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Tales of Vesperia, the next Tales of RPG in the long running franchise marks it's 10th anniversary. .. Yuri: "No hard feelings, no matter which of us gets to Alexei first, right? Continue as you please till the world comes to an end. [ Defeated enemy with Fatal Strike] Tison: What is your relationship to that monster?!. Shop Tales Of Vesperia: The First Strike [DVD]. Everyday low prices and free Seraph Of The End: Series 1 Part 2 (DVD) []. DVD. Masashi Koizuka. Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike revolves around the two knights, Yuri Lowell and for reinforcements to hold Shizontonia is denied until the end of the gathering. .. that the film had a slow pace in developing Yuri and Flynn's relationship.

Same thing as 2, feel like visiting it should still be possible. That's kind of funny in a way though. His thoughts are "Lol you guize cant hert me now, force field!

Maybe i'm reading into it too hard They definitely took some inspiration from FMA: Brotherhood for some of it i noticed. Some songs sounded very similar along with art styles they used in specific scenes.

And let me just say i decided to watch it on a Normal DVD the first time, and Blu-Ray the second, and i noticed that on the Blu-Ray, in addition to being crisper and more beautiful, i could actually see through characters sometimes.

Like they were transparent when i couldnt do that on the normal DVD, just something odd i noticed. They're in the Sword Dancer sidequest. You have to talk to them to start it, and they give Flynn a weapon when you finish it. Also, the movie was pretty inaccurate, just sayin'.

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Not to my knowledge it doesn't. It might have just been abandoned, but we don't know. I think this one just disappeared off the face of the earth too. I think FS was made after V, so not a whole lot of things made sense. Main reasons why FS doesn't make sense: Pay attention to Flynn and Yuri's relationship. IMO, it's pretty much, well, slaughtered.

They grew up in the Lower Quarter together and promised that they would join the knights together--then all of a sudden, "Why is someone like you even in the knights?

Can't be within a few feet of each other without arguing and then Aurnion comes along and they're laughing together after a friendly duel? Repede was a few months old in the movie. Repede is about four years in the game. Repede's origin is somewhat accurate--mother was a dog for the knights, owner and his mother got killed during an incident, got injured and went missing, was found by Flynn and Yuri.

They both took him in. Yuri saying that Repede is "kind of a nuisance" makes no sense. Aha, someone else pointed this out to me English movie, Japanese version of game. She didn't know that aer krenes even existed until the events of the game. Such a small thing but really irks me. That's kinda strange in a way though, because on the extra features there was a 'picture sound' as it was called, that showed portraits drawn by an artist who worked on the movie, and in it it showed pictures of all the characters, one showed Patty.

Then i compared the timelines though, and the version came out inand the movie came out a little over a month after the PS3 version did inso a little strange. They do bicker quite a lot, i guess the main reason, maybe, is because Flynn hasn't really matured and moved past some of his life events, namely his father's passing.

He's very sensitive about it and immediately gets angry at anyone who brings it up, especially Yuri, since he often acts in the way of putting himself in harms way for others, so once he moves past that, he's more calm and accepting. Yeah, it is a little understandable though. Until Lambert died, Repede just bugged him, immediately after Lambert's passing though, he started to really treasure and spend time with Repede, and really, Repede's ridiculously cute as a puppy ha, how could you not like him?

Karol; while he starts off as the Tag Along Kidin the guild he's the leader, since Yuri admits Karol actually knows a lot more about how guilds work than he does. Yuri; the main hero actually comfortably becomes Karol's right-hand man as opposed to trying to be a figurehead for the guild.

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Judith; Graduated from being The Sixth Ranger when she first joins the party, to being the muscle of the guild. Rita; a skilled mage and Blastia expert, as well she seems more knowledgeable about the world in general.

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Estelle; While she offers plenty of information herself, she's the one who seems to "hire" the guild and give them focus, she's also the moral center of the group, as well as The Medic. Repede; pretty obvious, although he's an 'honorary member' of the guild, he's still a dog.

Raven; Not an actual member of the guild he already belongs to another guild, but his interests align with the guild's and he's happy to tag along and help them out. Judith's Moonbeam, where she suddenly appears above the enemy. The castle's background music is more tense and dramatic than the situation and its status as the first dungeon calls for.

Said music is much more appropriate when it's the penultimate dungeon of the second arc, with the stakes incredibly high. There's a cheesy, jazzy little theme associated with Raven that plays whenever he shows up early in the game. It also plays during a scene in Heliord that he's not present for There's another, more blatant one.

When getting past the blockade of Nordopolica, Raven distracts the Schwann Brigade by calling them to attention. This just seems like a funny gag at the time, with them being the usual, bumbling guards they are.

Of course, they had a very good reason for reacting the way they did- Raven is their commanding officer, after all.

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Raven also is called out by Rita for knowing that aer can effect blastia, something that isn't that well known outside of researchers like her. Considering he has a blastia in his chest replacing his heart, he's got a very good reason to know that. In the Sands of Kogorhyou can find an exclusive armour for Raven.

It's called the Phoenix Guard and though it suits the location, the fact Raven is the one to get it happily hints at the fact he's been brought Back from the Dead. The first cinematic where Estelle reads a book as temporary narrator has quite a bit of foreshadowing in the case of showing the Entelexeia before they become important to the story. It specifically shows Phaeroh, Gusios and Astal. For Want of a Nail: The whole plot kicks off because Raven gives Yuri the key to the prison, allowing him to sneak out to check on the Lower Quarter.

Except that doesn't happen, since he has a run in with Estelle, who is desperate enough to wave a sword at a bunch of knights just so she can warn Flynn about something. From this one event springs the whole plot. If this hadn't happened, not only would the Big Bad 's plans go unhindered, but the Eldritch Abomination that comes from that incident would have destroyed the world. A more minor example lies in Yuri and Estelle having to take the Quoi Woods route due to the Lord of the Plains blocking the normal route; they meet Karol thanks to that, which ties into them helping fix the barrier blastia of Halure.

There is a part where Raven and Yuri are having a conversation about Alexei before taking him on. When it looks like Raven is going to slip into Freudian Excuse territory, Yuri cuts him off, telling him that he doesn't want to make things needlessly complicated when they fight. I am SO gonna kick your ass!

They do this, which leads to that, while they were already doing something else, which brings out new problems, which leads to another problem, while this is going on behind the scenes, which throws this in the way of thatwhich causes this to happen in the middle of that other thing Alexei is the one along with Yeager who orchestrated the Hunting Blades betraying the Union by attacking Nordipolica so that the Guild Union would fall into civil war.

Gameplay and Story Integration: Since you're likely to see it first, Schwann's Mystic arte leaves him grasping his chest and vulnerable to attack. Raven's Mystic Arte works the same way and he even mumbles "I thought I was a goner. A subtler comes in the form of how much stronger monsters and particularly bosses are compared to other Tales Series games are like. In universe, the survival of humans depends on the barriers to keep out the monsters within the world.

Get on the Boat: Get on the boat, they said Fight some mermen, they said Rita and Estelle, but mostly Rita.