Finbilscruisingen power meet 2013 spike

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finbilscruisingen power meet 2013 spike

While the line between the straight-up post-apocalyptic movie and the “last man on earth” sub-genre can be hard to discern, these are the films. Stefan Söderblom drog ner sin Cuda cab med kompressormatad/injekterad Hemi motor från Gävle till årets Big Meet! Garanterat fränaste motorljudet!. Twenty years in the past, Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr meet young . A young mutant woman whose power causes her to temporarily take on the . Spike (played by Lance Gibson), a mutant who battles Wolverine in the forest by .. chronologically after The Last Stand was The Wolverine, released in

A digital double was used only for stunts that could not be achieved practically, such as the Fastball Special where Colossus throws Wolverine.

The writers considered Dane's performance memorable despite being featured in only two scenes. Various characters were included at the suggestion of editor Mark Helfrichwho brought Marvel's X-Men Encyclopedia to director Brett Ratner, searching for mutants who could make appearance.

Mark Helfrich portrays an unnamed mutant with ash-gray skin. These include Phata mutant that is a very large man who can slim down to fit in a smaller space played by two actors, Via Saleaumua — "large mode" — and Richard Yee — "small mode" ; [28] Spike played by Lance Gibsona mutant who battles Wolverine in the forest by extruding bony spikes from his flesh — the character was added because the editing team felt that the original cut of the scene portrayed Logan as a cold-blooded killer, which could be changed if another mutant attacked Wolverine before he struck the Brotherhood [33] and Glob Herman played by Clayton Dean Watmougha mutant with transparent skin.

Olivia Williams portrays Moira MacTaggert. Many fans believed this was Toad however, the credits list him as lizard man and Brett Ratner confirmed it was Anole. Avalanche and Vanisher also appear; however, it is not known who portrayed them.

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Production[ edit ] Matthew Vaughn leftwho would later direct X-Men: First Classwas Fox's first choice to replace Bryan Singer.

Development[ edit ] Bryan Singerthe director of the first two X-Men films, left the project in July in favor of developing Superman Returns. The treatment focused on Jean Grey's resurrection, [38] which would also introduce the villainness Emma Frosta role intended for Sigourney Weaver.

Overwhelmed by her powers, Jean kills herself, but Jean's spirit survives and becomes a god-like creature, which Dougherty compared to the star child in A Space Odyssey. In Februarywith still no director hired, Fox announced a May 5,release date, with filming to start in July in Vancouver. Brett Ratnerwho was previously considered to direct X-Men inreplaced Vaughn during pre-production.

Flyby for Warner Bros. X2 co-writer Zak Penn was separately working on his own draft, and the two joined forces for a combined screenplay in January Kinberg wanted " The Dark Phoenix Saga " to be the emotional plot of the film, while " Gifted " would serve as the political focus.

This incomplete draft was leaked to Ain't It Cool Newswho proceeded to write a negative review. Still the disputes made them not add much for Jean Grey to do in most of the film's second half, as the executives considered the tone of the Phoenix story too dark for a mainstream summer movie, and that its appeal would be limited to hardcore fans rather than a general audience.

It's a harder character to relate to for the audience. The studio considered killing him off-screen with a dialogue reference, but Kinberg and Penn insisted that Jean kill him, emphasizing their relationship.

finbilscruisingen power meet 2013 spike

The Wrath of Khanas Fox felt the script called for a dramatic turning point. Kinberg and Penn were originally cautious, but grew to like the idea of killing off Xavier. They decided to write a post-credits scene suggesting the character's return for a sequel. Wolverinelimitations were set on which mutants could be used for cameo appearances in X-Men 3 in an attempt to avoid risking character development for Wolverine. The part of Nightcrawler was so minimal, however, that the studio felt it was not worthwhile to go through the long and costly makeup process, and the character was cut.

It also felt like he might tread a little bit on the terrain of Beast, in terms of similarities in the characters and their political standpoints in terms of dealing with their mutancy. Afterwards came a scene in the Danger Roomwhich was considered for the previous X-Men films but never included for budget and writing concerns. The writers tried to make the simulation not feel extraneous by showcasing some of the character conflicts and abilities in a " Days of Future Past "-inspired battle with a Sentinel.

Another repurposed scene was Magneto attacking the convoy to free Mystique, Madrox and Juggernaut, which Penn had previously envisioned for X2. Kinberg agreed, as he previously argued with Penn about "blowing so many things early in the movie". The Last Stand began shooting in August and wrapped in January Much of the film was shot at Vancouver Film Studiosthe same location of X2.

The editing team was led by Mark Helfrich, who had edited all of Ratner's films, assisted by Mark Goldblatt in the action scenes and Julia Wong with effects-heavy footage.

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Equestria Girls — Legend of Everfree. Spike — In the Equestria Girls series, Spike the baby dragon is depicted as a dog with the ability to speak. Similar to Twilight, the character's Friendship Is Magic incarnation appears in the first two lineups, masquerading as a speechless animal.

His alternate universe counterpart included in the Friendship Games lineup is "Sci-Twi's" ordinary pet dog who gains his speaking ability from Equestrian magic. Applejack — A Canterlot High student who works on her family's farm.

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Fluttershy — Fluttershy's alternate universe counterpart is a Canterlot High student who is a volunteer worker at the local animal shelter. She is the first alternate version of the Mane Six that Princess Twilight encounters in the first film. Pinkie Pie — An eccentric and friendly Canterlot High student.

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Principal Celestia — The principal of Canterlot High. Like her counterpart from Equestria, she is Celestia's younger sister. The Equestria Girls counterparts of the minor, supporting and background characters in Friendship Is Magic television series which some of them are popularized by the new My Little Pony fandom also make appearances in the films and shorts.

The counterparts of Friendship Is Magic characters which had their toys released but did not make appearance in any of tie-in media include Queen Chrysalis, Sapphire Shores and Zecora. Original characters[ edit ] Sunset Shimmer — Introduced in the first lineup, Sunset is a unicorn from Equestria who resides in the alternative universe as a student at Canterlot High.

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In the films, the character is depicted to be a renegade student of Princess Celestia's who was once corrupted but is later reformed. She is the main antagonist of the first film, where she is the school bully of Canterlot High School. She briefly returns to Equestria through an enchanted mirror portal to steal the Element of Magic, prompting Twilight and Spike to follow her into the human world.

finbilscruisingen power meet 2013 spike

Twilight manages to defeat her alongside the human counterparts of her Equestria friends, Sunset befriends them. The second film Rainbow Rocks focuses on her efforts to redeem herself and fit in among the student body.

Although doubtful due to the manipulations of the Dazzlings, Sunset finally puts her past behind her and completes her redemption. In the third film Friendship Gamesshe is now the protagonist, and she helps to save Twilight's own counterpart from magical corruption. She is the followup guitarist and backup singer of the Rainbooms.

Sunset did not become a main character until the second draft of the script for the Rainbow Rocks film. The character appears in all Equestria Girls films, being depicted as Sunset Shimmer's ex-boyfriend who takes a romantic interest in Twilight Sparkle. His counterpart in Equestria, a royal pegasus guard at the Crystal Empire, also appears in the first film, and has brief appearances in Friendship Is Magic.

Both versions are voiced by Vincent Tong in all appearances. The Dazzlings — The Dazzlings are a "villainous band" of sirens introduced in the Rainbow Rocks lineup. In the Rainbow Rocks film, the trio serves as the antagonists, being banished from Equestria and aiming to control the residents of the parallel world through their enchanted singing.