Far western swim meet 2013 time standards for ymca

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far western swim meet 2013 time standards for ymca

In that time, in addition to scoring at the major domestic meets, York Y swimmers have The York Y was named a Gold Medal Club in both and He has been named the Coach of the Meet at the YMCA National 10 rankings, thirty-plus YMCA national titles, scores of Far Western and Zone. The Long Course YMCA National Championships opened with the yards time, Josh Cohen of FanwoodScotch finished runner up in Swimming World TV Streaming Finals LIVE at Far Western LC Championships YMCA Summer National Championships - Meet Coverage. Aquajet Swim Team. It is vital that you be prepared to volunteer your time. . meets, registration information, time standards, meet results, helpful tips for parents, .. The Tri-State Swim League consists of teams from Nebraska, western Iowa, . Understand this: All athletic performance is far too fast and complicated for the.

On Deck Parents App We learned that the On Deck App was temporarily unavailable at the iTunes Store because there was an issue with the latest release and TeamUnify has corrected the issue, but Apple had not yet posted the new version. TeamUnify notified us this morning that it is back in the App Store. They apologize for the inconvenience.

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Practice this weekend is as scheduled. Please consult our website for practice times. Summer schedule will start on June 24th.

Please read the information on the link below today's news. As you know, strength and flexibility are vital not only to speed and endurance, but also to maintain health and avoid injury. I learned how to swim before I could walk and at one point in my life I could swim faster than I could run. I swam on a club from the age of while also swimming on the varsity team at Greenway High School.

Meadville YMCA Swim Team

In addition, I was captain on the team for all 4 years. Specializing in sprinting I went to state all 4 years of high school in all 4 events. I broke many school records including relays and individual events. I began coaching swimmers at the age of 14 and have loved every second of it. I give tennis lessons to children and adults as well. I live close to Verrado High School so you will most likely see me on a tennis court somewhere in the valley.

I am passionate about health and fitness and I love working out! Discipline, commitment, hard work, and taking responsibility for oneself enhance an athlete in spirit, mind, and body. Setting goals and working towards achievement of those goals are the keys to developing the values the YMCA seeks to instill.

While there are no guarantees that goals will be met, it is important that swimmers take the responsibility to prepare themselves to the best of their ability in an effort to reach their goals. Preparation is a critical life skill.

Whether or not a swimmer meets their goal, we encourage them to feel good about the accomplishments they have made and the experiences they ve had.

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The role of the swim team, its coaches and volunteers is to teach the skills necessary to compete in a healthy and respectful way, recognizing and demonstrating that winning is not everything and the process is as important as the outcome. It is important that we all work together to provide a well-run program for the children. The team cannot run without adequate parent support.

far western swim meet 2013 time standards for ymca

Those families not doing their share jeopardize the smooth management and operations of team events that can lead to burnout for families who consistently volunteer their time and effort. Please have at least one family member help for home meets.

Opportunities include, but are not limited to: High School Swimmers Swimmers who compete on the high school team are encouraged to begin their swim season with the MYST team prior to the start of high school practice. By doing so, swimmers may qualify to compete at Districts, States, and Nationals. The locker rooms may be used by members of the general public during practice times.

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Please be respectful towards others and the MARC facility. Horseplay including running and screaming, turning out lights, climbing on lockers, and general mischief will not be accepted. Once high school season starts there will be times we will be practicing on Friday nights, depending on the high school s home meet schedule. New this year is attendance requirements. It is up to the swimmer and parent to determine what practices and meets they can attend. We want the swimmer to be successful and have fun, but don t want them to burnout.

All new swimmers will start in the bronze level and will be moved up if ready. If a new swimmer has experience on a swim team they will be placed by the coach based on their ability.

Please note the new practice times and group breakdowns: Able to swim 25 yard freestyle Able to swim 25 yard backstroke Able to swim 50 yards of the 4 legal strokes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle Can swim yards freestyle continuously Able to swim the IM Streamlines off wall Able to watch the time clock and understand concept of time intervals for sets Front start from deck or starting blocks Flip turn for freestyle Coaches Discretion Able to swim 50 yards of the 4 legal strokes butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle Able to swim continuously without a counter Capable of reading a pace clock on their own.

Has good clock management knows when to leave, knows to leave 5 seconds apart, etc. In freestyle, can breathe every 3 strokes to show breath control Completes all flip turns and open turns correctly in both races and practices Can perform a racing start off the block Streamlines and does not breathe off wall for freestyle and butterfly Coaches discretion Practice time requirements 10 x 50 s Free on 1: Practices will include pool work, dry land training, and meet preparation.

Pool work will focus on improving stroke technique, starts and turns, and building endurance. Dry land training will focus on building team unity, learning proper technique, and physical conditioning.

far western swim meet 2013 time standards for ymca

Meet preparation will include goal setting and meet etiquette. Swimmers will be responsible for assisting in the setup, tear down, and clean up.

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All swimmers will be expected to pitch in and help. For each practice session, swimmers should bring: Guidelines for a successful practice - Swimmers should arrive minutes before start of practice time. Please do not block doors on deck.

Take emergency breaks between sets. Your ability level is your own-others should not be expected to meet your standards or hold back for you. Parents to avoid problems please do not approach any swimmers other than your own.

far western swim meet 2013 time standards for ymca