while his faults live in brass.

In the case of those who do, this means standing up and respecting all umpiring decisions whether they be from Hair or Emersion, Francis or Cooray, Bird or sheppard or any other.

It means the acceptance that the word of the man in the white coat is law, and must not be questioned. This is fundamental and the sooner we accept that view the better. If some of us have been guilty of standing in judgement and being critical of Hair or Emerson for instance and written reams or spoken volumes about how crass their umpiring has been, then I am afraid we cannot afford to stand up for our own men when they come in to the firing line from foreign commentators and correspondents.

Consistency must be the theme at all times if one were to be taken seriously. Anything less than that amounts to hypocrisy. In this respect at least, Tony Grieg has been consistent. He had steadfastly believed that the umpire like the rest of them, had better get it right as he is also a very highly paid professional these days and therefore his decisions must be open to question. There may be a point in that, in these days when a wrong decision can cost a man a lucrative career. Besides Tony Greig like the rest of us, is entitled to his opinion.

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If we continue to devalue his worth, the game will turn out to be something else; not cricket. Solution the solution to all this is can be so simple, it really costs nothing to try out. Replays of any sort must be completely banned on TV, with only the third umpire allowed access to them during a game. The panel that selects umpires may have access to such material after the match, purely to assess an umpires competence. The third umpire too need be afforded the best possible view; stump vision or whatever, and the other two be allowed to consult the third umpire whenever in doubt, be they line decisions or any other.

nalanda college sports meet invitation

In this way, the game clearly will be in the hands of the umpires again and they will continue to give the best ruling on any decision. Further, controversy will be eliminated and the game and all that is associated with it shall be the better for it.

Either team deserved to win second test by R. Fernando As a matter of fact, either team deserved to win the second test in Asgiriya, Kandy, but as per the rules of the game, only one team could win or the match being tied with both teams sharing the honours.

However, it was South Africa that forged ahead of the Sri Lankans by their narrow 7 run win which saw the three test series being levelled one all. Both teams fought hard for supremacy, but their efforts were hampered by the several dubious decisions made by the umpires which caused bitterness, and also deprived the scoreboard of recording additional runs. It was a match which clearly showed cricket fans what the game was all about, especially from the angle of fluctuating fortunes.

When the Proteas were sent into bat by Lankan skipper Sanath Jayasuriya on a fresh surface, the tourists quickly slumped to 34 for 5 with top order batsmen Kirsten, McKenzie, Kallis, Cullinan and Rhodes back in the pavilion.