Wvraa meet 2015 results pebble

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wvraa meet 2015 results pebble

it was a result of the miscommunication between the natives and the .. of white sand beaches with shiny, tiny and white washout pebbles. Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association Meet, Iloilo City, Philippines. K likes. This is the Official Facebook Page of the Western Visayas. The Palarong Pambansa was the 58th edition of the annual Provincial Governor Rodolfo P. Del Rosario celebrated the result by assuring the . WVRAA, Western Visayas Regional Athletic Association, Region VI or Western Visayas .. "DavNor Best Palaro Ever," "Till We Meet Again," and "Maraming salamat po!".

There was also a significant increase of police and military presence in all venues and billeting centers. A province-wide suspension of validity of permit to carry firearms outside of residence gun ban was also enforced by the Philippine National Police through a Sangguniang Panlalawigan resolution from 30 April until 15 May to ensure that no gun-related violence or crime will be committed during the conduct of the games.

According to Senior Police Superintendent Samuel Gadingan, the gun ban will boost security during the games. Duterte also assured the visiting delegates that they will safe against terrorist attacks, while he called for insurgent groups such as the New People's Army and other armed groups not to create trouble during the games. Delegates can also rent additional vehicles if necessary, for an extra fee.

Within the city, commuter tricycles and short-haul jeepneys provide quick and easy transportation between points of destination. Some tricycles even had built-in WiFi routers and wireless internet so that the athletes and coaches who will ride in their tricycles can still connect to the internet, without additional cost to their fare. During the war, it was razed to the ground with all its houses and cottages.

It was subsequently used as camp site of American forces during the American Liberation. After the war, the foreign members and golfers regrouped and reorganized the club, renaming it as the Iloilo Golf and Country Club where it is presently located with its white and green rustic club house. Its original 9 holes were expanded to an hole course which since then earned a distinction as one of the best in the country.

Cadagmayan Norte Camp site, hectare camp site with rolling hills and lush vegetation. This camp site was the venue of the Boy Scouts National Jamboree in Its rolling hills and verdant fields fringed with tall ipil-ipil and other trees, coupled with abundant underground springs made it the most suitable site for a national jamboree. Pavia is next famous for their church with its red-brick facade. Pavia was founded as an independent parish in but the church made of bricks and wood was built between and by Fr.

It was only between and when it was fully completed by Fr. Lazaro Ramirez and officially opened for public worship. During the war, the church was used as a garrison by the Japanese causing the guerillas to conduct occasional raids on it which pockmarked and defaced its walls. The convent was destroyed and never rebuilt.

Leganes is a town nearer to the city just 20 minutes from Iloilo City. First stopover is the Neo-Classical church of Leganes with its white-stucco facade. Every year, this church of St. Vincent Ferrer is being flocked by pilgrims from near and far just to fulfill their vow to the patron saint of Leganes.

This church was reconstructed by Msgr. Menelao Braganza with its nave and two aisles following the Doric architecture. After Leganes is Dumangas passing through the towns of Zarraga and Barotac Nuevo with another red brick church. This church is considered as one if not the oldest of the churches in Panay. In fact, Dumangas earned the distinction of being the first town to have received the faith and the first to have a chapel built. The Augustinians who accompanied the first Spanish expeditions to prevent any harm to be done to the natives, landed first in Dumangas, formerly named Jalaud, where they built the first chapel.

The old church made mostly of bricks was constructed in but time and wars caused severe damages to it.

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Another attraction in Dumangas is in Barangay Ermita and into the Lacaran beach and upon reaching the shores, one can see from the distance bulges of islands in the midst of the sea which are called Siete Pecados and one can notice a gleaming speck on top of a smaller island called Roca Encantada.

Next town is Barotac Nuevo, the football capital of the Philippines with a national football training complex built there. Barotac Nuevo is called the football capital of the Philippines because almost all people there loves to play football because football for them is life.

They already produced national players, coaches and they even exported players to other football clubs in Europe and coaches to other Asian countries. Another point of interest in Barotac Nuevo is the Lamintao beach where viewing the vast expanse of the beach from a vantage point, one can be convinced that the place is really ideal for picnic and camping with its grounds covered by creeping grasses and shaded by uniformly grown coconut trees.

Its clear, dark-blue waters were gentle as they reached the sandy shore. Salihid cave can be reached by ascending a winding and rocky trail bordered by tall reeds and cogon grasses under the tall shady trees and fronting above the verdant hills and plains.

Salihid Shrine is confined in the cave of Mt. Occasionally, a priest holds a mass there but the most crowded days are those during the Holy Week when a flock of devotees congregate there for a pilgrimage.

This cave is neat and pleasant-looking, not eerie or weird, for it is well-maintained and cared of because of the frequent visitors to this place. In fact, this cave looks more of a grotto than a cave. What makes the environment comforting to see is the lush vegetation surrounding the whole mountain of Salihid. Next town is Banate where a historical landmark can be found at Barangay Carmelo with a rectangular shaped concrete monument thats serves as a marker.

This historical landmark marking the spot used as a hiding place of the Spanish authorities from the marauding Moros during the Spanish regime and was formerly called the Spanish bailiwick. Barotac Viejo is a town famous for its Nagpana Falls with its great waterfall cascading radiantly in all its splendor.

Moving closer to the edge of the falls, notice that the site is elevated and one can see the beautiful scenery below, the vast verdant plains, the rice terraces, the round hilltops of the surrounding hills, and the winding streams and creeks. In the innermost portion of the virgin forest around this falls are abundant wildlife.

Thus, it is an ideal hunting ground. Near this place is the settlement area of the Aetas who learned to improve their way of living with the presence of the elementary school constructed there.

The beach is tree studded with beautiful rocks, colored stones and peebles scattered along the lengthy stretch of the beach. Colored peebles and stone are even plentiful under the water. Just a few kilometers away from Barotac Viejo is the Camp Higher Ground where one can see from afar the island of Negros particularly the town of Victorias.

One can also stroll along the sloping, grass-covered grounds shaded by thickly grown mahogany, ipil-ipil, and pine trees which totally hid the spacious building standing at the center of the site. This place is the favorite venue for seminars, retreats, conferences or excursions. In fact, this building here houses the participants to various seminars and training programs of the government agencies, private entities and religious organizations. After Banate, the next town is Ajuy where a very relaxing resort called Hilltop will allow anyone to see the islets between Negros and Iloilo.

Dangulan Camping Hill can also be found in this town where you can stroll along its shaded, grass-covered grounds and is suitable for picnics, excursions, camping and jamboree with its location overlooking the scenic view of the sea beyond.

wvraa meet 2015 results pebble

Santa Ana Waterfall is the favorite bathing place of excursionists from the town proper and the neighboring barangays. What is distinct in this waterfall is its cute natural basin which invites even the little children to swim without endangering them to be drowned. The small cave beside it serves as a shelter for the farmers and strangers who are unluckily caught by sudden downpour. It is also a place where picnickers cook and eat their meas after swimming at the pool.

Negros Occidental wins majority of events in WVRAA meet

Darangkulan Waterfall is a secluded spot surrounded by tall trees where a waterfall is found on its rock walls. It can be reached only by a long, winding rocky trail. This fall is located at the foot of Mount Manyakis, the highest peak in the town of Ajuy. The place is exceedingly cool and relaxing. The smooth and flat boulders bulging around the rim of the falls are used as seats by the bystanders who would be contented of watching only the swimmers enjoying their swim.

Another attraction in Ajuy is the noted Dumingding Cave. Following the path towards the interior, one can find a small stream gently flowing from the inner portion which came from a spring beneath the rocky walls. Though the interior of the cave is not totally pitch dark because of the sun's rays streaking partially inside its mouth. Calabasa Island is a government-owned island in Ajuy but only a few people benefited from it.

wvraa meet 2015 results pebble

This island has a great potential as a tourist attraction if it is converted as a beach resort. On the depths around this island is a vast underwater playground for scuba divers and marine sports enthusiasts.

Following a winding, ascending, rocky trailone can plod to a grassy plain at the upper portion of the island. This part of the island is suitable as playground for any athletic game. Only meters away from Calabasa Island is Nasidman Island another famed island ideal as potential beach resort. It's most distinctive feature is its immaculately clean waters and shore.

Reaching the topmost portion of island, they viewed the whole area which they felt is ideal for relaxation and meditation. Punta Buri is 6 nautical miles from the town proper of Ajuy. One can take the winding, ascending trail after disembarking from the pumbboats to reach the topmost portion of the island. This area is frequented by picnickers and excursionists for their day and night swimming.

Tagubanhan Island is the biggest and farthest island of Ajuy.

Ocean Breeze: April

The island is composed of two barangays. This Barangay Tagubanhan is the larger portion of the two. The smaller, eastern portion is called Bagongon. This portion is a part of Ajuy while the other one is a part of the town of Concepcion. The whole stretch of the beach surrounding the island is covered mostly by white sands while the depths of the sea are the best side for scuba diving.

The town next to Ajuy is Concepcion. Igbon Island in Concepcion has a long stretch of white sand beach. A lighthouse can be found in the nearby island and was erected to guide fishing boats and other shipping vessels in order to avoid any mishaps or accident. This island is part of the cluster of islands serving as protective cover of fishing boats and other vessels which were caught offshore by a raging typhoon.

This group includes the big islands of Malangabang and Botlog and smaller other islands. The water system or irrigation gives a lot of help and improve the lives of the people in the town. During the old days, the town was known by the name "Katigbawan" mountain of the tigbao grass which became Tigbauan today.

The town is well known before because of the tall grasses growing thickly which was called "tigbao" o tambo with a scientific term, "Acanthus ebracteatus.

Long time ago, according to the old folks, the most common practice of people is to cut tigbao grasses which they use as fuel and its leaves is made into broomsticks.

wvraa meet 2015 results pebble

During those times, there is a young man cutting some "tigbao" and he has a boyfriend who brought him food at noon time. One afternoon the lovers walked together home when they meet a Spaniard.

The Spaniard asked about the name of the place.

wvraa meet 2015 results pebble

They could not understand what the Spaniard is saying so they keep silent.