Beyond the deep blue earth we shall meet goddess

Kali – A Most Misunderstood Goddess - Kashgar

beyond the deep blue earth we shall meet goddess

This is the reason behind that dark color; she was not some special deity to . She dwells in Smashan, cremation ground, which is a metaphor for the place . We must look beyond their shapes to the hidden meanings they represent. Jay calls it the white sea. . Did Tenali Raman really meet with the goddess Kali?. There are occasionally very clear days of very deep blue sky when Venus stands The ships thought they were seeing the lights of an attacking enemy aircraft. So enjoy the planet of the goddess of love while you can. Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article. While others honor what they refer to as “the Goddess”, which is not She is Mother Nature, the Earth– Gaia; she is fertility and the turning of the seasons. very abstract, which is why using a guided meditation can be of such importance. and further away from civilization, and deep into the heart of a primeval forest.

A hereditary sect, Thuggee membership was passed from father to son, although outsiders, particularly criminals, could be recruited if found worthy — or might end up as victim if not. During its peak, the group is believed to have had thousands of followers and during the years of its operation its members are estimated to have killed anywhere betweenand 2 million people. Thuggees proudly traced their origin to the battle of Kali against Raktabija, and considered themselves her children, created from her sweat.

The British finally wiped out the Thuggees in the mid 19th century, and the cult of religious stranglers ceased to exist except in myth and folklore. It is difficult to discover any concrete information about this group of women — their name, the extent to which they practiced in India, whether they were associated with the Thuggee cult, and whether they died out or continue to exist within the many Tantric sects extant today.

Here Kali is shown in her post 17th century, rehabilitated form: Author Surendra Nath Khar. In part because of her dread characteristics and habit of acting unpredictably, at least to those who tried to control her, devotion came late in the game to Kali — even devout Hindus were wary of her wrath.

However in the seventeenth century Kali received a makeover from the Tantric Bengali poets in northwest India. No longer a terrifying red-eyed crone, she began to be depicted as voluptuous, motherly, young and beautiful, with a gentle smile, attractive ornaments and pleasing blue complexion. While she continued to brandish weaponry and severed heads, two of her right hands now made soothing gestures - the mudras of fearlessness and blessing. Today, her image reflects her duality. Kali is depicted in the act of killing but smiles engagingly.

Her protruding red tongue signals both modesty a Bengali tradition and her thirst for blood. Her dishevelled hair hints at unrestrained blood lust and alternatively the metaphysical mystery of death that encircles life. Her three eyes represent omniscience, her voluptuous breasts both sexual lust and nurturance.

Her nakedness simultaneously represents carnality and purity. Her necklace of severed heads and girdle of severed arms signifies her killing rage but are also tantric metaphors for creative power and severance from the bonds of karma and accumulated deeds. Even her stance is imbued with dual meaning.

beyond the deep blue earth we shall meet goddess

While her right hands are generally associated with positive gestures, her left hands hold weaponry — depending on the number of arms she is portrayed as having, a bloodied sword or trident, a freshly severed head and a skull cup to catch the blood. However, even these are symbols of greater purpose. The sword symbolises higher knowledge, the head the human ego that must be severed in order to exit from the cycle of life and rebirth.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, many western feminist scholars have adopted Kali as a mascot of female empowerment, or have politicised her as a symbol of the supposed former matriarchal golden age that came before our present state of patriarchal control and decline. New Age Tantric practitioners adapt her obvious sexual manifestations as a therapeutic tool, while Hollywood employs her as a convenient symbol of malevolence. But Kali, the true Kali, will continue to defy all attempts to tame and domesticate her, as she has since the beginning of time.

Would the real Kali please stand up. In my time I have gone into many battles among men, yet never have I seen a host like this, not one so numerous. These look terribly like leaves, or the sands of the sea-shore, as they advance across the plain to fight by the city.

Hektor Hectoron you beyond all I urge this, to do as I tell you: She came on Helene in the chamber. Iris of the swift feet stood beside her and spoke to her: But Menelaos Menelaus the warlike and Alexandros Alexander [Paris] will fight with long spears against each other for your possession. You shall be called beloved wife of the man who wins you.

She mounted the chariot and beside her entering Iris gathered the reins up and whipped them into a run, and they winged their way unreluctant. Now as they came to sheer Olympos, the place of the immortals, there swift Iris the wind-footed reined in her horses and slipped them from the yoke and threw fodder immortal before them.

For I will say this straight out, and it will be a thing accomplished: How can your hearts so storm within you? The son of Kronos Cronus will not let you stand by the Argives. Since Zeus has uttered this threat and will make it a thing accomplished: Yes, you [Athene], bold brazen wench, are audacious indeed, if truly you dare lift up your gigantic spear in the face of you father.

He sent on her way Iris of the golden wings with a message. Iris the swift of foot came close beside and spoke to him: They in a flash of speed winged their way onward. They came to Ida.

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These two came into the presence of Zeus the cloud-gatherer and stood, nor was his heart angry when he looked upon them, seeing they had promptly obeyed the message of his dear lady. He spoke to Iris first of the two, and addressed her in winged words: As those times when out of the clouds the snow or the hail whirls cold beneath the blast of the north wind born in the bright air, so rapidly in her eagerness winged Iris, the swift one, and stood beside the famed shaker of the earth and spoke to him: His order is that.

Or will you change a little? The hearts of the great can be changed. You know the Erinnyes Furieshow they forever side with the elder.

Kali – A Most Misunderstood Goddess

It is a fine thing when a messenger is conscious of justice. She came secretly from Zeus and the other gods, since it was Hera who sent her. She came and stood close to him and addressed him in winged words: Now the winds assembled within the house of storm-blowing Zephyros the West Wind were taking part in a feast, and Iris paused in her running and stood on the stone doorsill; but they, when their eyes saw her, sprang to their feet, and each one asked her to sit beside them.

But she refused to be seated and spoke the word to them: I am going back to the running waters of Okeanos Oceanus and the Aithiopians' Ethiopians' land, where they are making grand sacrifice to the immortals; there I, too, shall partake of the sacraments.

But Akhilleus' prayer is that Boreas and blustering Zephyros may come to him, and he promises them splendid offerings, so that you may set ablaze the funeral pyre, whereon lies Patroklos Patrocluswith all Akhaians Achaeans mourning about him. She found Thetis inside the hollow of her cave. Iris the swift-foot came close beside her and spoke to her: Zeus whose purposes are infinite calls you.

She [Thetis then] went on her way [to Olympos], and in front of her rapid wind-footed Iris guided her, and the wave of the water opened about them. They stepped out on dry land and swept to the sky. The messenger of Zeus stood beside Priamos and spoke to him in a small voice, and yet the shivers took hold of his body: I come to you not eyeing you with evil intention but with the purpose of good toward you.

I am a messenger of Zeus, who far away cares much for you and is pitiful. The Olympian orders you to. Evelyn-White Greek epic C8th or 7th B. And Iris heard, and swift she darted, through cloud-billows plunging down--thou hadst said: Him found she therewithin with wife and twelve sons; and she told to him Athena's purpose toward the homeward-bound Akhaians Achaeans.

He denied her not [and released his storm winds]. Unseen by any, the virginal Iris speeds to earth, sliding along the curve of a rainbow of many colours. She observes the vast assembly, and then, scanning the shore, sees the deserted harbour, the ships left unattended. But, by themselves, at a distance, upon a lonely beach the Trojan women lamented. Iris, who was an expert at trouble-making, put off now her heavenly mien and raiment, went quickly amongst them and joined the group of Trojan matrons, transformed into the likeness of Beroe: But now, spreading her wings, the goddess took off from earth, describing a rainbow arc under the clouds as she flew.

Then indeed, amazed at the miracle, driven by a frenzy, all crying out. Rose-lipped Iris, daughter of Thaumas, thus addressed him: Turnus recognised her divinity, raised his two hands heavenwards, and sent these words after the fleeting goddess: Near the Cimmerii a cavern lies deep in the hollow of a mountainside, the home and sanctuary of lazy Somnus [Hypnos]. There Iris entered, brushing the Somnia Dreams [Oneiro] aside, and the bright sudden radiance of her robe lit up the hallowed place; slowly the god his heavy eyelids raised, and sinking back time after time, his languid drooping head nodding upon his chest, at last he shook himself out of himself, and leaning up he recognized her and asked why she came, and she replied: So Juno [Hera] orders.

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The old god chose Morpheus to undertake Thaumantias' [Iris'] commands. Obedient to command, the bright goddess leaves the pole and wings her way down her long arc to earth [to the halls of Somnus-Hypnos the god of sleep].

Hither from the blue sky came in balanced flight the varicoloured maid [Iris the rainbow]; the forests shine out, and the shady glens smile upon the goddess, and smitten with her zones of radiance the palace starts from its sleep; but he himself, awoken neither by the bright glow nor by the sound or voice of the goddess, lay motionless as ever, till the Thaumantian [Iris] shot at him all her splendours and sank deep into his drowsy vision.

Then thus began to speak the golden fashioner of clouds: Grant so solemn a request--rarely is this opportunity vouchsafed, to win the favour of Jove [Zeus] with Juno [Hera] on thy side. She called Iris then, and coaxed her with friendly words: Hasten with stormshod foot to the home of gloomy Hypnos in the west.

Seek also about seagirt Lemnos, and if you find him tell him to charm the eyes of Zeus uncharmable for one day, that I may help the Indians. But change your shape, take the ugly form of Hypnos' mother the blackgirdled goddess Nyx Night ; take a false name and become darkness. Promise him Pasithea for his bride, and let him do my need from desire of her beauty. I need not tell you that one lovesick will do anything for hope.

She found him on the slopes of nuptial Orkhomenos Orchomenus. Then Iris changed her shape, and all unseen she put on the look of dark Nyx unrecognisable. Iris begged him to fasten Kronion with slumber for the course of one day only. Then goddess Iris returned flying at speed and hastened to deliver her welcome message to her queen. Iris obeyed and gliding down to earth along her many-coloured bow addressed Hersilie in the words prescribed; and she in awe and reverence would hardly raise her eyes.

Quickly she reached the hill of Romulus with Thaumantea [Iris]. There a star from heaven dropped gliding to the ground and by its glow set the queen's hair ablaze, and with the star Hersilie ascended to the sky. She paddled her way with windswift beat of wings, and entered the echoing den of stabled lions.

Noisless her step she stayed, in silence voiceless pressed her lips, a slave before the forest queen. Rheia unsmiling beckoned, and the Korybantes Corybantes served her beside the bowl of the divine table. Wondering she drank a sop of the newfound wine, delighted and excited; then with heavy head the spirit told the will of Zeus to the son of Zeus: Your father bids you destroy the race of Indians, untaught of piety.

Come, lift the thyrsus of battle in your hands, and earnheaven by your deeds. For the immortal court of Zeus will not receive you without hard work, and the Horai Horae, Seasons will not open the gates of Olympos to you unless you have struggled for the prize. Hermeias Hermes hardly could win his way to heaven, and only when he had killed with his rod Argos the cowherd, sparkling with eyes from his feet to the hair of his head, and when he had set Ares free from prison [captured in a jar by the Aloidai Aloadae ].

Apollon mastered Delphyne [Python], and then he came to live in the sky. Even your own father, chief of the Blessed, Zeus Lord in the Highest, did not rise to heaven without hard work, he the sovereign of the stars: You also do your work, after Apollon, after Hermaon Hermesand your prize for your labours will be a home in your father's heaven.

Still resentful of your divine birth, she sent her messenger Iris on an evil errand, mingling treacherous persuasion with craft, to bewitch you and deceive your mind; and she gave her an impious poleaxe, that she might hand it to the king of Arabia, Lykourgos LycurgusDryas' son.

The goddess made no delay. She assumed a false pretended shape of Ares, and borrowed a face like his. She threw off her embroidered saffron robes, and put on her head a helmet with nodding plume, donned a delusive corselet, as the mother of battle, a corselet stained with blood, and sent froth from her grim countenance, like a man, battlestirring menaces, all delusion.

Then with fluent speech she mimicked the voice of Enyalios [Ares]: And Iris, by Hera's command, put the winged shoe on her feet, and holding a rod like Hermes the messenger of Zeus, flew up to warn of what was coming. To Bakkhos Bacchus in corselet of bronze she spoke deceitful words: Aristophanes, Birds trans.

O'Neill Greek comedy C5th to 4th B. First of all, Nike Victory flies with golden wings, Eros Love is undoubtedly winged too, and Iris is compared by Homer to a timorous dove.

Scan all sides with your glance. The Machine brings in Iris Goddess of the Rainbowin the form of a young girl. She pauses in her flight.

Who are you and from what country? You must say whence you come. I come from the abode of the Olympian gods. What's your name, ship or head-dress? I am swift Iris.

beyond the deep blue earth we shall meet goddess

What do you mean? Let a buzzard rush at her and seize her. But what do all these insults mean? I do not understand it. By which gate did you pass through the wal [of the city of the birds]l, wretched woman? Why, great gods, I don't know. You hear how she holds us in derision.

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Did you present yourself to the officers in command of the jays? Have you a permit, bearing the seal of the storks? Did you get one? No head-bird gave you a safe-conduct? A safe-conduct to me.

And what other roads can the gods travel?