Surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

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surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

The VHS tape was added in the "Meet The Medic" Crossover DLC. http:// <. A TF2-related achievement in Surgeon Simulator, which references Meet the Medic. Surgeon Simulator is a game about performing. Some help on how to get the achievements of Surgeon Simulator This is quite a tricky one, but if you've seen 'Meet the Medic' video.

Also cut the stomach off where it connects to the oesophagus. Pull everything out, and you see a liver. You need to poke it and grab it a bit, so it starts making squish noises and flops around. It should come loose with a bit of that. Then cut the kidneys off at the yellow pipe and replace them. Perform kindey surgery in under 2 minutes 50 seconds.

Kinda hard with that liver in the way, but you can remove it if you have time, or try and flip the kindey out with the knife. Definately use the kindey handle knife for this, dont throw it. Perform the kidney surgery losing less than ml of blood to ml.

surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

Not too hard, just dont cut the ribs at all, and be careful with the knife. Use the kidney handle knife again. Angle the knife so you can see where you are cutting. Perform kidney surgery in an ambulance. Seems hard at first, but actually a bit easier, as the kindeys fly out when you cut them, so the liver dosnt get in the way.

Perform ambulance kidney surgery in under 3 minutes. Not too hard, requires some practice though. Perform ambulance kidney surgery losing less than ml of blood to ml. Kinda hard too, just try and use that kindey handle knife. Again, comes with practice. Shh I Doctor Now: Calm Bob despite him being under anesthetics.

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Press A, W, E and Space, so you only have your index 4th from left showing, then put it over the patients mask and wiggle around a bit. Show how much you hate Bob for having all these problems by giving him the middle finger. Press A, W, R and Space so the middle finger remains 3rd from leftthen turn the hand so you're not swearing at yourself, but at Bob. Wiggle around a bit. Nigels ears are messed up and that surgery music you hear is death metal in his ears, show your appreciation of metal with a finger gesture.

Press W, E and Space so only the little 1st from left and index 4th from left are showing. Then hold right click and move your hand up and down. Tell the ribs they arent about to be smashed with a hammer by pinky swearing. Press, W, E, R and Space so only the little 1st from left finger remains.

Then touch the ribcage. Perform a surgery whilst electrocuted. To electrocute yourself, grab somthing metal, like a scalpal or somthing, then jab it into the sockets.

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This will reverse your controls. Do this within 10 seconds and do a surgery. I reccomend the brain, since its easiest. This will be quite confusing, and youll find yourself reverse controlling even after you do it! Perform a surgery whilst drugged. This will make you hallucinate. Youll see a green and purple version of the screen, and sounds sound slowed. Do this in 10 seconds, then do a surgery. I reccomend brain surgery again. Not as hard as electrocution, but as advice I would look at the green version of yourself only.

If you want to reverse this, inject yourself with the blue needle. I Immediately Regret This Decision: Electrocute and drug yourself at the same time. I reccomend drugging first.

You dont have to complete a surgery to get this achievement. Do the same as above, but complete surgery. Do these 2 things in 20 seconds, then do surgery. This is VERY confusing, but there is no time limit, so take your time.

Surgeon Simulator 2013

Lose all the organs in the ambulance heart surgery out the back of the ambulance. When this happens, throw the lungs, stomach, liver, damaged heart but NOT the oesophagus tube out.

Looks pretty hilarious when you see them go on the road. Poor drivers get a lung to the windscreen. Achievements 2 What Have I Done??: Be really bad at surgery and kill the patient in 15 seconds.

The easiest way to do this is go on the brain surgery, grab the drill, then lodge it drill-bit first into his skull. Instant death, looks pretty cool as blood splatters everywhere on the death screen. Use the hammer to loose a total of 50, blood. This is about surgeries of you murdering Bob with only a hammer. Keep every tool in the ambulance on a surgery.

I did this without realising, not that hard. If its really hard for you, try put the common tools that fall out the back of the van into the cupboard at the left, where the oxygen tank is. On the heart transplant, remove the ribcage entirely. Use the circular saw, cut the ribs quite close to the edge of his body, and take out the ribs.

I felt like a real idiot not knowing how to do this. This CAN be done on the Heavy in the TF2 update, and it appears to be the easiest way, by hitting the middle of the Heavys chest with the wrench. Complete all surgeries including the secret one at the end. You may be able to unlock this by only doing the TF2 mission, but this could be a bug. My first was the kindey ambulance. Best Surgeon In The World: Not my endgame achivement, but its supposed to be I guess.

You feel pro getting this! Also, if it does not come up for you, try doing the TF2 mission as well. Like A Wet Paper Towel: I got confused with this one. Its actually really easy. Grab the new heart on the heart surgery, then throw it LEFT off the table. I'm Sure He'll Live: Not as hard as you think.

Complete a surgery with less than 10ml of blood. Keep prodding him so he dosnt start losing blood, but blood level goes down. Then when below 10, throw the transplant in! Throw everything on the floor on the brain transplant. I see people confused on this one. And throw them on the ground. Try not to spill those tounge depressors everywhere. A time lord has 2 hearts. Throw the new heart in while the damaged heart in still in the body, attached without cutting the arteries.

surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

The Beat Of Your Heart: Make Bob the new Soundwave, instead of replacing his heart with the donors heart, replace it with the radio. Complete a surgery using only the laser. The brain is the easiest.

surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

It dosnt matter if you drop the laser, just dont pick anything else up except the brains. Try not to laser the brain, or he will loose lots of blood very quickly, and the needle may not save him in time. Additionally, picking up the needle results in loss of the achievement.

While in main menu, wait for the phone to ring. Instead of punching it off the table, pick it up and listen to Nigels friends complain about his costume, his dad washing his bloodied jeans, his landlord complaining about his bloodied boots. Draw on the notepad using a pen. If you want to draw stuff better, try getting the pen in a downwards position. Go For The Optics!: Grab the laser on the brain transplant, and laser his eyes.

Takes a bit of moving around on both eyes. Complete all operations, youll get some floppy disks. Insert the black '??? This is the 'secret' mission. Completely ruin the ribs. Grab hammer, smash everything, right to their little nubs of bone. Get the large intestine and put it around Bobs neck to give him a fashion sense. Takes a bit of wiggling it around. Successfully use the VHS tape. Take the tape of the very right of the menu screen and push it into the slot, like a floppy disk.

Let's Go Practice Medicine: Perform an uber heart transplant. This is quite a tricky one, but if you've seen 'Meet the Medic' video, you'll have an idea of what to do.

surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

To do this, rip open the ribcage, take out lungs and liver, cut arteries with the small knives, take out the heart and throw it away.

Then open the fridge at the back right an update made the fridge harder to open. You have to grab the handle and pull it left, and the fridge door comes loose. Place it on the table to the right, where there is a little metal thing with wires and 3 prongs. Stick that into the heart, so you can pick the heart up by grabbing the metal thing. Then, go to the joystick, and aim the health ray somwhere where you can reach.

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After a bit, the screen with go saturated a bit, and the medic will say something. Now put the heart into the chest cavity, and aim the health ray - using the joystick - at the chest cavity, pull it down to make it go up so it glows, and the skin heals back.

After the skin heals back, you are done! When you have cut the old heart loose, stick the metal thing into that heart, and put it under the health ray.

You can also use the Loch Ness Hamster heart in the fridge. Hit Archimedes with a heart. Take the old heart, or one from the fridge, and hit Archimedes, the bird, who is directly at the back centre. You will have to throw it, but it is and easy target.

Release the heart facing upwards, to give it direction, and let go as soon as you reach the boundry, where the hand cannot go any further. Perform an uber heart transplant losing less than ml of blood to ml. Not that much harder than the normal. The key is not to make him loose blood. Also be careful with the knife when cutting arteries, try not to hit anything other than them. Also ensure no wild tools bash into him, like the bat, or he will loose blood. Perform an uber heart transplant in under 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Again, not much harder than the first. The main time waster is the end, healing the skin back. You need to aim the ray as close to the centre as possible, then leave the joystick so it stays there.

A lot of speed runs come with practice.

surgeon simulator 2013 meet the medic achievements

This way, you dont have to spend time aiming the ray as much. Only triggers under 1 minute 40 seconds. One With The Speed Bumps Perform a heart transplant in an ambulance losing less than ml of blood. You've Got To Be Kid'n'ey! Perform a double kidney transplant. The name is a portmanteau of "Don't test my patience" and "intestine". Performance Anxiety Perform a double kidney transplant losing less than ml of blood. Perform a brain transplant in under 1 minute.

Sweet Blasphemy Perform a brain transplant losing less than ml of blood.

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance. Brainstorm Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance in under 1 minute 15 seconds. Nigel You Bloody Hero Perform a brain transplant in an ambulance losing less than ml of blood. Shh I Doctor Now Calm your patient.

"Meet The Medic" Crossover DLC

Then move your finger over to the mouth of the patient Flippin' The Bird Show the patient your disdain. To trigger this achievement, simply hold A,W, R, and Space in front of the patient Surgery Horns Express your appreciation of the metal. Pinky Swear Make a promise with the ribcage. Surgetricity Complete a procedure after being electrocuted. Must be electrocuted within 10 secs Performance Enhancer? Complete a procedure after being drugged.

Complete a procedure after being drugged and electrocuted.