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boy meet trivia world

'Boy Meets World'? Written by Kimia Madani. Begin Quiz Boy Meets World was on ABC not Disney Channel. Like · Reply · 9 · 2y · Jenn Reinhart. it was on. Trivia quiz questions on the Disney television show, Boy Meets World. questions and answers about 'Boy Meets World Mixture - Average' in our ' Boy Meets World' category. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of.

One of the writers was on his car phone and drove past a sign for Topanga, California while they were trying to think of a name for the character. Not for the show itself, but Rider Strong is not proud of the 90s-style curtained hair The Other Darrin: Morgan's original actress Lily Nicksay was swapped out for Lindsay Ridgeway between the second and third seasons. The latter doesn't show up until midway through the third, delivering the classic line "That was the longest time-out I ever had.

Boy Meets World Mixture - Average Trivia Questions & Answers:

Harley was also replaced for a single episode. The character was then Put on a Busbut the original actor returned for one more episode the next season. Topanga's parents also went through several sets of very different actors three for her father and two for her mother. Originally, another actor played Eric in the pilot but he was the same height as Ben Savage so Will Friedle was cast and his parts were reshot.

The parts were switched and the rest is history. Husband-and-wife team William Daniels Mr. Similarly Topanga's parents were played by the husband-and-wife Michael McKean and Annette O'Toole for one episodealthough their characters' situation is reversed from the above in that the episode portrays their marriage's disintegration.

Ben Savage's brother Fred Savage appears in the episode "Everybody Loves Stuart" as a creepy lecherous college teacher. The show wasn't that shy about it, sometimes teaching the same lesson in different ways. The plot of "A character crossdresses to hit on a guy. Though in the former it was for a school project and in the latter Jack and Eric did it to avoid getting pounded by a guy they almost got arrested Both Eric and Shawn go on road trips of self-discovery Eric when he doesn't make it into college, Shawn after his father passes away with Cory along for the ride.

Eventually they get to the point where Cory is ready to go home, but they're afraid to. They end differently though - Eric realises that he has to return to real life, whilst Shawn learns of how proudly Chet spoke of Shawn from another patron at a truck stop and opts to continue on his journey alone, although Chet's spirit appears sat next to Shawn in the final scene of the episode.

Cory and Shawn both have nightmare episodes about them killing all their friends so that Cory and Topanga can be together.

boy meet trivia world

Whole storylines have been recycled: Then they lampshade that at the end of the episode, when Will Friedle, playing " himself ", flips out at Ben Savage for changing a punchline. He storms off, and then enter Rider Strong as Shawn, telling Cory "I blew up another mailbox" a reference to a first-season episode. With just a light remodel Mr. Turner's apartment from seasons 2 and 3 becomes Jack and Eric's apartment for season For a little while Mr Turner and Mr Feeny had the same classroom, just flipped around with a few different props.

Likewise, the school hallway from seasons is almost exactly the same as the Senior hallway from season 5 but shot from a different angle.

These examples would be justified, in that the school's interior would adhere to a strict uniform design. Possibly lampshaded by Shawn after he and Cory wake up in Turner's class with Feeny in the room. Shawn, it's both of them" Shawn: Chubbie's the local hangout is used for pretty much anywhere groups of teens hang out. This is lampshaded in "Things Change", as the restaurant is changed into a pirate-themed family restaurant in the course of one scene.

The change consists of different furniture, a change in lighting and fabric hung over the Matthews family photos.

The Boy Meets World Wiki. The crazier Eric got, the more Will Friedle started to improvise and mix things up. Most of the time, it worked as Eric is the ONLY funny thing in some of the more serious episodes and in a lot of ways was the funniest character in the show.

Most obvious is his stirring rendition of Ooh, Child in "Angela's Ashes. Shawn parked in Rachel's spot. Cory, Topanga, and Shawn were in Rachel and Angela's apartment. Rachel came in all upset because someone parked in her spot. That someone was Sean. Question by author gurlofgod. Matt His full name is Matt Frazier, and to go to Hollywood, Eric turns down both a great acting school and a prestigious theatre company.

Question by author will Question by author bmwluvr Question by author Zimms Stacey This was the episode where Cory tried to straighten his hair and Shawn called Stacey for advice.

Question by author chkalei.

Boy Meets World Mixture - Average Trivia Questions & Answers

What is Shawn's date's name? Question by author annathegirl. Kelly Shawn introduces Kelly to Angela three times in less than ten seconds. Question by author TeamRNL. Sixth The first season takes place in sixth grade, but they are seniors by the fifth season. They are either very good students or time does not exist at John Adams High School.

boy meet trivia world

The Life and Times of Cory Matthews click to play it. Question by author Jennifer Question by author jesuslvr They get in a big fight, but work it out. Question by author AmAm. Peace Corps He had a hard time deciding what to do with his life, and this is what he decided. Feeny recieve a watch from his wife, which Shawn and Cory later drop down the sink? Question by author amam.