How to meet cute boys in college

10 Ways to Meet Guys That Don’t Involve Bars or Parties | Her Campus

how to meet cute boys in college

Derek and I did the usual handshake greetings when you meet This cute guy got 10 times cuter for gushing about the Wheel of Time series. After all, who can help but look at the cute guy two rows in front of you in Psych Spending more time in the laundry room at college is an easy way to meet all. We've asked girls and guys across the country about the first-year college dating team, but what about that cute friend of a friend you meet while tailgating?.

So, amidst hardcore studying and catching up on some much needed sleep, why not get in on some of the action?

How to Meet Cute Boys

Why not find a Prince Charming or two along the way? Choose a kickback over a party. Not a full-blown party. Everything is so hot and heavy at parties.

6 REAL Ways to Meet Guys in College

You always seem to find yourself up-close and personal with some drunken jerk from your math class who smells like peach ciroc and cheese pizza. The level of noise and number of people at a kickback is substantially lower than at a party.

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The cute guy on the couch is also often a friend of the friend throwing the kickback. No longer will you wonder aimlessly around a loud, sloppy party, looking for the cute guy that could actually hold an intelligent conversation with you. Join clubs that interest you. Join the Frisbee club because you love Frisbee and want to play with a bunch of people who love it as much as you do. Join clubs that will benefit you and make you happy.

6 REAL Ways to Meet Guys in College

Join a study group. Honestly, cute guys or no cute guys, study groups are great.

how to meet cute boys in college

Get the GroupMe app and set up times to get together for studying. Sounds good to me. Check out school functions.

How to Meet Cute Boys | Dating Tips

Just make sure to exercise caution when asking for small favors like watching your stuff. Think of it as an impromptu study session! Sign up for group co-ed activities with your fitness center or train with a running group for a marathon. This way, you can build camaraderie with like-minded athletes, and a relationship could naturally build out of your time together. Flirt over sweet treats at a bakery, cafe or ice cream shop The next time you go to the bakery, cafe or ice cream shop, ask the cute guy nearby what flavor he recommends.

Kate, a senior at Skidmore College, struck up a conversation with a cute Turkish guy while ordering gelato in France one day. Meet a fellow bookworm at the campus library Few people realize the romantic potential of the library, but just think about it. Try to go during peak library hours, which is usually around lunchtime or after dinner.

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Find a study buddy among the studious cuties or ask one of the handsome library attendants to help you with your research. You can also use the opportunity to talk to someone near you who might be researching the same topic or something similar.

Ask him questions about himself and dazzle him with your wonderful smile.

how to meet cute boys in college

Open with a comment about the event. Ask him how his classes are going and what he plans to do for the summer. If he comes to all of the networking events just like you do, you might be able to swap job and event stories. Join the club One of the best ways to meet someone new is to participate in clubs and activities on or around campus.

The best part is how easy it is to start a conversation or to find something to talk about. So use it as an icebreaker to introduce yourself.

how to meet cute boys in college