How to forget the past relationship

Learning to Let Go of Past Hurts: 5 Ways to Move On

how to forget the past relationship

Though we may have strong emotional memories, they are not imprints. It is our choice whether we ultimately rekindle the relationship or let the. do you unable to forget a memory? a person has written an essay in the below link. READ IT. if you want to contact the author of the essay in the below link click . Nothing can keep you from a happier future than a lingering relationship wound. We forget who the person really was and idealize who we wanted them to be. Learning to forgive and make peace with things that happened in the past can .

How to Change the Past? Suppose that you got laid off and that you went into deep financial troubles which resulted in some painful memories. What do you think will be your feelings if five years later you became a millionaire?

Learning to Let Go of Past Hurts: 5 Ways to Move On

Do you think the memory of being laid off will be a painful one? No it wont but on the contrary, it will be an event that you feel proud of and you will find yourself happy whenever you remember it or whenever you tell someone about it. Its not the past event that makes us feel bad but its rather our lack of ability to have a better future. If the future appeared to be prosperous then the painful past memories will become happy memories.

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If they were sure that the future will be bright the past won't be able to affect their lives. For example, suppose you were bullied in front of every one and then you went home feeling sad.

Promising yourself that you wont allow this to happen again is enough to relief at least half of your pain, but wait, you must be serious about it else your subconscious mind wont believe you. I know that sometimes things can be out of control but at least you can learn some skills that help you regain this control whenever you lose it.

Whenever a painful event happens to you promise yourself that you wont allow this to happen again and you will find yourself feeling better.

how to forget the past relationship

Get it all out of your system at once. Doing so will also help you understand what — specifically — your hurt is about. While you may not have had the same amount of responsibility for the hurt you experienced, there may have been a small part of the hurt that you are also partially responsible for.

how to forget the past relationship

What could you have done differently next time? Are you an active participant in your own life, or simply a hopeless victim? Will you let your pain become your identity?

Or are you someone deeper and more complex than that?? Stop being the victim and blaming others. Yes, your feelings matter.

how to forget the past relationship

You need to take responsibility for your own happiness, and not put such power into the hands of another person. Why would you let the person who hurt you — in the past — have such power, right here, right now?

No amount of rumination of analyses have ever fixed a relationship problem.

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So why choose to engage in so much thought and devote so much energy to a person who you feel has wronged you? Focus on the present — the here and now — and joy. Let go of the past, and stop reliving it. When you focus on the here and now, you have less time to think about the past.

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When the past memories creep into your consciousness as they are bound to do from time to timeacknowledge them for a moment. And then bring yourself gently back into the present moment.

Forgive them — and yourself. You did something that hurt me.

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But I want to move forward in my life and welcome joy back into it. And forgiving yourself may be an important part of this step as well, as sometimes we may end up blaming ourselves for the situation or hurt. It would be sacrilegious to let it go. Every day you choose to hold on to the pain is another day everybody around you has to live with that decision.

And feel its consequences.