How to restore my relationship with jesus

how to restore my relationship with jesus

The idea of reconciling or restoring a relationship is difficult for many of us. the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. I encourage you to prayerfully work through it and it is my hope that you will find. In his series “How to Restore a Wounded Relationship,” IHOPKC Jesus instructs us to go to our brother (or sister) and make a godly appeal. Those who restore broken relationships are peacemakers because broken heavenly Father who made peace with us through the death of Jesus. topic, listen to my message entitled How To Restore Broken Relationships.

It is like rain on thirsty ground v. Having made the tabernacle and temple the place of his presence in the Old Testament, now, through Jesus Christ, God dwells and is present by his Spirit in the church Ephesians 2: Thank you Lord, for all the blessings of your presence with me.

Thank you for the way in which you strengthen me daily with your presence. Receive the gift Romans 1: You receive it as a gift. Jesus has made you righteous. Through his life, death and resurrection, you can live in a right relationship with God. How is it that in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, world history took a new direction? How was it that the life of every man, woman and child on the planet was eternally affected?

In this ground-breaking and hugely influential document of Christian theology written around AD 59Paul, who had encountered the risen Jesus himself, takes the well-witnessed fact of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth and thinks through its implications. It appears that the establishment of a Christian community in Rome had come about, not by any great evangelistic enterprise, but by the presence of Christians in the workplace discharging their ordinary secular duties.

If you are in a secular job you can have as big an impact as any full-time evangelist. Paul is longing to see his friends in Rome v. They are inexperienced beginners, yet Paul has the humility to recognise that he will learn something from them, in addition to them learning from him vv. I have found that in every Alpha small group, I learn as much from the guests as they do from us.

how to restore my relationship with jesus

It is not only those outside of the church who need to hear the gospel. Paul is eager to preach the gospel to the Christian community in Rome v. He knows full well the temptation to be ashamed.

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It can be so easy to allow our fears and worries about what other people will think about us to stop us from speaking about Jesus. He knows also the extraordinary power of the gospel to transform the lives of both Jews and Gentiles v. Paul does not contrast this with the Old Testament; rather, he uses the Old Testament to support his argument: The good news gospel is that God has enabled us to live in this right relationship with him.

This righteousness comes from God. It is his gift to you. You cannot earn it. You no longer live under guilt and condemnation. Lord, thank you that through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you make it possible for me to have a restored relationship with you and with others. Thank you that I cannot earn it but receive it as a gift by faith.

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Continue to obey 2 Kings This relationship is described in terms of a covenant. When we pray to receive the Lord, God actually comes within us.

how to restore my relationship with jesus

When we really grasp the significance of this phrase, it changes how we approach every-day life and reframes out most basic questions related to identity, destiny and purpose. We have to let go of our old life and embrace new life in Him. When we became Christians, Jesus came to live in our spirit, which is a core part of our being. But Christ wants to go even deeper in our inward being: He wants to make His home in our hearts and our souls.

When Christ lives in our spirit, He becomes the source of our new life. However, our mind, emotion and will can still ignore Christ as a new source of life and we can live life as we did before.

how to restore my relationship with jesus

He cannot be fully expressed through us. While Jesus wants to make a home in our spirit, he really wants to make a home in all the parts of our soul. In an age where so much is driven by materialism and consumerism that tries to buy happiness, many of our souls are starved, unhealthy and unsatisfied. Yet, when we are in union with Christ, our souls are healed and we can experience the life God wants for us. Union with Christ is our engine that propels us forward. He not only declares us holy, but He also empowers us to be holy.

As previously mentioned, the presence and power of Jesus now dwells within you by His Spirit. Just as Christ lived a completely holy life and was able to overcome temptation, because He is within us, He gives us a new disposition to live for Him. The Christian life is based on full commitment to Jesus.