How does peter parker meet mary jane

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how does peter parker meet mary jane

History: Mary Jane Watson-Parker is the daughter of Philip and Madeline Watson , May did not tell Peter about Mary Jane's past but tried to get him to meet and. Mary Jane "MJ" Watson is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. The character made her first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man # Since then she has gone on to become Peter Parker's main love interest and .. Peter and Mary Jane are reunited in Peter Parker: Spider-Man #29 (June. Peter Parker (husband, prior to alteration of personal history by Mephisto) . comfort Peter, he accused her of not being able to understand what it would feel his revenge for being rejected by Mary Jane by having her and Peter evicted from.

Later, while arguing with Ben, Peter accidentally struck Mary Jane. After this, he decided to quit as Spider-Man, because the stress of his double life was endangering his wife and unborn child. They lived there peacefully for several months, adapting happily to normal life.

how does peter parker meet mary jane

However, they missed New York City and their friends, and moved back. During the Onslaught crisis, Mary Jane was scanned by a Sentinel robot, who detected genetic abnormalities in her fetus. Soon afterward, when Mary Jane's baby was already past due, she was poisoned by Alison Mongraine, an agent of the Green Goblin. Mary Jane's baby was stillborn or seemed to be, as Mongraine apparently took the sedated infant away with her.

The baby has not been seen since in the normal continuity. Ben Reilly died at the Green Goblin's hands the same night. He was happy to do so for several months, but soon felt the tug of his great power and great responsibility to be a hero. Mary Jane returned to college and majored in psychology, but eventually became bored and decided to return to modeling, where she reached new heights of success.

Peter became Spider-Man again behind Mary Jane's back, which put strain on their marriage yet again. At the same time, she began receiving lewd and threatening phone calls from an unknown man. This mysterious stalker was revealed to be a telepathic mutant. He had connected to Peter in some way, and wanted to take over his life.

He kidnapped Mary Jane as part of his plan and held her hostage for several months. The stalker, however, killed himself after finally gleaning enough of Peter's personality and morality to discover that he had done terrible things. Peter and Mary Jane were reunited. However, the stress of her captivity drove Mary Jane away. She moved to Los Angeles and immersed herself in acting.

Although MJ missed Peter terribly, after he failed to meet her flight, she refused to talk to him. However, when the villainess Shathra claimed to have had an affair with Spider-Man, Peter's first act was to call Mary Jane and assure her it was a lie. Each of them tried to visit their soulmate and talk about tensions and problems, but they crossed - Peter went to L. However, unexpected meeting in Dallas Airport helped fix the things - Mary Jane and Peter ended their separation.

Mary Jane was glad to live in luxurious rooms with her beloved and made friends with some fellow superheroes, something she had long wanted to do. During this time the pair found stability Peter even asked MJ if she wanted another baby, but she said "not now" [10]. Although the Civil War events forced him to stage a secret transfer of Mary Jane out of Stark Mansion [11]feeling that with the loss of his secret identity and his doubts about Tony Stark's ideas, Mary Jane had become some kind of hostage.

MJ remained supportive about the whole ordeal, acting as an understanding wife and partner. He sought the help of Dr. Strange, and foundthat even magic couldn't help him save Aunt May's life. Mary Jane spent most of the time sitting next to May's bed or invigorating Peter. In despair, Peter was soon approached by Mephisto and told that there was a way to save Aunt May's life. Assuming it was his soul, Peter refused.

how does peter parker meet mary jane

Mephisto said that he was done with trying to take heroes' souls, as they were less fun to torture, knowing they did something right by damning themselves for eternity. He explained that he wanted to take away the love that Peter and Mary Jane shared, as that sort of unconditional love only occurs once a millennium - it would mean he got one over on God and would enjoy listening to the small part of Peter and Mary Jane's souls that did remember the love.

The demon gave them 24 hours to make the choice - save the dying Aunt May or let her die. Mary Jane asked Peter if it was time to let May go. Peter said in response that he was not ready to live without his aunt. The two spent all day and night in silence holding each other, as the final minutes of their destiny were coming to an end. Eventually Mephisto came to the couple once more. Mary Jane whispered some conditions to Mephisto before agreeing, such as making everyone forget that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

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Much to his own dismay, Peter agreed also. Satisfied, Mephisto revealed the truth behind the deal - the little girl Peter had met earlier was in reality the couple's daughter from their future. However, it was too late now to regret it since the final choice had been made.

With only seconds left, a crying Mary Jane swore to Peter that no matter what Mephisto did, they would be together again. Peter and Mary Jane said "I love you" to each other and kissed, while Mephisto rearranged history.

Their marriage was erased from the current continuity; Spider-Man's secret identity was restored; MJ was now Peter's ex-girlfriend after a messy break-up and now their relationship was considered frosty, at best. The encounter with Mephisto never happened.

Concealing herself in the panic room, she observed a battle between Spider-Man and Paper Doll, and communicated with Spider-Man over the intercom. When asked by Spider-Man if they knew each other, Mary Jane told him they met "in another life". Peter did not learn that Mary Jane was the girlfriend of Carr nor that she was the voice on the intercom. Mary Jane contemplated making a phone call to Peter, but was hesitant to do so. She was asked for an autograph by Sara Ehretan associate of Jackpot.

Mary Jane told her she did not know when she would return to New York. Recently, she left a message on Peter's machine but he accidentally cut it off before she could say anything. It was a conversation in which the pair finally discussed their unsuccessful wedding day since the history was changed by Mephisto, Peter unwittingly didn't show up to this day. Also some flashbacks about their further joint life were shown, including Civil War events, Aunt May's apparent death after being shot and Peter's successful attempt to revive her by CPR.

While Red Sonja at first attacks Spider-Man, they later pair up in order to defeat the evil sorcerer names Kulan Gath. There will always be debate over which character is better for Peter, but there are some solid arguments for Gwen Stacy.

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It was only after Mary Jane was introduced that the writers found more chemistry between Peter and Mary Jane and thought that Mary Jane was more interesting to write about.

Peter Parker was originally supposed to marry Gwen Stacy but Mary Jane was just too much of a jackpot to pass up. In an emotional scene, Mary Jane goes into her backyard because her family members are yelling at each other. Peter happens to be taking out the garbage at the same time and the pair have a conversation with each other about their future. He even confessed that he cried like a baby when she played Cinderella in first grade. You be the judge. Thankfully, Aunt May pushed them to meet and they became one of comics most iconic couples.

What makes this even more interesting is that the same thing happened between MJ and Aunt Anna as explained in the Parallel Lives graphic novel.

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Gareth Edwards did this with Godzilla in and Home Improvement did this with the character Wilson back in the '90s. Needless to say, Peter Parker and the Spider-Man comics could have been very different if the writers would have kept her on as a joke.

For someone who is supposed to be a nerd underneath the mask, Peter Park certainly got a lot of action. While his relationships with Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane are often explored in movies, he has also had several other relationships. Trusting his teammates, Spider-Man subdues Ash and flies him away.

how does peter parker meet mary jane

Ash tells him of the Necronomicon but Colonel America-- yes, not Captain America-- jumps up and bites Spider-Man, infecting him with the virus. Spider-Man goes to check on Mary Jane and Aunt May but instead eats them both upon finding them safe and sound. While this was the story for the books, Sam Raimi took a different approach for his movie.

After all, with great power comes great responsibility.