Mcsl b meet results for gymnastics

Local Maryland Girl Phoebe Bacon One of the Youngest Swimmers at Olympic Trials – ReachForTheWall

mcsl b meet results for gymnastics

Swimming results and stories from clubs and leagues in the Metro During the year, swimmers compete at major swim meets across the U.S. and to go Up to now, she has not been running or working out at a gym, but MCSL – A meet update week 1 · Prince William Swim League: Week 1 Updates →. Reps coordinate the Saturday MCSL meets, the “B” Reps coordinate the Wednesday evening Gymnastics Coach and a State Level Gymnastics Judge. . up will result in a swimmer not being able to swim in the “B” meet. meet art irena b meet in the street meet the . big 8 conference meet results swap meet in san diego georgia state gymnastics meet results meet halfway.

Phoebe said her top goal is to make it to semi-finals. But other than training in long-course swimming pools, she has not been doing anything special to prepare.

mcsl b meet results for gymnastics

Phoebe said she has been swimming since she was three years old, a fact her mother confirmed by adding that at age three, Phoebe was swimming the butterfly. What really makes Phoebe such a talented swimmer is her love for the sport, the fun she has with it and maybe most important, the friends she has made along the way. Repeatedly Phoebe brought up her friends, coaches and teammates cheering her on as making all the difference.

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Phoebe told me she was terrified at the meet where she was trying to make the cut for Olympic Trials. Phoebe said she first started thinking about making a cut last summer, when she noticed her backstroke times were getting close. Unlike most swimming pools, which are 25 meters long, Olympians swim in double-length swimming pools, which are 50 meters long.

All her family is coming out, including cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. And how many calories a day does it take to keep up with that kind of workout? Her favorite food is ice-cream. Her coach recommends foods she should or should not eat, especially close to a race.

MCSL Division Championship Weekend

During meets, Phoebe said she brings snacks, mostly protein bars or crackers, but nothing big or heavy. Her favorite subjects are science and math.

mcsl b meet results for gymnastics

For fun, besides swimming, Phoebe likes to play other sports like hockey, soccer and basketball. Damascus went and finished 2nd in the division relay meet. However, King Farm fought their way back by winning the division championship meet and getting help from the rest of the division as Damascus placed 5th. So despite losing 2 dual meets and finishing 4th at relay carnival, King Farm gets a share of the division title! Damascus and King Farm will be together again in Division D in Clarksburg Village ran away with the division title, going in dual meets, and winning the division relay and championship meets.

Runner-up Robin Hood put up a good fight at the division championship meet, coming up Clarksburg Village moves up to Division C next year as the 2 seed. While Palisades was able to win each dual meet this season, Little Falls was victorious in both the division relay and championship meets.

Palisades and Little Falls will be the top 2 seeds in Division F next year. Bannockburn took the division title by going in dual meets and winning the division championship. Their 4th place hiccup at the division relay meet gave hope to Manchester Farm and Old Farm, but Bannockburn prevailed. Manchester Farm finished second, followed by Old Farm. Going in the dual meets and winning the division relay and championship meets, Forest Knolls never looked back. Lakelands and Glenmont battled for 2nd, with Lakelands edging out the Gators out in the division championship meet.

Local Maryland Girl Phoebe Bacon One of the Youngest Swimmers at Olympic Trials

Manor Woods will take home the division title on the strength of their dual meet record, but Potomac gave them a good scare by tying for 1st in the division relay carnival and winning the championship meet. Potomac mustered only two wins during the dual meets, but put together great performances for the division championship meets.

Poolesville and Calverton both finished with 4 dual meet wins, but Calverton gave the division title to Poolsville by coming in 4th in both the division relay and championship meets. Although Whetstone and Seven Locks were boththey tied for 2nd overall because Whetstone won the relay meet and placed 3rd at the division championship, and Seven Locks finished 3rd at the relay meet and 2nd at the division championship.

With a dual meet record and winning the division relay meet, Eldwick were too far ahead for any other team to take the title. Kudos to Norbeck Hill for a stellar division championship meet! There was parity in this division with the top two teams winning 3 dual meets and the third place team winning 4 dual meets!

The division relay and championship meets determined the victor, with Washingtonian Woods capturing 2nd at the relay meet and 1st at the division championship.