Relationship goals tumblr dirty 1d

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relationship goals tumblr dirty 1d

imagines of one direction tumblr - Google Search. Dirty One Direction imagines Louis Imagines, 1d Imagines, One Direction Imagines, I Love . ohmygod I would fall on the floor and just cry, bc after those couple of years One Direction is back .. UnstableLove HimCoupleKissHateOtherKiss MeKiss YouCouples. They Compliment Your Relationship Harry: “You've done a good job, you know? the pots and pans clean before having to bring in all of dirty plates into the kitchen. . 'Zayn and (Y/N)'s relationship is so perfect #goals' You had to admit you enjoyed when . See preferences1-d's whole Tumblr Show more. 'A Naughty Photo Album' - Harry Styles Imagine Words: Pairing: It was the “couple goals” kind of photos, but over time they escalated.

But what were you supposed to do?

relationship goals tumblr dirty 1d

Were you not happy? How could you not be happy surrounded by his loving family at Christmas time with his mom saying she loves the two of you so much she wants you to give her grandchildren?

It is just best to sit here and love on Ernie, hoping that one day when you and Louis have ones of your own the situation will be happier, because you have no plans of leaving.

It was a nice gesture you supposed; you were still trying to figure out how they had figured out Zayn was the one that put together your birthday party last night.

relationship goals tumblr dirty 1d

It had been the time of your life. Everything was perfect, except for the fact that it was missing one special person. He was in New York right up until Christmas so you had to do this one on your own. He had been gone so much after the tour had ended, where did he even find the time? Regardless of when he found the time, he had. And the outcome was greater than anything you had ever expected.

You had planned on going out with a few friends last night for dinner and then coming home to Skype him before it got too late.

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You had gotten on to see the pictures they had gathered up from last night and were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with their positive comments on your timeline.

Yes, you only followed fans that had nice things to say, but a lot of the time things got retweeted onto your timeline that were just horrid. You were pleased, though. Pleased that, at least this round, some of them got it. You were wondering when you logged on if anyone had seen you outside during your party, and it turns out they had. It was practically all most of the internet could talk about. You had stepped outside into the alley to call Zayn to thank him for putting all of this together for you, and people noticed.

You were snapped with the biggest grin on your face as you talked to him from across the ocean. He looked over at you for a while and gave out a small laugh.

You look soo cute with that scary face. Suddenly, the scariest scene came over, when the scary creature killed a little child. You gave out a big and loud shriek and turned to his side and instantly buried your head in his chest.

He then placed a firm kiss on your forehead and then slowly stared at your lips for a while before you met his lips with yours leading to a sweet and passionate kiss. It was a lazy Sunday with Louis at his place. You came over from the kitchen to the living room with two cups of coffee in your hands. After a few hours of talking, you both ended up challenging each other to a match of FIFA game.

You were both reluctant and determined to win it. Louis then set up the video game and you both sat in front of the big telly. You both began playing and after a while, you scored the first goal.

But when you caught his glances, he laughed it off and pretended to squint his eyes in an evil way. He sat there proudly when he saw you giggling out loud. You both moved on to the game and after a few minutes, he proceeded to score a goal. He gave an evil laugh and quickly scored the winning goal.

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He imitated the steps to your victory dance and laughed out. He immediately grabbed your wrists, careful not to hurt you, pulled you closer and kissed you. Your roommate, Kate had to go back to her hometown for a few days, so you invited Zayn over to your house on a peaceful sunday to spend the time together. You both spent half of it just lying in the bed, him casually playing with the hem of your shorts, talking about your lives, and just having an awesome lazy day.

You got a call from your friend asking you something important, so you got up from the bed and went into the kitchen to talk to her. Zayn then engaged himself by watching some TV shows. After you were done with the call, you decided to have a spoon of Nutella, which were your favorite. When she was born, and over time of the few months after, it took both Harry and her by surprise that she started to go strawberry-blonde and eventually fully redheaded, it was not common in both their families, barely there, but it complemented her quite well.

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He was their first child, still a like mischievous one, always will, always was. She was awfully confused of what they were so giggly about, she turned the corner, and saw all five of them sitting around something in the hallway. It just some…old photos. Wedding photos of you and dad, yeah. Quickly grabbing the album and standing up, bringing it to her chest. Did you look at the whole album, or just one or two pages? Her mainly concern was what they saw, it was many pictures of post sex, after sex and nakedness, nothing else pronographic, but it was intruding, it was her youth.

She picked up her youngest, Noah, and started to walk down stairs, placing her on the carpet in front of her dollhouse. He yelled back, coming from the office. She simply, started to walk fast, closing the door behind her, he turned around towards him, a smile on his face.