Little britain bitty meet the parents

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little britain bitty meet the parents

Harvey Pinches and his parents meet his girlfriend Jane and her parents where Harvey can't wait for his food and ends up having his “bitty”. Little Britain (UK) s02e01 - Series 2, Episode 1 Episode Script. SS is dedicated to Today, Harvey Pinch's parents are meeting his girlfriend for the first time. It's a lovely If you have bitty now, you're not gonna want any supper. I want bitty. Buy Little Britain Series 2: Read Movies & TV Reviews - Prepare to meet some new faces in this series such as Florence (Emily's new Dafydd comes out to his parents, but his mother's reaction is not quite what he expects. "Bitty" in a restaurant, Bubbles De Vere singes herself while evading capture.

Specifically any woman named Linda Williams. With a glass eye. Pretty much the same formula as the Pirate Memory Game sketch from the first series, but still funny. Funny, but the weakest sketch in the show. Which she thin sips elegantly.

Little Britain USA - Fat Fighters 2

As Lou feeds the ducks, Andy beats the crap out of the youths. Funny, if a little cruel. But he speaks in a middle class accent. Which the shopkeeper has in stock.

David Walliams: I just can't wait to try bit of bitty

Clutching the record under his arm, Mr Mann storms out of the shop in a temper. When the song ends, the PM makes a hasty escape, only to be grabbed and snogged by his admirer. But as Lou pauses to buy a choc ice, Andy quickly strips and goes for a paddle.

Afterwards, as the oblivious Lou pushes Andy, he asks: While Lou takes a phone call, Andy gets a ball and runs right up to the pins and smashes the pins down to get a strike.

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As soon as she is out the door, the psychiatrist is gossiping about her affair on the phone with a friend. But when he picks up her pad, he observes she has depicted a flick-book of a penis becoming erect and then ejaculating. As Lou pushes his wheelchair next to the Eiffel Tower, Andy pipes up: I think we should invite the family round on Sunday and I'll tell them then. Uncle Gareth has gone to San Francisco. Your cousin Bryn is going to Neath to watch Shirley Bassey.

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What about Auntie Seonad? No, she just stays in on a Sunday and eats minge. When I see a fat person in a street, I spit on them, as I would a dog, and would encourage you to do the same. Oh, you've put on three grams. You've been noshing again, haven't you? Next time you feel peckish, have a bit of dust, yeah? Do you wanna waddle back to your seat? Now, those of you who read the FatFighters newsletter will be aware that FatFighters has got a new spokesperson.

And we're very lucky because she's paying a visit to our branch tonight. So, will you please give a warm welcome to Vanessa Feltz? My good friend Vanessa Feltz from the television!

little britain bitty meet the parents

Come and sit down next to meVanessa Feltz. So, Vanessa Feltz, you - and I know you won't mind me saying it - you were fat. No, we're all friends here. We can say it.

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And then you lost it all, didn't you? Well, I was going though a traumatic divorce Then you piled it back on. You looked really big in ''Take a Break''. I thought, ''That's the last thing she needs! I hope I've reached my optimum weight.

little britain bitty meet the parents

It's very important when you're dieting to realise when that point comes. Well, I think you could lose another stone. OK, fatties, so it's a question and answer with Vanessa Feltz. So, who's got a question for Vanessa? Vanessa will not want to answer questions about the divorce or when she went loopy-loo on ''I'm a Celebrity Big Brother''. Don't ask her about the marriage to Grant Bovey and the thing with the chocolate at her wedding.

You can't blame Anthea for that, but anyway, Meera? You must have tried many diets in your time. What was the worst diet you were on? Sorry, she is Asian. I should have warned you.

Let's hear from an English person. First off, I must say what an inspiration it is to see larger-framed women like yourself on TV. Was it quite a struggle for you to get on TV? It's just I'd love to be a TV presenter, but I feel like my size might hold me back. Don't make me laugh! Vanessa may be big, but you are something else! I call her Fat Pat, eh, Vanessa?

little britain bitty meet the parents

Actually, I'm putting together a new show about dieting and our attitudes to food. I'm looking for larger people to help present it, so make sure you give me your phone number. Pat, I'll make sure she gets your number. I could do that. I'd love to be on TV.