Nathan and lucas relationship

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nathan and lucas relationship

Nathan Royal Scott is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by James Lafferty. Following Lucas Scott's departure, Nathan has become the main character . Throughout the season, Nathan and Haley's relationship blossoms into love, and in the season finale they get married and his . I have only seen two episodes on Netflix. However, Lucas and Nathan appear to be the same age. Nathan's father denies he is Lucas' father. The entire first season is based on their shared competitive nature regarding their father's love. Of course they fight over basketball and girls too.

He soon has troubles with his half-brother Nathan, who is also the Ravens captain, because Nathan wants to remain the star of the team and feels threatened by Lucas's arrival.

nathan and lucas relationship

Nevertheless, Lucas is determined to stay on the team although he removes the name "Scott" from his jersey. He is attracted to and shares a deep emotional connection with Peyton Nathan's girlfriend. Disgusted by Nathan's behavior towards his brother, she eventually breaks up with him. Nathan retaliates by pursuing Lucas's best friend Haley, who agrees to tutor Nathan in return for him leaving Lucas alone.

Lucas and Peyton fall in love, but Peyton is initially scared of a romance with Lucas not wanting to be "serious" with him. He also finds himself in Dan's position when Brooke claims to be pregnant, although this turns out to be false as Brooke was lying to seek her revenge on Lucas for breaking her heart.

His friendship with Peyton is broken once she learns he had a one-night stand with new resident Nicki not long after she ended their affair. Wanting a fresh start, Lucas decides to leave town with Keith. Lucas and Nathan have a final conversation where Nathan calls Lucas his brother and Lucas says, "I'll miss you, little brother. He also starts seeing a new girl named Anna Taggarobut they break up amicably when Anna accepts that she is a lesbian.

This sets Lucas at odds with his mother, as she cannot believe that Lucas would want to live with Dan rather than her. Lucas and Karen are reconciled when she learns half of the reason he is staying with Dan, which is to protect Keith.

This plan to protect his uncle fails when Jules leaves Keith at the altar and Keith leaves town after discovering that Lucas and Karen knew that she was hired by Dan. He finds a stash of cash and an incriminating ledger in the attic at Dan's dealership and plans to expose Dan's illegal dealings, but ultimately fails as Dan has also incriminated Deb.

As a result, he loses Dan's college fund for him which Dan had been saving since Lucas was a baby and even his heart medication. Nathan also ends his friendship with Lucas after discovering that Lucas had planned to bring Dan down and visited Haley behind his back in an attempt to patch up her and Nathan's marriage.

nathan and lucas relationship

Lucas does, however, kiss Brooke in the season finale and confesses that he wants to be with her, but she still leaves for California to spend the summer with her parents. Ultimately, it is just Lucas and a broken-hearted Peyton after boyfriend Jake left her for the summer and the last shot is of the two of them sharing a meaningful hug on the beach. Dan tries to strangle Lucas on the basketball court, but Peyton, having learned the truth from Lucas, tells Dan that Lucas actually saved him from the fire.

Lucas also protects the true arsonist: Lucas and Nathan continue to argue over Nathan's treatment of the returned Haley and have a public fight after Lucas accuses Nathan of being just like Dan. Lucas struggles to pay for his heart medication and steals money from his mother, which Haley sees, forcing Lucas to tell her about his condition. He begins a non-exclusive relationship with Brooke and uses Rachel Gatina to make her jealous, but a series of events leads Brooke to sleep with Chris Kellertearing them apart.

He and Nathan gradually become friends again. Keith returns, and he and Karen finally get together and become engaged. Keith also plans to adopt Lucas. Lucas saves Peyton and is devastated by Jimmy and Keith's eventual deaths.

After seeing the effect of Keith's death on his mother, Lucas decides to finally tell Whitey, Nathan, and Karen about his heart condition and quits basketball. He goes on a university tour with his mother and realizes that he wants to become a writer.

He is also Nathan's best man for his second wedding to Haley. He and Brooke break up for good during the wedding when Brooke learns that Lucas kissed Peyton back during the school shooting. In Season 4, Lucas tries to get Brooke back, but she rejects him, feeling that the passion is no longer there. One day, he hurries to save Peyton from Internet stalker " Psycho Derek ", and becomes considerably closer to her afterward.

He also helps Karen, who is pregnant with Keith's baby, and plans on going to the University of North Carolina when he graduates so that he can be close to home in case she needs him.

Dan also helps Karen with her pregnancy, wanting to make amends for Keith's death. After talking with Dan, Karen persuades Whitey to let Lucas play 15 minutes a game, so as not to let him miss out on something he loves. Brooke and Lucas try dating each other again, but realize that it is not what they truly want and is not what is meant to be, prompting Peyton to confess her feelings for Lucas.

Lucas then discovers that Nathan is planning to throw the state championship game because of his debts. Lucas plans to prevent this and deliberately fails to take his heart medication in order to play better, but Nathan is inspired by learning that he is going to have a son and they win, with Lucas making the winning shot. During the celebration, Lucas, after receiving Brooke's blessing, sees Peyton and tells her that she is the girl he has been meant for.

The two then share a long-awaited kiss. They become a couple at the after-party, but their happiness is short-lived when Haley gets hit by a car and Lucas tries to tell the paramedics what happened, only to suffer a heart attack. They were two consenting adults, so Nathan was the only one with trouble coping and that was definitely on him.

nathan and lucas relationship

Skills and Deb proved that there was some true depth to their relationship despite the age difference. Grubbs and Miranda You can all be forgiven for not remembering this bland season 7 storyline. It is best left forgotten. In case you need a recap, Miranda Stone was a record exec, originally attempting to shut down Red Bedroom Records after Peyton left town.

Once she began working with Haley, she and Grubbs the bartender began a brief and boring romance. He was, of course, a great musician, so Miranda was intent on getting him to make a record.

Grubbs was intent on getting her to fall for him. Thankfully, this plot was abandoned when Miranda was deported back to England. It was later revealed that Grubbs went after her and that was the last fans heard of either of these forgettable characters. Brooke and Julian OTH may not have done the best job of laying the groundwork for this relationship.

Regardless of their romantic beginnings, Brooke and Julian made a great couple. After watching her kiss so many frogs over the years, it was gratifying to finally see Brooke with someone who actually deserved her.

It was also nice that no one made a big deal out of the fact that Julian and Peyton had a romantic history with one another. Brooke and Peyton had already fractured their friendship once over a guy, so it was a relief that the writers chose not to revisit the subject. Dan stops him and covers for his son by pounding the ground, which breaks his hand. He is arrested for the beating of Daunte, who dies.

It is later revealed at the autopsy that the crash is what killed Daunte, not Nathan's beating. Meanwhile, as the paramedics are working on Haley, Lucas falls unconscious after a heart attack. They are both rushed to the hospital. In the next episode, Haley wakes up and an ultrasound is done to check the baby. They hear the heartbeat, proving that the baby is indeed fine. After Deb attempts suicide by taking an overdose, Nathan is racked with guilt. He and Haley decide to help Deb by moving out of their apartment and into the Scott mansion.

Nathan posing for his yearbook image. In episode "Pictures of You" A party is thrown on the night before prom.

A tape of Nathan's basketball glories is played, but Nathan is horrified when it also reveals footage of him having sex with Brooke Davis at a time when he and Peyton had just broken up. Haley asks Nathan to make a list of his conquests and Nathan tells Haley that she is the only one he loved. Haley forgives Nathan and they kiss and then go to the prom together. After Mouth sends a text saying he needs help, the gang goes to Honey Grove, Texas, where Nathan and Haley have their dream prom.

When they get back home, Nathan tells Lucas that an investigator has been calling him about point shaving and they are looking at Lucas.

Lucas Scott

Lucas decides to take the fall after Haley asks him to. When Nathan finds out, he decides to come forward because he doesn't want to end up like Dan, putting his future in front of everybody else.

He holds a press conference about the point shaving, which causes him to lose his scholarship. Nathan soon finds out from Deb that Dan killed Keith. When he confronts Dan about it, Dan doesn't deny it and Nathan, in anger, disowns him and says he died the day Keith died. Whitey decides to help Nathan achieve his college basketball dreams. Whitey accepts a coaching position with a nearby college and asks Nathan to be his star recruit.

During graduation, Haley goes into labor in the middle of her valedictorian speech. In the season finale, Haley gives birth to their son, James Lucas Scott, on June 13, their graduation day. At their graduation party, Haley tells Brooke that she was chosen to be the godmother, which she happily accepts. Later on the roof, Lucas and Nathan exchange pictures of their new family members and consider confronting Dan in jail, but agree that they will never do so. Lucas reveals that he will be Whitey's assistant coach.

After the party, everyone heads to the River Court where Lucas and Nathan prepare for a one on one game. The season ends with Nathan jumping to shoot a basket and Lucas trying to block it. It's unknown if he made that shot or who won. The game was a tribute to the first one-on-one game between the two Scott brothers, which led to Lucas joining the Ravens and the start of everything. Missing years[ edit ] In his first year of college, Nathan won his first National Championship, coached by Lucas and Whitey, trying to make people forget he had shaved points back in the days.

He almost got into a fight with rival fans after it, but Lucas held him back and Whitey advised him to control his temper or he would end up like Dan.

nathan and lucas relationship

One night he went to a party at a bar with Lucas and Haley to celebrate his new shoe deal, shoes called "the NS 23's". When Haley left to watch their son Jamie, fans of Portland, a rival NBA team, pretended they wanted an autograph from Nathan, only to mock him.

When things escalated, he almost walked away thanks to Lucas, but the rival fans made a nasty comment about Haley, and he defended his wife and a fight ensued. Thrown through a plate glass window, he screamed he couldn't feel his legs and consequently his NBA career was over before it started. He's grown his hair long and has a scruffy beard.

He gets into an argument with Haley, saying that he lost everything and has nothing. Haley angrily tells him that he still has her and Jamie, but if he keeps this up, he will definitely have nothing because Haley says that she can't keep living like this.

He also teaches Jamie how to not be afraid. To prove that he is going to get his family back, he cooks Haley dinner, and shaves. Haley, happy to see her husband back, tells him that she missed him and they all sit down to eat. Nathan also starts playing basketball with Jamie. He even confronts him, telling Fields how much he regrets his own mistakes, and convinces him to go back to school.

Quentin comes to her aid, punching Jason, which also damages his hand, putting him out of basketball for some time. Haley, however, is disappointed about Nathan's temper. He tells her that Carrie snuck into the shower without his knowledge, which is the truth. But Carrie insists that she and Nathan are in love, angering Haley, which gets them both kicked out.

Some time later, Nathan has an argument with Haley. During this time, Jamie falls into the pool, nearly drowning. Nathan and Haley soon look out the window to see him lying face down in the pool.

Rushing to his aid, Nathan jumps in and pulls Jamie out. As Haley is sitting on the ground with Jamie in her arms, she angrily tells him that she wants a divorce. They fear that they will never see Jamie again. However, Jamie returns home, and Jamie tells his parents that it was Dan who brought him home. After they reconnect, Nathan and Haley start marriage counseling. In counseling, Nathan admits that he wants Haley to look at him the way she used to.

He realizes all his mistakes and tell Haley he loves her, and they make up. Quentin has also befriended Jamie, who looks up to him.

nathan and lucas relationship

Unfortunately, Quentin is fatally shot while interrupting a store robbery. The revelation strains his friendship with Skills but after a talk with Jamie, he comes to terms with their relationship. To ease it, Skills decides to help Nathan with his comeback.

Once Nathan gets there, he is disappointed to hear they want him as a coach, not as a player. Nathan turns down the position but is soon asked to play Slamball by Owen Brooke Davis' ex. After some hesitation, Nathan starts to play Slamball.

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Haley is afraid he'll hurt his back. Her worry intensifies when she sees some severe bruises on his back. Then, after a game, an old rival charges at Nathan and pushes him through a glass window in front of his wife and son. Scared that his father almost ended up badly injured, Jamie makes him promise that he will stop playing Slamball.

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On the night of the USO concert, Nathan is at his home talking with the spirit of "Q" as he watches the Slamball championships on television. Q asks if he really gave it up for Jamie or because he stopped believing in himself. After Q's pep talk, Nathan asks Haley to promise him that they won't be afraid of chasing their dreams.

Nathan attends a trial for D-League basketball and after initially getting turned away for not belonging to a team, he is called back by the general manager who had earlier offered him the coaching position. After a successful trial, Nathan is selected to play for the Charleston Chiefs.


Teammate Devon Fox threatens Nathan, and says he's not going to be taking his spot.