Ojays meet the moments blogspot directory

The O'Jays Live Up to Legacy in Concert ~ Write on Music

ojays meet the moments blogspot directory

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of O'Jays Meet The Moments on Discogs. Some of the warmest and most surprising moments during the Motown star Smokey Robinson talked about meeting Franklin when he was Gonna Miss You" from "The Temptations" miniseries and blowing a . Home · News · Sports · Death Notices · Opinion · Downriver Life · Blogs · Online Features. Posts from my blog, Mets by Me | See more ideas about Baseball, Baseball promposals and 'salem's Meet the Mets: Part Four- The Catchers.

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The rest of the page is broken into three columns: A year later, Jerry left and I took over the lead chair. It was quite the "Cinderella story". Were there important musical friendships that started in that band?

ojays meet the moments blogspot directory

I made incredible friendships especially in the band itself and in NYC, nationally, and internationally — many have become lifetime bonds of respect and admiration.

I had no other ties in NYC before I moved there. That band was definitely my family. Every member past, present, and future will always have that bond. And you still play in the Village Vanguard's big band June 7, will mark my 41st year playing in the band. When Mel passed, we incorporated and changed our name to the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. Mel never wanted us to continue on as a Ghost Band.

He wanted us to keep the ideals of the band but not be shackled by playing all the old direction. Are lead alto players in big bands born or made? I think lead alto players are the ones who persevere and crave insight with blend, listening more acutely, experience in a lot of ensemble playing, articulation, different styles, and that understand the functions needed for different composers and styles. It's not just about loud commanding leadership but rather getting the cats to want to listen to you instead of just following blindly.

RADIO JPG - THE O'JAYS -The O'Jays meet The Moments

Everyone has such an integral part and a lead alto player is only as good as the section they are suppose to influence and lead.

It's a responsibility that I didn't want but after Dodgion left, Thad told me I had no other choice. It was either the door out or to step up to the plate. You can't be lazy and indifferent. There are so many unique styles and big bands all over the European continent. I feel it's individual and based on the music and tradition emphasis of each country.

I have been so fortunate to have performed with so many incredible European bands. I particularly like the risks compositionally and the depth and skills of each band. It's refreshing to know the large ensemble playing will continue on. Your work with Harold Danko is significant. How did all that get started? Harold is one of my favorite orchestrators in comping. He makes all my ideas better and challenges me to develop them.

ojays meet the moments blogspot directory

He is a truly selfless and always in the moment of the music. Thad just loved Harold's playing. After Roland Hanna left, Thad's other favorite was Danko. What do you enjoy about playing in a duo setting and what challenges does it present? I have to play differently and can't rely on so many to prop me up. The intimacy is wonderful. I feel like I'm playing with a miniature orchestra. It's a huge responsibility for the pianist and I have really come to admire how much talent it takes to be so complete.

ojays meet the moments blogspot directory

I too have to play, comp, and understand the music on a deeper rhythmic commitment. Intonation and tonal blend, dynamics are also crucial JH: Is there a favourite album from that collaboration? Do you make time to get together and play with people casually and why?

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It gets harder to do that but I feel it is still so important. I need to express in different formats, sizes, dynamics, styles, difficulty, and expression in order to keep evolving forward. Now at 65, I want to remain a student like was in my teens and through my mid 60s.

It's always been my way and if I give up that challenge I stop growing. The Steeplechase label has been significant. How did that relationship get started and what have been the consequences? I floated around a bit but in the mid-'90s I asked Nils if it would be possible to do some more recording on his label.

He was great and always let me record anything without getting in the way. Complete artistic freedom and it was scary at first but very good for me in the long run.