How did aladdin and jasmine meet

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how did aladdin and jasmine meet

Princess Jasmine is out exploring the Agrabah Bazaar with that diamond in the rough, Aladdin, at Magic Kingdom park in Walt Disney World Resort. Meet Jasmine, princess of Agrabah and 12th-century girl power icon. Why does Jasmine fall for Aladdin? Well, he's JASMINE: Did you think I was stupid?. The next time they meet, Jasmine is dressed as royalty and Aladdin is In both scenarios, when Jasmine and Aladdin tried to be alike, something ended up.

Aladdin's mother died when he was just a child. At the climax of the film, Jasmine and Aladdin are finally wed, and Aladdin reconciles with his father. The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves together serve as bookends to the Aladdin TV series as its prologue and epiloguerespectively.

In other media[ edit ] Aladdin was formerly a member of the Disney Adventurers franchise targeted at young boys sold by the Disney Store fromwhich sold various merchandise, mostly including toys.

Aladdin (Disney character)

Hercules and the Arabian Night is set after the end of King of Thieves as Jasmine refers to herself as married. Aladdin appears in various video games, including the game versions of the film.

Aladdin has also appeared in the acclaimed Kingdom Hearts series of games. In all his appearances in the series, he is a playable character or can be added to player's party.

He wields a scimitar as his primary weapon and can utilize Abu to solve puzzles when he is an active party member.

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In the first game, Princess Jasmine is kidnapped by Jafar and Maleficent. Aladdin teams up with Sora to save her. In Kingdom Hearts IIAladdin is found experiencing deep depression due to his loneliness after Genie went to see the other worlds. When Genie comes back all is well again. The player may also collect a number of Aladdin-themed items and clothing pieces.

Aladdin also appears at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as a meetable character. He is a frequently-seen character, and often accompanied by Jasmine, and occasionally Genie. Though he goes barefoot in the film, he wears moccasins in his street rat clothes. In the Broadway musical adaptation, Aladdin is played by actor Adam Jacobs.

A Second Flowering", pages A New Tradition", pages Disney's Art of Animation: The Making of Aladdin Documentary. Like Aladdin, Abu is cunning and elusive, which has helped them escape from Jafar's clutches more than once and obtain the lamp after Jafar attempted to betray them. Whenever Aladdin is in danger, Abu is the first to come in and save him, even though both times he was cursed as a result.

Aladdin is also protective of Abu, and apparently values him over most of the characters, aside from Jasmine. This is evidenced by Aladdin's banishment to the ends of the earth on the original film where, despite freezing to death himself, the street-rat's immediate concern was finding Abu and ensuring he was safe. Genie Aladdin and Genie.

Genie is one of Aladdin's closest friends. Unlike most of Genie's former masters, Aladdin respected Genie as a person rather than an object, due to the thief's compassionate nature; even going as far as to create a promise to free him as part of his last wish.

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Despite this, Genie was not one who liked to be tricked, but he was willing to admit his naivety though would not allow any more wishes for free. To aid in Aladdin's prince disguise, Genie helped glamorize his image, though he still tried giving advice on how to approach Jasmine but to no avail.

However, when Aladdin nearly drowned to death after being thrown into the ocean, Genie willingly saves Aladdin as the second wish, even though Aladdin did not technically say to do this directly, demonstrating how much Genie cared about his friend. When Aladdin chose to spend the last wish on being a prince forever, Genie felt betrayed over their apparent friendship that he became bitter towards him. To his horror however, Genie would become servant to the mad Jafar and become forced to do his bidding.

While Aladdin tried to talk Genie out of this, Genie apologized but could do nothing against Jafar nor save Aladdin from being banished, where he deeply regretted doing these actions.

When Aladdin survived, Genie was extremely happy to see him and even cheered for him against Jafar. After Aladdin finally stopped Jafar, Genie was content with letting Aladdin choose his last wish.

To his joy, Aladdin keeps his word and releases Genie from his burden. Genie was extremely happy to be released but apologized to Aladdin for sacrificing his chance at love.

However, when the Sultan voided the tradition of the princess marrying a prince and allowed her to marry whomever she wanted, Genie was more than excited over the couple's success. Genie often refers to him as "Al". But while Abu wa initially hostile to the Carpet's nature, Aladdin welcomed it and invited it to join the duo in their journey.

Loyal to Aladdin, Carpet comes to Aladdin's aid and transport many times.

how did aladdin and jasmine meet

Like Abu, the Carpet was willing to risk itself to protect Aladdin no matter how dangerous the enemy is or what harm comes to it. Aladdin has high faith in the Carpet and gets along well with it since Carpet is often more responsible than Abu, Iago, or Genie. However, it can get just as annoyed as the rest of Aladdin's friends when Aladin tries to keep up with lies or become arrogant.

how did aladdin and jasmine meet

That's why he stood up for me. But when he proved his worth after rescuing his friends and destroying Jafar, Iago gained a respect and friendship with him. Although Aladdin still disliked Iago's greed for treasure and mainly doing good deeds in hope of a reward which sometimes landed them in trouble, they maintained a good relationship.

Family Cassim Aladdin with his father. Aladdin's relationship was his father was strenous at first as Cassim had left him and his mother when he was a child to gain a better life for them. After Aladdin's wedding to Jasmine was finally taking place, Aladdin set out to find his father and invite him. He was horrified when it turned out that Cassim was the leader of a band of robbers called the Forty Thieves and after bringing him back to Agrabah saw his father would not change his thieving ways and gradually became bitter against him even more.

After some persuasion from his friends, Aladdin sets out to rescue his father who is being forced by the evil Sa'Luk to find an artifact called the Hand of Midas.