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trolljegeren ending relationship

of the Trollhunter – a hero to trollkind sent to protect them from the dark troll paternalistic relationship with Yelchin and the difficulty of matching a voice of a This isn't the case for me, season 3 ends with Jim and Claire. In reality, Hans is actually a troll hunter working for a secret government division All signs point to a bad end for the trio, but they're oblivious and still enjoying the crux of its narrative focused on the relationship between Tish and Fonny, . 'Trollhunters' Season 3 Review: A Satisfying End and a Promising Beginning the strong character relationships, heaps of humor, and pulse-pounding and Jim's responsibility as the Trollhunter who bears Merlin's amulet is.

Strickler's office to explain what had happened, but since he probably wouldn't believe him, he tells him that he is trying out for chess.

Strickler commends him on this "extracurricular activity" and Jim happily leaves, not knowing that Strickler is aware of the amulet in his bag. However, the amulet starts glowing again. He goes back to the canal to try to figure out more about the amulet and where it came from.

When the amulet's gears shift, Jim takes it out of his bag and finds some writing on the back "For the glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command! Little does Jim realize that Mr. Strickler and Bular are eavesdropping on him since they were trying to steal the amulet for themselves.

The next day at school, Strickler causes the Trollhunter armor to activate, and Jim uses the Romeo and Juliet play auditions to attempt to hide the true nature of the armor. Forced to audition, Jim uses Blinky's speech about destiny and winds up getting the part. Unfortunately, Stickler has also found out and is actually working for Gunmar.

Jim starts using the sword and easily masters it with his slicing and dicing skills. However, the trolls do not take kindly to the arrival of humans in their town, much less having a human as their protector, especially Draal the DeadlyKanjigar's son, who wanted to be the new hunter instead of Jim. When Jim starts his training, Jim begins having difficulty with the dangerous and fearful tasks. Then, Draal decides to battle Jim for the honor of being the Trollhunter, which Jim has no choice to but accept.

Jim tries to get rid of the amulet, but it won't leave him alone. Jim has no choice but to accept his newly found fate. Using a shrinking spell, Jim and Toby capture him. However, Jim is still shrunken on the same day that he is supposed to give his Spanish report.

Jim and Toby then come up with a plan to give the report while the shrinking wears off. Jim decides to give his Spanish report via webcam but runs into some trouble when Chompsky starts rampaging through Toby's house and he starts going back to his normal size.

Luckily, Jim gets a passing grade and nobody becomes suspicious. Unfortunately, Jim starts neglecting rehearsals for the school play, which sort of strains his relationship with Claire. Discovering the Killahead Bridge Jim and Toby go on a field trip with their class to a museum of ancient history. During that, Toby discovers that some goblins are on the loose and informs his friends about it. They arrive at Eli's house, where the goblins last attacked to stop them.

Unfortunately, the goblins get away and leave with Toby's watch. That night, Jim and Toby track down the watch and break into the museum to see what the goblins are up to. While sneaking in, they find out that the curator, Ms.

Normura is actually a changeling, a type of creature that takes the form of its human counterpart when swapped at birth.

During the battle, Toby discovers some sort of bridge, which he believes to be the Killahead Bridge. He takes a photo of it, but the picture comes out blurry. Blinky then informs Jim about the changelings, and how there might be more lurking among them. Since this is probably his biggest battle yet, he leaves letters to Claire, Toby, and Barbara in case he doesn't live, telling them what is going on and how he truly feels.

Jim begins to start studying Troll battle with the amulet, which also is a translator for Troll letters. Jim heads to Trollmarket, where the battle begins and it becomes quite heated. Using Blinky's information from the book, he manages to defeat Draal and send him hanging from an abyss. Rather than push Draal off the cliff as he is pressured to from the others and Draal himselfhe follows his moral compass and rescues Draal, causing the troll to be shunned by everyone and humiliated.

Jim arrives back home and sees Normua with his mother. While Jim is telling Normua off, Barbara falls asleep and Normua changes into her changeling form to get rid of Jim. Since Jim is nowhere near his amulet, he is helpless against her.

Just when all hope seems lost, Draal suddenly shows up and defeats Nomura. Blinky says that he will try to find more evidence while Jim continues his training. Back in school, Jim's high school career is going downhill, and Steve has become his understudy for the school play since he keeps missing rehearsals. Claire takes note of this and decides to ask him to come to her house for a study date.

Jim and Toby go back to Trollmarket to get proof that the bridge is there. Jim and Toby try to search for the Changelings, but nobody complies.

While Toby is at the dentist, Claire and Jim are at Clarie's house having their study session. Here, Jim and Claire start to do some bonding, and Claire claims that Jim's letter was a metaphor for Jim's psychological issues, and thanks Jim for his compliments in the letter.

As soon as they study, Toby calls Jim for help and Jim leaves hastily, which leaves Claire suspicious. Luckily, Jim manages to vanquish the Changeling, but also all the evidence they have for the bridge. On the plus side, Jim accomplished Blinky's rule of "finishing the fight. The boys then conclude that Enrique must have been swapped with a Changeling since Blinky told them earlier that Changelings are switched with their human counterparts at birth.

To investigate, Jim arrives at Claire's house to babysit Enrique and find out. When Enrique somehow starts causing trouble, Jim loses the gaggletack and now, the others have to get a new one. When the gang arrives, Enrique is revealed to be replaced with a Changeling, who starts trashing the place.

Now that they have proof, they can do something about the bridge. Unfortunately, this leads to Jim and Toby being in big trouble with Claire, and Claire getting into trouble with her folks. Claire refuses to speak to Jim anymore. Jim's Birthday Arrives Jim's birthday eventually arrives, but he does not seem interested in celebrating it, despite the insistence of his friends and mother.

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Luckily, Jim is given a chance to test drive a moped that he has had his eyes on for quite some time. However, another sub-species of a troll called a Stalkling shows up to attack Jim.

Jim learns from Blinky that he cannot be harmed unless he is truly all by himself, so he decides to make sure he is in the company of someone at all times.

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Jim goes to rehearsals to try to make amends with Claire and to keep himself safe. Unfortunately, Claire still doesn't trust Jim after her parents blamed her for leaving Jim with Enrique.

Without a ride to take him home, Jim is left on his own and tries to get away from the Stalking, but it catches up to him and carries him into the clouds. All of a sudden, lightning appears and Jim uses it on his sword to strike the Stalking and turn it into stone, in which he succeeds. A few minutes before his birthday ends, Jim goes back to Trollmarket to receive Blinky's present, which is an unassembled moped that Blinky thinks that they could assemble together.

Jim loves the gift and claims it as "the greatest gift [he] has ever gotten. To help him, Draal gives him a special necklace that will boost his confidence and fearlessness. Unfortunately, Jim starts to act smug, arrogant, rude, and disrespectful towards his friends and teachers. To make matters worse, Jim decides to go fight Bular himself in the sewer.

In this battle, Jim hears Bular call him "Young Atlas," which is Strickler's nickname for him, which causes Jim to figure out that Strickler is evil. A New Foe Having found out about Stickler being evil, Jim decides to come up with a plan; he'll keep Strickler occupied while he's having dinner at the Lake's residence and the others will sneak into Strickler's office for some things that could help them get Claire's brother back. During dinner, Jim and Strickler look at each other with grinning faces, knowing of their dark secrets.

When Barbara leaves to get dessert, Jim and Strickler start fighting each other, threatening one another at the same time. When Barbara's back is turned, Strickler changes into his Changeling form, threatening Jim to hand over the amulet, but Jim refuses to comply. When the dinner ends, Strickler leaves the Lake House, with Jim acting subtle, not knowing that Strickler replaced the amulet with a fake one.

Claire Finds Out When Jim finds out that the "amulet" isn't working, he becomes stuck in a jam in his mission to rescue Enrique. Since they can't go into the Darklands themselves, they send Gnome Chomsky to go in and find Enrique. However, the rope holding him snaps, rendering him trapped in the Darklands. Before the gang can think of something new, NotEnrique arrives at the house and warns them that he killed one of the goblins and now, they think Claire is responsible and that the bridge has been completed.

Jim arrives at Claire's house to warn her, but she will not listen to him and thinks that he is just plain crazy. All of a sudden, the goblins show up to attack them and Jim takes her to the woods for safety. When the goblins arrive, Jim starts getting attacked by the goblins after finding out that the amulet is a fake. Claire is shocked but also impressed by Jim's amazing abilities, while at the same time regretting how unfair she been to his new double life situation.

When Jim tries to explain what happened to Enrique, Nomura arrives and starts attacking Jim. Nomura decides to not to kill Jim because apparently, they need him to use the amulet to unlock the bridge. The battle for the Bridge Jim wakes up in the hospital, where he receives a call that the Gumm-Gumm army has kidnapped Blinky for ransom. If Jim doesn't arrive with the amulet and open the bridge, Blinky will be destroyed, leaving Jim even more conflicted than before.

To make matters worse, Barbara is growing even more worried by the second, and Jim still refuses to tell her what is going on, leaving Barbara more heartbroken and concerned. Jim leaves the house to go fight Bular and rescue Blinky.

He tells Draal that if he does not make it, he'll be the next Trollhunter. Jim arrives at the museum, where he sees Bular and the rest of his minions ready for Jim to use the amulet.


Jim goes to the bridge and is about to put the amulet in the bridge despite Blinky's warningswhen all of a sudden, the rest of the Trollhunters arrive to back Jim up. A huge battle between the heroes and the villains ensues, but Stricklander manages to outsmart Jim and installs the amulet onto the bridge, which opens up the portal to the Darklands.

Everybody starts to get sucked into the vortex. Draal manages to use his strength to free the amulet and cause the bridge to explode.

However, Jim finds that Draal's left arm has turned into stone. However, Bular has escaped and is about to destroy the Trollhunters. Our heroes manage to escape into the sewer, but Bular chases Jim to the bridge where Kanjigar died. The two engage in an epic battle on the bridge, just as the sun is setting down. Bular manages to capture Jim and is about to finish him off, but Jim uses his newly found powers from the armor to turn Bular to stone and send him into the river.

Jim manages to make it to the play in time and the performance goes on as planned, which immensely helped in mending and strengthening his growing relationship with Clarie. Then, during a celebration at Trollmarket, Jim vows to rescue Enrique and find a way into the Darklands, especially since Gunmar and Stricklander will stop at nothing to make them even.

Entering the Void Now that Bular has been taken care of, Jim is still conflicted on whether or not to tell his mother the truth, Claire's brother still being trapped in the Darklands, and Claire now knowing about the world of the trolls.

He and Toby take Claire to Trollmarket for the first time, where she instantly proves to be an expert having read the history book Blinky gave Jim and from NotEnrique's tutoring.

Suddenly, Jim is summoned to the Void, a place between worlds inhabited by previous hunters. Kanjigar reveals to Jim that they are aware of what Jim has been doing, and condemn him for his choice to go into the Darklands since it could endanger his friends. They inform Jim that the only possible way to escape the Darklands is by destroying Gunmar. Jim informs his friends of this problem and decides that there might be a way to fix it.

Spring Fling King Jim begins having strange dreams about fighting Gunmar, and how he is going to defeat him. One day during a school assembly, Jim nominated from prom king, along with Steve and Eli.

Toby encourages Jim to join in the election because it could help them become more popular, to which Jim reluctantly agrees. Later, Jim goes back to the Void for some advice from the other hunters, but they inform him that there is no possible way to get rid of Gunmar for good.

However, Blinky calls Jim back to the library because he has some interesting news for him, Claire, and Toby. Blinky explains that there are three special gems called "The Triamburic Stones", which can help them destroy Gunmar. However, they are hidden in three different locations around the world, which means that the Trollhunters will have to go on their very first quest.

The next day, Jim, Steve, and Eli compete against each other for the theme of the spring dance. While Steve and Eli are coming up with their own respective ideas Hawaiian for Steve and 80s for EliJim sees a Golem outside created by Strickler and Angor Rot to test his abilities.

Jim fights the golem, which results in his clothes being covered in mud. After the golem is vanquished, Jim goes back into the gym all dirty. Jim wins the challenge since moles are the mascot of the school. Unfortunately, Strickler returns to the school as the new principal having done something to the old onewhich leads to some large conflicts at school. The Quest Begins When the quest for the stones begins, Jim covers it up by telling Barbara that he is going camping with his friends, but Barbara is still angry at Jim for getting himself hurt and not explaining the truth to her, though Jim still leaves.

This is a series that doesn't shy away from a good fart joke, and the comedy helps to lighten the mood when the stakes begin to rise.

trolljegeren ending relationship

The core relationships of the characters are also not forgotten as Trollhunters veers towards its climactic battle. In fact, the cast on the whole begins to really gel in these final episodes, as enemies become friends and Jim lets his two lives merge more than ever before. There are new characters introduced as well; notably the wizard Merlin, the sorceress Morgana, and two new students at Jim's school, Krel and Aja.

And while they're all necessary additions in expanding the world of Arcadia, the introduction of some Merlin, mostly feels more natural to the story at hand than others Krel and Aja's introduction feels forced, for instance.

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The biggest change for Trollhunters season 3 is the sad fact that Anton Yelchin passed away before recording the remainder of Jim's dialogue. As a replacement, Emile Hirsch was cast and fans will be happy to know he ably steps into the role.

trolljegeren ending relationship

There's even an in-universe explanation given for the change in Jim's voice, which didn't really seem necessary, but it demonstrates how cognizant the creators were of the change and the effect it'd have on the series. Certain that the Jotnar is the source of the rabies and that he spread it to the Ringlefinches and the Mountain Kings and possibly to Thomas following the Ringlefinch bite he sustained a few days ago, Hans gears up his trollmobile and sets out to kill it, leaving Thomas, Johanna, and Malica Urmila Berg-Domaas in the safety of the cabin.

However, when the three students see the immense size of the creature and realize that it's heading toward the cabin, they run after Hans with the Jotnar in pursuit. Hans attempts to lure the beast away by playing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" on his loudspeaker and then weakens it with flashes from the UV-lamp mounted on the roof—until the flash runs out of power. He then heads back to pick up the others. Hoping to wear down the troll while his UV-lamp powers up, Hans drives along the road with the Jotnar lumbering a safe distance behind; until they are forced to slow down to pick up a fleeing seismologist, which gives the Jotnar just enough time to catch up and start smashing their vehicle.

The Land Rover now destroyed, Hans instructs the students to continue following the road while he stays behind to give the Jotnar the "finishing blow" with his handheld UV lamp. Malica continues to film, and the Jotnar can be seen crumbling into stone.

As they head along the road to the highway, they notice a car heading in their direction. In the final scene, he makes it to the highway as a large truck is seen approaching him, the driver presumably being the one who found the footage.

The filming stops here. A written epilogue then appears saying that none of the filming crew was heard from again and urging anyone with information to contact the Filmkameratene AS or nearest police station. The movie ends with the Norwegian Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg indirectly confirming in a real news clip that Norway has trolls.

Norwegians are pro electricity but against power lines. That won't work in the long run. Norway has trolls, so more power lines are needed. Unfortunately, the press failed to notice.