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Let us try to explain that to you! You should have heard about the charming beauty of Slavic women.


Russian girls are also known to have that mysterious soul that enchants every man they choose. No wonder there are more and more foreigners all around the world looking for their one and only Russian wife. First of all, the more experienced the man becomes the more feminine woman he wants by his side. Still, it is almost impossible to find a truly feminine lady in the US or Europe. Workaholics and commanders are what you have surely faced dating in your home countries.

It is impossible to stay a woman while working so hard for no essential reason. Secondly, Russian women are the ones that can and will love accepting the pros and cons of your being.

meet my naked wife

Their moms taught them that family is the most important thing in their lives. Thirdly, they are able tomelt the coldest masculine heart with special magic. Of course, you want to get under the love spells and meet Russian girls. Russian women top the wives of the whole world.

Here are the several reasons: A family is the most valuable people in this Universe!

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Although, they manage to balance their career life and the family one, in order to develop the personality and remain interesting. Get ready for at-home restaurant food. Just marry a Russian woman and you will get a personal chef that will never leave you hungry. The tastiest masterpieces of Russian cuisine are waiting for you. A mother is a role they play even better than a wife.

meet my naked wife

Natural instincts are much higher developed in Russian women than those of the Western. What is more, there is no need telling what a huge amount of the last prefers to become childfree. Still, children are the most wonderful miracle in the world.

If you think they cook and look after children in a mess, you are so wrong. My brother and I were down to our boxers in no time losing hand after hand. My wife was in her panties, but still had here shirt on. She lost the next hand, so I told her that the shirt had to go.

My brother and I were both transfixed on her erect nipples and were both speechless. She noticed how much we had enjoyed the flash and she just smiled.

meet my naked wife

We played another hand and she lost again. I told her the shirt definitely had to go now. She finally started to lift her shirt off, exposing her perfect erect nipples to us again. I noticed that my brother could not take his eyes off her tits this time.

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After seeing her exposed in front of someone else, I was getting really turned on and my brother could not hide his excitement either. A couple of more poorly played hands and my brother and I were both nude and my wife finally lost her bra. It only took one more hand for her to finally loose her panties. When she started taking her panties off, I was enjoying watching my brother get turned on by her sliding them down her legs. I noticed once she got them to her feet, she spread her legs slightly and she exposed her cleanly shaved pussy.

I could see she was wet and that just made my cock get harder by how horny she was getting and how much my brother was enjoying looking at her hot little body.

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I also noticed my brother was at full mast. My wife just looked at him with this innocent smile while she brushed her hand by her smooth pussy. I could see that she was just as transfixed by his pulsating dick as he was with her perky tits. With no more clothing to bet I told her that we would have to bet something else.

I told her if she lost, I got to play with her tits.

She agreed and more cards were played. She lost another hand, so I moved closer to her to collect my prize. Since my brother had a winning hand too, I asked if he wanted to feel how hard her nipples were too.

There was no hesitation as he reached over the table and started playing with her trembling peaks. The next hand she lost again, the stakes were a little higher this time, and I told her that I got to suck on a nipple this time. My brother and I both chose a breast and started sucking her hard nipples into our mouths, squeezing her firm breast as we worked her nipples with our tongues.

Her back arched up so her nipples would meet our awaiting mouths as she let out a sigh of excitement.

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I slid my hand up the inside of her thigh all the way to her smooth lips to see how receptive she might be. I could not believe what I felt; my fingers were sliding on a steamy hot, dripping pussy.

meet my naked wife

I had never felt her this wet and hot until now. I noticed my brother was more than happy taking care of her tits, rubbing them, squeezing them and sucking on both nipples making sure to spent equal amounts of time on each. So I decided I needed to get a real good taste of her extreme arousal. I went down and started to gently kiss her inner thighs moving up towards her hips and circling her pussy, making sure not to get there too fast.