Luffy and hancock relationship poems

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luffy and hancock relationship poems

54 quotes have been tagged as one-piece: Eiichiro Oda: 'Inherited Will, The Destiny of the Age, and The tags: dreams, friendship, loyalty, nami, one-piece. It is also seen when Luffy states nonchalantly that he is friends with Boa Hancock, a beautiful woman, when she appears to prevent a Marine ship from sinking. One Piece - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4, - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 22 - Published: May 23 - Luffy, Nami.

When everyone else was fighting the two hundred captains at Enies Lobbyhe went to close the Gates of Justice instead. The most significant would be having to leave Zou to spare his crew from the Fire Tank Pirates while he has to confront his family.

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He does admit that he is not perfect. He convinced Usopp to let him fight Jabra, because of their differences in abilities. He admitted that he was stronger than Usopp in terms of physical strength, that they both had things they could not do and things they could do and because of that, they can help each other.

This inspired Usopp to realize he was the only one who could save Robin by use of marksmanship. Intelligence Edit Sanji is also able to think one step ahead in most situations, making him extremely clever compared to his other crewmates. The first example is when dealing with Baroque Works he fooled Crocodile into thinking he was Mr.

Later on when the rest of the crew was captured by the ShichibukaiSanji with the help of Chopper outwitted him using a Den Den Mushi. This was very impressive as Crocodile was known for his scheming nature. Another example is when Nico Robin was captured by the CP9he somehow knew or was able to deduce that the CP9 were going to take Robin to the station. He was seen at the station hiding before the CP9 even got there.

When these events go as he planned, he has a habit of saying 'Bingo! Amorous Nature Edit Sanji's "rehabilitation". He is extremely amorous, constantly flirting with any attractive woman he sees, earning him the nickname "ero-cook".

luffy and hancock relationship poems

Even as a child, while working in Baratie, Sanji would become love struck with attractive female customers and end up making mistakes in the process much to Zeff's irritation. In fact, he claimed that Nami was Since, and a while after, this romantic nature is a hassle for the rest of the crew in times of crisis. Returning to Sabaody Archipelago after his two years on Momoiro IslandSanji became even more perverted due to not having seen a woman in two years, making lewd faces when he so much as thought of beautiful women primarily his crew mates, Nami and Robin and acting strangely when he got close to 'real' women, causing others to question about his health.

He's also known to show jealousy towards others when their luck with women appears better than his. An example of this being his reaction upon learning that Luffy spent his two years during the time skip on Amazon Lily and being very close to both Boa Hancock and the mermaid Shirahoshi, as well as his reaction to Momonosuke continuously being allowed to go places like the women's room that Sanji himself would be prohibited.

He is also amorous toward females of different humanoid species such as mermaids and minks. Sanji considers himself handsome and charming, often comparing himself to a fairytale prince fitting since he is actually a prince. This trait is rarely been noted by others, though there are times where ladies are interested in the cook, like after rescuing Cocoyasi Village from the Arlong Pirates a whole group of women gathered around him anime the female bounty hunters at Whisky Peak and the female members of the Foxy Pirates also took an interest in him but both of these times they merely fooling him, making him drop his guard more recently the mermaids of Fish-Man Island were very captivated with the cook and played with him in the water causing Sanji to cry with happiness.

At other times when Sanji is full of himself he tends to be brought sharply back to earth by the people around him such as being called the "Prince of Dumb-ass Kingdom" by Zoro, prompting Sanji to attack him. Sanji is shown to sometimes act like a jerk to anyone who is not a romantic interest. Unlike Nami and Robin and other attractive women, Sanji will not lend his chivalrous assistance to his fellow male crewmates when they ask for it on the ship and will even react rudely to their cries for help, but this is rarely the case.

He was more willing to assist them as they were chased by a Pacifistathinking they'll die if he did not aid them. Despite his extremely perverted nature, Sanji has some degree of self control, stemming from his loyalty to his crew, as shown despite being attracted to Pudding, he sternly refused to marry her, letting her down gently.

luffy and hancock relationship poems

However, when the moment called for it, he was stoic when Pudding tried several times to assassinate him, disregarding her feeble taunts and suggesting she was lying to herself. Sanji is conscious of his romantic nature but feels no shame throwing himself at beautiful women. When forced to agree with the marriage with Pudding for the sake of his loved ones, he told himself to act like his old romantic-side "love cook" despite feeling the grief of being separated from his friends and the danger they were in.

He bluntly declared to Ivankov that he is a man among men who was born to love the ladies and not to be friends with them. To this end, Sanji resisted becoming an okama for two long years.

Sanji will often get so caught up in what he calls a "hurricane of love" that he becomes downright delusional. He often imagines himself bursting in on horse to save Nami or Robin. At Water 7he went overboard by not only leaving Nami a confidential letter, but defeating its purpose by writing Nami a very obvious message for her and only her at the Blue Station when he went off to sneak onto the Puffing Tomwhich said that whoever else read it were all idiots, managing to annoy Nami once she spotted it.

During Sanji and Pudding's wedding ceremony, the two of them were together before the ceremony started, which is uncommon in many real-world ceremonies. Doves seem to be a common theme as well, as many of them were seen flying by when Shanks attended a ceremony. Sometimes controversy will arise if two people are known to be married, as king Riku Dold III worried would happen if his daughter Scarlett was known to have married the former gladiator and criminal Kyros.

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Thus, Scarlett had to fake her death and relinquish her royal status, and she and Kyros lived in an uninhabited area in order to keep their marriage a secret although the citizens already knew, and accepted without saying aloud. In those cases, the married couple will reside on either of the bride or groom affiliated territory, and the parties will be considered allies. Some example are Big Mom marrying off her children to increase the strength of her pirate crew or to satisfy her personals desires.

Marriages that are forced particularly by the World Nobles could lead to a life misery for the subservient spouse, as they have no right nor love to their superiors, serving more of a trophy or servant than an equal, and could easily be discarded if the dominant spouse loses interest.

Furthermore, these dominant World Noble spouses may practice polygamy having multiple spouses simultaneouslyfurther showing lack of affection or loyalty for one particular spouse while disregarding their personal feelings. Such a husband is Charloshaving twelve wives before discarding the first five out of disinterest and attempting to force Marie to become one of his concubines in their place. So far, no marriages have ever been seen to end on mutual terms, though have ended with abandonment, as seen when recurring background character Sam 's wife was stated to have left him.

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Should one partner be significantly more influential or powerful than the other, marriages may also end with the more powerful person outright discarding their partner. Saint Charlos discarded his first through fifth wives, with them not having any say in the matter. When someone became a toy, everyone they knew forgot about them, and if the toy was married, their partner would never have remembered marrying them in the first place.