How to revive a relationship

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how to revive a relationship

Tips for reviving intimacy in a long-term relationship: Resolve to deal with resentments. Reconnect! Increase touch. Allow tension to build. See how to spice up your marriage with great marriage advice from experts at When we begin to pay attention to the people that matter most, every relationship benefits. So take the time to foster all of your relationships by showing how.

I do have one big question for you. How do you feel alive? Speaking in general terms, how do you feel alive in life? What do you like to do that lifts your mood? What are things that make you feel happy?

how to revive a relationship

Within any relationship, we first must make ourselves happy before we can search happiness within a romantic relationship. Scientists have revealed the secret to building strong relationships, not just with your partner. The point is to engage with positive and genuine interest when the other person shares good news or a recent success. The relationship grows closer when you show support and are genuinely happy for them.

8 Ways To Revive Your Relationship

The celebration is in the response. Are you changing the subject?

how to revive a relationship

Are you talking about yourself? Do you try to match their enthusiasm? Do you ask them to tell you what happen, how happened, and more?

how to revive a relationship

Do you react pessimistically or with a negative reaction? The routine trap Studies suggest that couples who sustain passion over time have something in common: Looking to rekindle your relationship? Couples often fall into predictable routines — eating at the same restaurants, sticking to the same schedule, and engaging in the same sexual activities.

how to revive a relationship

These routines may eventually lead to boredom — a formidable enemy of passion. But by sharing new experiences together, couples can shake up these routines. In another study, social psychologists set up an obstacle course and asked couples to complete it together.

10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Relationship

There was one catch: Compared to couples completing a more mundane activity together, these participants reported increased feelings of satisfaction and love after the obstacle course. Videos of these couples were shown to objective observers, who agreed that couples who had just completed the obstacle course showed greater relationship satisfaction — that they showed more accepting behaviour towards each other and had more intimate conversations. Other experiments have repeated this finding with different types of new activities.

how to revive a relationship

For example, couples who had an intimate, revealing conversation with another couple they had just met reported feeling closer to their partners and learning more about their partners. These couples even showed a small increase in closeness up to one month after the interaction. This research suggests that making new friends can liven up a relationship and bring couples closer together. Sharing new experiences increases feelings of love because it allows us to learn new things about our partners and use it to improve our understanding of ourselves — a process social psychologists call self-expansion.

Meanwhile, engaging in physically challenging activities also increases physiological arousal, like elevating heart rate and breathing.