Big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of cake

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big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of cake

Great British Bake Off contestants Meet the cast of GBBO on Channel 4. specific techniques, Briony has been baking seriously since wedding cakes and stunning, intricately decorated novelty cakes for friends and family. and moved to the UK on a university scholarship when he was Big Brother housemates have their cake and wear it in baking task as Mikey is . Gillian Bayford (pictured arriving at her ex-husband Adrian's Suffolk home in ) rules judge after mogul is met by actresses including Marisa Tomei, .. to prevent script leaks from final season were a 'problem' for cast. Meet the contestants for the latest edition of Celebrity Big Brother GLR and in became the founding member of the Talk Radio UK team. Her on- off relationship with fellow cast mate Gaz had viewers gripped.

They chose Chris, Marlon, and Steven. He then had to choose who was on his nice list and who was on his naughty list. The 'nice' housemates were invited to a Christmas party with Christmas dinner, whereas the 'naughty' housemates weren't. Danielle, Helen and Marlon were put on Christopher's naughty list and were therefore not invited to the party. On Day 33, housemates took part in their next shopping task where the house was powered on battery.

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Over the two days of the task, housemates were asked into the "app zone" where they were offered to use an app. If they used an app, the battery would drain. On Day 34, Big Brother offered the nominated housemates a chance to save themselves, but by doing this the battery would drain and the shopping task would be failed. Over a number of different rounds, couples were eliminated and the remaining couples were invited to a party.

However, he is unaware that Ashleigh also has an earpiece and must try and guess who Steven will target. Helen had to get balls out of gunge using her mouth alone, Mark had to put pegs on his face, and Winston had to eat chillies. However, after completing these challenges, they were told they had each set their personal best and would have to take part again to beat this. As all three housemates were successful, they won a hamper of treats. Armageddon Week Tasks On Day 38, the house was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland for the beginning of Armageddon Week.

In teams, housemates had to collect as many fish as possible from a sewage pipe and then had to scavenge for items in order to build a raft that could hold a housemate afloat for the longest time.

In 'On the Ledge', new housemates tried to knock original housemates off of a ledge by reducing the ledge's size through moving a wall. Original housemates had to remain on the ledge for the duration of the task. Later, in 'Fool the House', original housemates had to correctly identify whether statements from newspaper stories, etc.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of cake

Original housemates won the task. Original housemates did not discover Christopher was on a task, and new housemates and Christopher were rewarded with a meal in the garden. Later, in 'Judgement Time', original housemates had to correctly identify who new housemates had selected as the answers to a series of questions in VTs that were recorded before new housemates entered the house.

Original housemates correctly identified the majority of the new hosuemates' answers and won back hot water and access to the bathroom. On Day 40, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon were the three housemates that received the most nominations.

Between the three of them, Marlon was the one with the most nominations and was therefore evicted.

Big Brother 2013: Meet the housemates

The three new housemates; Biannca, Pav and Zoe, decided which one of them was to be evicted on Day Them and Christopher received a takeaway reward.

Teams had to choreograph, practice and perform a headline act, with Big Brother selecting the winning team. Zoe and Ash were selected as the winning team's groupies and also attended the party. The teams were pre-selected by Big Brother so that the most confident housemates were on the red team. The teams went head-to-head in a number of challenges, with the blue team believing that the team which won the most challenges would win a luxury shopping budget and the losing team would have only basic rations.

However, the challenges were rigged so that the red team would always win, with the red team being aware that the real shopping task was to convince the blue team that they were all losers. If the red team won this challenge, all housemates would pass the shopping task, however, if they lost, they would all fail.

After the reds won the task, the housemates received a luxury budget. Big Brother deemed him to have failed this task. Following this, the Power Alliance nominated Pav and Zoe. Ash was saved and replaced with Ashleigh. Mark was later sent to the 'naughty step' a second time for continuing to eat the winners' reward. On Day 48, they also nominated Pav and Zoe. Later that day Steven, Ash, Pav and Zoe had to choose one of themselves to become safe and one Power Alliance member to replace them; they chose Ash to be saved and Ashleigh to face eviction.

Housemates had to learn dance moves performed by professional dancers via a pre-recorded video.

big brother uk 2013 meet the cast of cake

As he was voted for, Winston automatically received his letter, and then chose Ash, Ashleigh, Helen and Pav to receive their letters, therefore deleting Chris, Christopher, Mark and Zoe's. Housemates passed this part of the task after the videos each received more than 1, hits. As Ash's video received the most hits, he won a bottle of champagne.

They failed this part of the task. Housemates passed this challenge. They had to answer all questions honestly. On Day 57, as part of People Power, housemates watched a viewers' focus group, presented by Matt Johnsonwith members of the public giving their honest opinions on the housemates. For passing her task, Zoe was rewarded with a showbiz cake. Their first task was to decide who should be immune from eviction this week.

They were faced with a number of different challenges to test their physical strength, mental strength and willpower. After all the challenges, Helen was announced as the strongest housemate overall. She was rewarded with a luxury meal and chose Mark to join her. After previously making mistakes whilst cutting Christopher and Mark's hair, Helen was given the opportunity to cut Ash and Winston's in the same way if they chose to accept.

However, as both Ash and Winston refused, no more money was added to the fund. The public then voted Ashleigh as the best judge of character. Ash, Chris and Mark all decided to take the money, however this was a lie. The real task was that Ashleigh, the best judge of character, had to predict which three would take the money.

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As Christopher, Mark, Pav and Winston received the most nominations, they face eviction. However, this was then lost by Ashleigh in the final task. They were then interviewed by Big Brother. This included a mystery box, gunge, a face-to-face nomination, hair removal and chilli eating. In scenes deemed too violent to be shown on MTV, Charlotte managed to pull a bed apart with her bare hands, breaking her foot in the process.

Born in Washington, the beauty queen has recorded several self-penned songs which have become hits on YouTube. In she met Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, 53, online. Later that year, after a courtship over the internet, the couple married in Las Vegas.

The pair starred in the second season of the VH1 reality television series Couples Therapy. Stodden has been a dedicated vegetarian for the past two years and has promoted the vegetarian lifestyle on behalf of PETA.

She rose to fame through the reality show Dublin Wives. She graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, as a dentist in and founded her company, which now has two clinics, that year. The Irish reality show ran for two series and Danielle was seen as the "alpha female" of the group, with her opinions often alienating the other wives. She quit the show in April saying she was sick of "carrying" her co-stars.

She has recently been filming her own internet spin-off show Dr Danielle's Diaries. Dustin notoriously directed and released his own sex tape called Screeched - Saved by the Smell. In Dustin declared bankruptcy claiming he earned about 2, US dollars acting as Screech on the various Saved By The Bell shows but blaming his parents for stealing the money. From the age of five, Harries had collected antiques and enjoyed fame after a piece of porcelain he found was valued at several thousand pounds.

He was famous for his thick golden curls, formal clothes and bow ties. James started cross-dressing in and changed his name to Lauren before undergoing a full sex change in Describing her life-changing moment, she said: It's like I've been reborn.

The show gave viewers an insight into the world of dance. He was one of five male dancers selected to accompany the Spice Girls on their debut Spiceworld tour. The self-confessed ladies' man once said: He was forced to resign from his job as an ITV pundit in after making a racist comment about black Chelsea star Marcel Desailly. Since the Desailly incident, Atkinson has claimed that the comment was an aberration and that he is not racist, citing in his defence that his West Bromwich Albion side was the first high-profile British club to have a significant number of black players.