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meet the demoman piemations apple

But mostly Saxton Hale ‣ THE PREQUEL ‣ ‣ More Meet the Amazing ‣ ‣ Check out the voice actors! Piemations to see how much ammo wecan shoot off before the medic gets backwith dinner I guess .. “Mann co BRAND apple sauce. Find trending Pie GIFs from on Gfycat. Share your favorite GIF now. The Meet the Amazing series is a series of animations made by Piemations, which single-handedly popularized the Youtuber. The episodes are a parody of the.

Well, I'll find a way to remedy that, if anyone really wants them. So yeah, this video is my submission for the Saxxy Awards entry for the Drama category. Made it in roughly 2 weeks. I never had the experience on making a 3D Animation, and this is my first time making one.

The reason why the video quality looks horrible is because I use Windows Movie Maker for post-production and it supports neither formats exported by SFM.

meet the demoman piemations apple

So I tried my best to work it out by using random programs I didn't have good programs at that time to convert the file so that WMM can read the files while the deadline was just 4 hours left. The next day I found a good program and I made a HQ version of the video but it is already over the deadline, therefore having separate version of the videos.

meet the demoman piemations apple

Didn't made it into the finalists due to obvious reasons. I don't own any of these in this video. Thank you guys for over 20, subscribers and sorry for taking so long with this video. Also, huge thanks to Ariwa for the awesome and adorable art of me with an Eevee, Zaia for voicing the Spy and Raptor Jesus who voiced himself.

All sounds belong to Valve. If any copyright infringement occurs, I apologise and please bring to my attention and I will deal with it. First off, here's a Warning: This video has violence and use of strong words, including swear words and offensive jokes. Second, this is a shithole for the following reasons: Also captions might help you understand a bit more!

Meet The Amazing Madic

No but seriously, I "worked" on this for 3 years, including the huge break I had to give it due to school and life But hey, even if the script and everything else about this was absolutely unorganised and painful, I guess it didn't turned out so bad. I'm just glad I can finally move on, and maybe after I'm done with school I'll be able to work on a sequel? D Caboose is probably the main reason why I didn't give up on this project, he gave me so many great ideas to elaborate on, the motivation came back.

meet the demoman piemations apple

This video was supposed to be 6 minutes or so long, but due to hurricane Irene, not only did I lose electricity, I also lost about 2 minutes worth of gmod vid during the process. So I made an altrenate ending to this vid today before I leave and not do gmod vids for a while. This video was made to show different ways to have fun around the map without necessarily training. The update cointains new features such as a retractible platform, the option to make all players explode or never explode when killed, ability to change the flow of time, sentry room and much, much more.

Most of the scenes in this video can be replicated! The whole recording has been taken from single player games.

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Some of them require scripts to work, so ask if you want to know how any part of the video was done! Map by Wiseguy and Washipato, video by Washipato, hat the arrow to the eye is a hat by sparkwire By the way, both of the buttons at the end of the video doesn't work, you can still download the map from the following links: Today, the Engineer tries his luck at crafting a hat, but things go wrong and Spy has to make an ass of himself.

Rate, leave comments, and subscribe if you like it. I might even make a sequal when I get more items to craft. Music is from various Ren and Stimpy clips.

meet the demoman piemations apple

D Comments are way too welcome. Monsters in order of appareance, so you guys stop asking instead of making real, nice comments: PabloSSB from Chile I am looking for funny gameplay moments, epic fails from public server games, competitive games, tf2lobbies, mixes ,highlanders: How to submit demo files: Upload the demo file to http: Add your footage description example: I will be very grateful for doing this.

Drunk Demoman Team Fortress 2

If you come up with the suitable title How to Send links to youtube PM or nys2k12 gmail. Tutorial how to record and submit demos: Don't be fooled by the Meet the Here's a bit of backstory: For reasons unknown, B. Their morale is so high, none of R. Luckily, Cowboygineer, an Engi who didn't have much of an interest in his profession, had set out to capture and tame the fabled Rabid Heavy a few months ago.

meet the demoman piemations apple

His teammates mocked him, dismissing its existence as a mere myth. Well, now he's back Based on the video game Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation. Bent Sniper Rifle model by Lemonader http: High definition bullets and casings by JoshuaC also available on the Source Filmmaker Workshop, reuploaded by Sezypillows: Special thanks to Pte Jack for the whistling sound file http: Kinda lazy lip animating but hope you get the idea better.

If there is any sense either Music used: Opening theme for The Shining movie. Will Intelligent Heavy created by minifett be able to defend himself from the enraged Demopan created by ichbinpwnzilla? Stay tuned to find out! The collab still looks great! HUGE thank you to everyone who participated on the collab, even if unfortunately your entry wasn't added! If it wasn't added, then it's because: The entry had poor animation or was very similar to a much better entry. I found your entry unfunny or dull for a Road Runner-esque sketch.

It included characters of a foreign source that people may get offended seeing. Don't ask for the music here, go to their individual entries and ask them there, I wouldn't know. Oh, and Inspector Heavy, if you're reading this, don't steal my idea like you did with the Golden Sword collab The next exciting adventure in the Team Fortress 2 universe: The creation of Nucleus! Funniest thing you ever seen! Drunk guy becomes uncontrollably drunk!! We all can relate to this, everyone gets drunk one way or another in their lifetimes, but this guy took a step beyond Special Thanks to MuseTrigger for his awesome voice acting skills.