Persona 3 yukari ending relationship

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persona 3 yukari ending relationship

Discussion in 'Persona / Shin Megami Tensei' started by . level 10 wid yukari n i wuz abt to reach level 10 with yuko but i reached the end of. It makes the ending hit way harder. The final 2 When you first start Persona 3 FES you are greeted to Yukari pointing a gun at your face. And you have no .. Sometimes, I actually did that like in Kenji's social link. That said. A page for describing TearJerker: Persona 3. Tear Jerker / Persona 3 .. Usually, this song only plays during the saddest moments of the game (Yukari finding By the end of his Social Link, you'd be drowning in a lake of your own tears.

persona 3 yukari ending relationship

Don't leave me behind! You can hear me, can't you!? Snap out of it! To make things worse, Even if he had survived Shinjiro has no way of living a normal life. He requires the Persona Suppressants even though they're slowly killing him because otherwise Castor will go berserk and kill him and people around him. The shift in music during Shinjiro's social link. The death of the protagonist.

Persona 3 Portable english ending with Yukari/Fuuka/Mitsuru

And his death is confirmed in FES where it serves as a major plot point. Even before Nyx is sealed away, seeing that the cost of the "Great Seal" skill is the entirety of your hit points will probably make you realize that the game is not going to end happy. The fact that he survives after using up his soul on pure willpower alone, despite his friends having forgotten him and the promise that was keeping him alive, until the very end, wherein it's too late as he lies down on Aigis's lap atop the rooftop, watches the sky with her, and dies seconds before his friends arrive.

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When the game described the Protagonist as starting to feel warm while laying down on Aigis's lap, that he was going to die. The fact that your final attack against Nyx is the Great Seal makes this even more tearjerking. He's sacrificed himself for all his friends and for the world. And they don't even realize until the last minute, right after he dies. Tear Jerker material indeed. And hearing Aigis almost break down as she tries to reassure the Protagonist doesn't make it any better.

Listening to Kimi no Kioku Memories of You in the credits while knowing what the lyrics mean. Hearing SEES call out to you during the final battle with Nyx, while undeniably badass as well as heartwarming, should also qualify as a Tear Jerker. You hear them begging you to hold out from Nyx's attacks with the hope that you'll come back safe, all while they're helpless to do anything themselves. Of particular mention are Mitsuru's and Junpei's pleas, the former due to the context behind her words, the latter due to Mignogna's soul-felt performance.

persona 3 yukari ending relationship

Take my life if you must! I won't let him die! Except for possibly Aigis, who looks on sadly, not knowing what to do. At first glace, things don't seem particularly bad, and it'd probably serve as a happy ending in any other context, which is what makes it feel so subtly wrong.

The MC, Junpei and Yukari are all hanging out like they used to. They see Aigis on the way in to school And it's implied she's the only one who has Ripple Effect-Proof Memoryso imagine how painful that must be for her.

Mitsuru and Akihiko aren't even acquaintances with the others, and Mitsuru gives a speech on graduation day, saying her father recently passed away from illness. She pauses for a moment, as if some part of her realises that's not right. Everyone discusses their future plans oblivious to the fact the whole world is about to endand Yukari makes a speech about how it doesn't matter what they choose in life and that "ignorance is bliss", which hurts after seeing all her Character Development.

But the worst part about all this? Shinjiro isn't even mentioned. Seeing as Mitsuru knows her father died, this seems to imply that Shinjiro's death still happened and nobody cared.

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He was completely forgotten. Fridge Horror also sets in with Ken. With him forgetting what caused him to abandon his desire for revenge, and finding out Shinjiro had suddenly died, it's possible he might have gone back to being suicidal.

Everything all these characters went through is gone, and the world is doomed. There are even more in the FES re-releaseespecially if you take a minute to think about it. The worst that sticks out is the Hermit S-Link epilogue. Having accidentally shown off your cellphone's wallpaper to Ms. Toriumi, the Hermit S-Link, she suitably freaks out, aaaalmost recovers in time to ask you out for dinner, but freaks out and runs away.

The main character dies the next day. This may in fact be the entire point of The Answer, being an epilogue to the king of all Bittersweet Endingsbut particularly Yukari's breakdown as the epilogue progresses, becoming more and more angry and distant from the rest of the cast, but particularly the new main character, Aigis. And what about the little girl you befriended, and helped to cope with her parents' divorce? Her last meeting with you, she gives you a toy ring and asks if you'll marry her someday.

During the game's epilogue, the day before you die, you get a letter from her where she's holding you to your promise. When Yukari watched the true video her father made of the Incident, not the one Shuji Ikutsuki manipulated. Her father says that he loves her and was the happiest man on Earth when he was with her, and when the video starts to short out, she cries "Dad The whole sequence with Junpei and Chidori, from the hospital visits to her death while also being a Moment of Awesome for both the character and the game.

The scene where Chidori gives her life to save Junpei, and he watches her die right in front of him. Much more so than this scene was the follow-up a week or so later, when Mitsuru gives Junpei Chidori's sketchbook and he sees it's full of pictures of him, and he just breaks down crying. What makes this Wham Episode even worse is just how sudden it is. Every Wham Episode previously was either on a Full Moon or right after one, so the player would probably be getting used to the pattern by now.

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Then this moment suddenly comes on what was otherwise a percectly ordinary day, right after a week filled with comic relief at that! For that reason it's possible to be blindsided by this even when following a day-by-day walkthrough. By triggering certain event flagsit is possible to revive Chidori, though she loses her memories of the Dark Hour.

But the scene of her and Junpei being reunited is absolutely beautiful. The music, while definitely awesomedoes not help. The entirety of the fight with Akihiko and Ken. She kept waiting for some event dialogue, or anything, really, to stop the battle before it actually ended.

Did anyone think that Main Character and Yukari were more than just friends?

Dog lovers will find the fight against Junpei and Koromaru especially heart-wrenching. Just listening to Koromaru whimper in pain every time you hit him is enough to make those with the weakest of hearts quit mid-fight.

Although Metis may have been coming off as a real bitch due to her treatment of the members of SEES, just listening to her breaking down in Aigis's arms, begging her sister not to leave her, reminds the player just how broken Metis is from being alone her whole life, her fear of losing the one person she values most, the person who is most like her.

The ending, and Aigis's tears. Though their meaning is debatable, I took it as Aigis knowing that the hero's dying in her arms, and she can't really help, even as she's saying that her purpose will be to protect him and stay by his side. When a dialogue choice comes up with telling her "it'll be okay", and picking that choice causes the hero to brush his hand across her cheek Persona 3 Portable adds an even more heartbreaking variation to this scene: If it was painful with Aigis, imagine how hard it would be to see the hero dying in Yukari or Mitsuru's arms.

To be honest, all are very sob-worthy, whether as a guy or girl. In order to spend your last moments with them, you not only have to max their Social Link with them, but if you're the girl, you have to be lovers with them. That makes Shinjiro's ending excruciatingly heart breaking due to twisted irony. The girl he loved indirectly saved his life through her kindness, yet she dies in his arms and he can't do anything about it. Thanks Atlus, you cruel bastards. P3P's New Game Plus endings.

persona 3 yukari ending relationship

In order to re-initiate the S. With the FES solution however, requiring tactics in this way does three important things: In persona 3 FES, a wrong tactic can and will result in a game over before you get your next turn. This adds challenge, and makes the player really think about what personas they have on at a given time, what party members they have, and what they really need at the exact moment of their turn.

It forces the player to think about turn order -- By pushing R1 you can see who gets their turn next. But since Tactics are permenant and cannot be changed until the player receives their next turn, they have to think carefully about the turn order and what tactics are best for the current cycle. This places a huge importance on turn order that even later persona games don't touch up on. This actually invalidates all current tactics so if you need to do a normal attack right away you can activate RUSH even if its just for one character's turn Reason 4.

The reason is because the music is very themed. The sound director for this game was on point! A lot of the music is atmospheric in nature, When the Moon's Reaching Out, even the Tartarus exploration theme really gives the player a sense of presence in the game world. The music matches the mood the areas go for really well, and finds a way to connect these elements to the game's core theme of death in a very notable way.

The immediacy of Living with Determination, for example, gives that sense of facing death, and it's one of my personal favorites in the game. Speaking of personal favorites The Atmosphere The atmosphere on display in Persona 3 and is the ultimate culmination of every single reason listed above. Everything comes together and the result is the strongest atmosphere in the persona franchise.

You constantly feel dread. You constantly feel depressed. But you never feel without hope. The characters being "third-party" from the protagonist you are supposed to project yourself on which is, by the way, the theme of Persona in general, coughthe music doing a very good job at portraying the emotions the player is actually feeling in regards to the story, the monster design embodiying the very fear the protagonists and the player might be feeling, everything comes together and paints a dark, oblique picture that is an absolute joy to experience for the first time.

The reason the atmosphere works is because every other single piece of the game encourages what's being built here: It is for these reasons it is impossible to honestly discuss Persona 3 without addressing its incredibly strong atmosphere, which in my opinion hasn't been rivalled by any subsequent release. She wanted to ease HER own pain. Real love is not a one-sided affair. It was because of the way you felt.

We all wanted to protect him, but out of all of us She did consider suicide when MC died.

persona 3 yukari ending relationship

And she wished away her own emotions. Yukari did none of that. Cranman Cranman 10 years ago 8 Yukari is a love interest and aigis comes across more like a motherly figure. She feels responsible for the MC's tragic fate. Had she been strong enough, she would not have needed to transfer death into the MC.

I think from a personal standpoint Aigis feels apologetic and deeply remorseful for the predicament her actions caused the MC. So to atone for her sin she tried to become his protector. I don't think every relationship has to be on a romantic level.