How to deal with a virgo man in relationship

What Every Virgo Man Wants from a Relationship - 5 Important Things

how to deal with a virgo man in relationship

Once the Virgo male has committed to a relationship, he is forever loving, patient and the Sagittarius woman and the Virgo man may be difficult to overcome. For the Virgo man, pretty is as pretty does -- he's drawn to qualities like If he doesn't make a big deal about your relationship anniversary. A Virgo man tries his best to make sure the end of a romantic relationship is well He can deal with disappointments and will give the relationship chance after.

And yes, we sometimes become overly flirtatious. But here is the thing. We expect the people we are with to also be loyal and place a high premium on this trait.

In truth, we are very discerning and have high standards. Part of this stems from being perfectionists. Instead, we put a premium on quality. When we are together in a romantic relationship, expect to be with a guy who invests in things that are well made and built to last. We also like eating foods that are made from healthy sources and prefer to stick to the basics. As an earth sign, we like planning ahead while keeping things uncomplicated.

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Part of being practical at least for us is knowing that the decisions we make are well-thought out and smart. This can be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it. But at least you have the real deal now.

how to deal with a virgo man in relationship

Well, one of the biggest sources of anxiety for us is money. It is for this reason we like to hoard it.

how to deal with a virgo man in relationship

But because we hold fears about the future, we tend to sock away dollars for a rainy day. You can expect us to have hard cash around, usually in the form of a money market account or a certificate of deposit.

It helps us to sleep better at night, knowing we have this financial safety net. Many Virgo men are nerdy As a result, we end up being kind of nerdy.

If you need someone to research your DNA, a Virgo is an excellent choice. Attracted to guys who are into science and nature? Problems with sleep Have you slept next to a Virgo man? Did you notice that he does a lot of tossing and turning?

Does he seem to struggle with insomnia? It sucks because this lack of sleep can affect our mood. The reason we have problems sleeping is because of worry.

how to deal with a virgo man in relationship

This will help to relax his body and mind so that he can glide into the land of Nod. Loves giving oral Women who are paired with a Virgo man will quickly pick up on how the guys enjoy giving oral to their mates. Without going into detail here, I can tell you the men get extremely turned on by using their tongues on certain body parts. The reason for this is simple — the guys use their analytical skills to gauge your reactions and make adjustments accordingly.

Did you know that Virgo men become aroused when in the presence of their birthstone, green jade? In case you are wondering, men who fall under this sign have two erogenous zones: Use these to your advantage. We focus on work a lot Depending on how you look at things, this trait can be good or bad. All I know is that many of us are hard workers and focus on our jobs a lot. Addicted to detail, we tend to become consumed with making sure we are on top of everything at work.

The more we can bring our analytical skills to bear, the better. Typical jobs we gravitate towards include psychology, statistician, banking, teaching, data analysis and research.

Virgo Man in Love & Relationships

We have memories like elephants Part of our psychological makeup is being able to store and then recall events. In practical terms, this means remembering anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. But we also have a tendency to recall things that you say with uncanny accuracy.

Virgo men have strong memories While not true for all, most of us are hypochondriacs.

Sadly, we often diagnose ourselves with illnesses sometimes exotic and tend to over-worry about our health. Your best bet is to simply deal with it and occasionally reel him in when he goes overboard.

We struggle with guilt Why we have this trait is somewhat baffling. Some men spend their entire lifetimes wishing things could have been different with family relationships or friends. Others blame themselves for things they are not responsible for. The good news is that the guilt we feel makes us more contentious about how we treat others.

Very compassionate This is a universal trait of all Virgos and not just the guys. If you are going through a personal problem or experiencing some type of crisis, a Virgo guy is going to be someone you can count on to listen.

While not exactly the same, we share this ability to care in ways that are similar to Pisces men. Think of Mother Theresa. This means that we gain pleasure from helping others, particularly folks in need. One of the challenges with this trait is over-caring and overhelping. This can leave us emotionally depleted and exhausted. If you are with a Virgo man, gently remind him from time to time to focus on self-care.

This will be important to his emotional wellbeing and yours. He likes to travel If you enjoy taking trips to far off lands or exotic places, your male Virgo companion will always be down.

how to deal with a virgo man in relationship

As an earth sign, the men tend to gravitate towards the outdoors. Camping and hiking are also favorites of this sign. Just remember, planning is key. Spontaneous trips are okay but the guys much prefer putting together an itinerary. It helps them feel less anxious and more in control. We are practical creatures by nature and in tune with the earth. Some have accused us of being self-absorbed and overly negative. He tends to be secretive at times. It is difficult to gain the trust of a Virgo man.

Once, you succeed in doing it, you can look forward to a steady and long-lasting relationship, with no dearth of passion!

how to deal with a virgo man in relationship

His partner needs to be intelligent, civilized, and decent, who knows her manners and well, grammar. Remember that the Virgo male is more attracted to intelligence and cleanliness than your sex appeal. Tips to Date a Virgo Man If you take a look at your Virgo man properly, you will find that he is always dressed immaculately. He is neat and tidy, and will be dressed appropriately. Well, if you want to impress him on the first date, take a cue from him. Dress neatly and appropriately never over-the-top.

Virgos are allergic to untidiness and sloppiness. On your first date, dress decently many Virgo men are downright conservative.

He is sure to notice your dress, make-up, and the overall appearance. Be Confident A Virgo man is least likely to go for a relationship solely for looks and appearance. Your intelligence and wit will also count a lot. In most of the cases, he will be the one to initiate conversations Virgos are great conversationalists, provided, it's one-on-one.

He will have wide interests and will be well-read. If you wish to make the mark, make sure you have something to talk about. It might help to brush up on some general knowledge. The Virgo man is the last person to end up marrying a frivolous and empty-headed woman. Do not Criticize It is a known fact that Virgos criticize. But, what is unknown is that they cannot take criticism at all.

You should be prepared to hear his critical remarks about everything, and ignore it.

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Remember, he can neither get over it nor he intends to hurt you. You just have to live with it. However, while dating him, you should support his dreams and ambitions. Do not criticize him.