Spells to protect love relationship

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spells to protect love relationship

List of Relationship Spells - Relationships are built or destroyed on special bonds Pregnancy Spell ▻ · Protection of a relationship ▻ · Protect Your True Love. Many of these love spells to remove problems in a relationship or marriage are recommended You keep chanting three times to use the power of three times [. Unfortunately, in many cases, failures in the field of love can not be offset by other developments. Discord in love relationships negative impact on all spheres of.

The banishing spells are used to banish someone or to keep someone or something away from one's life.

5 Easy Spells for the Beginner Witch: Protection, Love, Success, Healing, and Intuition

It can be used to get rid of an abusive relationship, to distance oneself from something harmful or someone you do not want to be around or even to get rid of a bad habit. Whereas, binding spells are used to bind someone or something to a person, place or an object. It is exercised in order to restrict bind actions according to the desire.

It is like tying the genie to a lamp. No matter what happens, the genie would come back to the lamp at the end of the day. This further leads to another argument of the good and bad, of right and wrong.

This argument has been going on since forever. There have been scientific, social and cultural researches, studies and experiments for years and years.

Protection of a Relationship Spell from Potent Protection Spells

Although, it has not come to any definite conclusion till today. White magic or Black magic? The one performed with pure intentions is the white magic and does not bring any harm to the person it is done. And the one practised because of hatred, revenge jealousy, and anger or with the motive of causing injury can turn out to be fatal. It is indeed, truly said that when you do anything wrong to anyone, you open a window for evilness.

You give them the right to diffuse negativity in your life. In other words, if your deeds are right, nobody can cause you any harm ever. And above all, you cannot imagine them getting injured in any way. This is a very simple one. You can protect your loved one from all the harm and negativity. It'll keep them away from any evil thing or damage that comes their way. For this, you first need to find a coloured photograph of the person you intend to cast the spell for.

The picture, furthermore, should be a cheerful and happy one since the motive of performing this ritual is to bring happiness and protection to the person. It would be better to have it framed in silver as it attracts positive spirits. Next, you need light a white candle and basil incense.

It is known for its protective qualities. Before you begin to cast the spell, you are required to harness all your love for the person into positive energy.

Get rid of all the negative thoughts and clear your mind. This is very important because the intentions behind performing this act make a whole lot of difference. Then, close your eyes and visualize the picture of the person surrounded by a bright white light. This light will act as an obstruction for any negative thing trying to intervene.

And finally, enchant these words: Goddess protect name of the person every day, When at work or when at play. As the sleep and as they love, Give name protection from above 2. Amulets and charms A post shared by Tamara Rennie the. But when it comes down our beloved, nobody would want them to face any problem in life. Now, not all the issues can be resolved using the spell because that's the cycle of life. Close your eyes and imagine your third eye opening.

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When you feel it is time, state "so mote it be". Place this dream sachet beneath your pillow, in your pillowcase, or under your mattress beneath where your head lays. When your dreams start coming freely, write them down in your journal.

This helps in dream recall and will give you a reference to study later. It's as easy as !

spells to protect love relationship

There are many reasons why your spell might not manifest. The first thing you need to do is think about what state of mind you were in while you cast the spell.

If your emotions or state of mind didn't match your intentions, this could be one reason why your spell didn't come to fruition. For example, if you were casting a spell for drawing love into your life but you were obsessing over an ex-lover, you might have mentally blocked the spell from manifesting.

spells to protect love relationship

Your vibrations didn't match your intention. Second, you need to think about whether you raised enough energy for the spell to manifest. What I mean by this is, did you visualize and focus on your intention during the spell or were you lazy?

For instance, performing the Candle of Power spell without ever visualizing yourself as successful could lead to absolutely nothing happening in your life. By raising energy using your visualization abilities, thinking hard about what you want, and also performing each task with intention, your spell will manifest easier than if you put low energy and thought into it.

Last but not least, if you're not putting the effort into your daily life, on a physical level, your spell will not come to fruition.

This means if you're casting a spell for success, but you're not actually getting off the couch, the universe will not grant your request. You've cast a spell on the spiritual plane, but you must follow up with your intentions on the physical plane.

spells to protect love relationship

If you put the time and effort into your spell-casting, you'll see results! To perform this ritual, you will need a glass and a pan with water, a handful of aspen sawdust and a gas cooker. On the fortieth day after Kupala Night, the sawdust is thrown into the pan with water and put on the gas cooker. When the water starts boiling, the following spell is repeated three times one time for the boiling water and two times for the water in the glass: Each love spell has its lock. Rival protection spell for men Along with women, men also fear that their beloved one can be put a love spell on so they also use protection magic.

A great example of a rival protection spell for men is a nightgown spell. To perform this ritual, you should give your beloved one a nightgown peignoir or underwear as a name day present. Neither during the day nor at night will you be cast a love spell on, taken peace and strengths away.