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It's Nice That | MacGuffin takes us inside its fifth issue: The Cabinet

meet the macguffin lit

MacGuffin (a.k.a. McGuffin or maguffin) is a term for a motivating element in a story that is Very nearly EVERYONE Ming Chao meets is after it. and he could read the list of ingredients and there isn't anything there that cannot be bought at. ebook — this Manchester-based publishing house has decided to meet the challenge head-on. The result of this innovation was MacGuffin: a. The MacGuffin, established in , is a national literary magazine created on campus. The journal is a Attempt to reach as big an audience as possible.

Each rotation of the wheel in the Control Room will consume one ratchet or wheel. You will need to rotate the wheel 10 times, as follows: Rotate 3 times, reaching this image, then go to The Lower Chambers to obtain an ancient bronze token: Rotate 4 more times, reaching this image, then go to The Lower Chambers to obtain an ancient bomb: Rotate 3 more times, reaching this image, then go to The Lower Chambers to open the burial chamber: Note that trying to collect the token or bomb when the rats are on the path will not work, which is why you need 10 rotations.

An epic final battle with Ed the Undying awaits you in the burial chamber.

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Undying isn't just a fancy title -- Ed will take seven adventures of fighting to put down for good. If you get beaten up or run away, you'll have to fight him from the beginning again.

meet the macguffin lit

Return to the council with the Holy MacGuffin for your reward. Rewards A handful of confetti. In your Quest Log under completed quests you will see: That quest was so ridiculous, it wasn't even funny, and now it's over! We've just received a message from the Distant Lands -- it seems that your father, the renowned archaeologist, has gone missing. Apparently, his life's work was to track down an ancient relic known only as the Holy MacGuffin.

He left behind his diarywith instructions that it was to be delivered to you, but he didn't leave any funds to pay for shipping. So, you'll have to go pick it up yourself. You can travel there from the Travel Agency at The Shore, but there's a slight hitch -- the area you're going to requires a passport for entry, and our passport offices are temporarily closed due to a tiny photograph shortage.

meet the macguffin lit

You'll need to acquire some forged identification documents from the Black Market instead, but we're not entirely sure where the Black Market actually is. It's probably near the Black Forest, though, and we'll mark that on your map for you.

meet the macguffin lit

Once you've retrieved your father's diary, we request that you use his notes to track down the Holy MacGuffin for us, as an item of such power will obviously be of great help to us in our fight against the Naughty Sorceress and the other evils that plague our land. Any luck getting your father's diary and recovering the Holy MacGuffin? It's a pretty important whatchamacallit, so we'd apprecate it if you'd get on that right away.

That's pretty darn impressive -- well done! Now we can pack it in an unlabelled wooden crate and stash it in a secret warehouse full of similar crates somewhere where it's likely that no one will ever see it again. Thanks for your help! We could throw a parade.

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If on the Pocket Familiars path, it will add: For a second, you think you see that kid Jerry glaring at you from an alley, but when you turn to look, he's gone. You acquire an item: Your first step is to find the Black Market, to get some forged ID. After finding the Black Market: You've found the Black Market I mean, Distant Lands. After obtaining your father's Holy MacGuffin diary: You've picked up your father's diary, and things just got a whole lot more complicated.

After reading your father's Holy MacGuffin Diary: I hope you've got your lucky fedora with you. After passing the first test: You've cunningly evaded one of the Hidden Temple's traps.

But what else lies in store? Having proved that you ain't no hollaback girl, there's just one more trap to go. Pity dad never got around to translating that last passage After opening the Hidden City: Awesome, you've evaded all of the temple's traps!

Of course, it turned out that getting the piece of the Staff of Ed isn't going to be nearly that easy, but you were probably expecting that anyway. If you weren't, well, sorry. After completing defeating the Protector Spectre subquest complete: You've defeated the ancient ghost of an ancient mummy of an ancient high priest and claimed his ancient amulet! Maybe it has something to do with that amulet your father mentioned in his diary? After opening the Palindome: Congratulations, you've discovered the fabulous Palindome, rumored to be the final resting place of the legendary Staff of Fats!

Now all you have to do is find it Well, you found the Staff of Fats, but then you lost it again.

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Looks like you're going to have to track down this Mr. Alarm guy for help After talking to Mr. Alan Alarm has agreed to help you nullify Dr. Awkward's ineptitude field patent pendingbut wants some wet stew in return. You could also check party boobytraps in the palindome -- Mr.

Alarm says those are sometimes baited with the stuff. After returning with the wet stunt nut stew: Oh yeah, you've got the Mega Gem, and are ready to deliver some pain to Dr.

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They call you the bus driver, because you're gonna beat the hell out of that guy. Congratulations, you've recovered the long-lost Staff of Fats! At a guess, you figure Spookyraven Manor is probably your best bet.

After unlocking the basement: Letters of Transit Casablanca: In Casablancarefugees who lost everything to the Nazi war machine are struggling to find a way to escape and find safe haven in the United States. One such man is renowned freedom fighter Victor Lazlo who needs to escape to continue his work to bring down the Third Reich. His only hope lies in Rick, the world weary owner of the local watering hole, who holds the letters of transit needed for Victor and his wife Ilsa to leave Casablanca.

As the Nazis stationed in the city ramp up the tension we see a love triangle play out, with these letters at the center of it all.

MacGuffin takes us inside its fifth issue: The Cabinet

Maltese Falcon the Maltese Falcon: Private Eye Sam Spade set out to find who murdered his partner and along the way gets caught up in a conspiracy to find a lost treasure. According to legend the Maltese Falcon is a golden statue covered in jewels, but hidden in a coating of black enamel. Reluctantly Spade is draw by a crime boss, a dubious criminal, and a femme fatale to help search for this Maltese Falcon.

What makes the Maltese Falcon so exciting is not the actual statue itself, but rather the hunt for it and wondering how a simple detective will react as things continue to get out of hand.

Death Star plans Star Wars: Two hapless droids are sent to a backwater desert planet with perhaps the most important MacGuffin in the galaxy, the plans for the Death Star. A space station built by the Empire, the Death Star has the ability to destroy and entire world. The architect who built the weapon, however included a weakness which could destroy it. The schematics of the Death Star are passed from Princess Leia to a small droid in the hope that everything will work out.

What follows is one of the most beloved films of all time, as Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the droids must get these secret plans to the Rebel Alliance giving them a ray of hope against total annihilation. The perfect example of the film having a MacGuffin, but it not being necessary to know exactly what it is.

The mystery begins, when hitmen Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, retrieve a mysterious suitcase for their boss which obviously contains something important.

meet the macguffin lit

What exactly is inside is not shown onscreen. In fact when Samuel L.

meet the macguffin lit

The One Ring Lord of the Rings trilogy: