Hiei and mukuro relationship problems

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hiei and mukuro relationship problems

Though Hiei and Mukuro are kindred spirits, what I saw wasn't necessarily the Love Life Advice Do you want to learn more about a current relationship?. Hiei reflects on their relationship after training. Hiei and Mukuro are two souls broken by their pasts. Will by any Written as responses to various challenges. Mukuro challenges Hiei and gives him someone else he can trust/go to. . But from what we see in the show, Kurama's relationship with Hiei has always been.

Though the relationship between identical twins is likely the closest comparison that can be made. While they may not look alike physically, in every other way, they see themselves in each other.

And because of that, they are able to accept themselves as they are and push forward and find a purpose together. Hiei and Mukuro are able to relate on that level. Which is why they were able to help each other. So the kind of relationship they have goes beyond anything conventional. It goes far beyond love or friendship or even familial care. You need to learn to accept yourself in order to live with yourself.

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But not quite, since they are actually different people. But because they are so similar and united in their pasts and have helped each other overcome them, they can lean on each other and learn to accept and live with themselves together. They are like the same side of the same coin. Not Yin and Yang, but rather both of them Yin. Struggling against each other is like struggling against themselves.

When Mukuro told Hiei not to make it his purpose in life to defeat her because that would be sad, she meant that making it his purpose in life to defeat and destroy his past and himself would be sad.

When Hiei said he would never fight her again, he meant that he had made peace with himself and would no longer fight against himself again. They were both content at the end of the battle because through making peace with each other in that fight, they were making peace with themselves.

hiei x mukuro

Compared to how well Hiei and Kurama get along, work together and support each other, Mukuro doesn't stand a chance. Plus, Kurama's prettier than she is. Let's be real here: Goku was roped into getting married before he even knew what the word "marriage" meant. Goku and Chi-Chi's relationship is highly dysfunctional because Goku doesn't understand that being in a committed relationship means that you can't keep running off to fight people.

Yes, he saves the world, but you have to be around at least a little for your family. Even Vegeta, the murderous, conceited King of Sayians, is with his wife, Bulma, all of the time and helps her raise their son, Trunks.

hiei and mukuro relationship problems

It's no wonder that Chi-Chi is screaming at him all the time -- although it's also one of the reasons he takes off to go fight evil aliens and androids and demons all the time. Shouldn't the two have them at least pretended to get along, for Gohan's sake?

Did Hiei fall in love with Mukuro?

She's weird, for starters; she's an extension of Yugi, some crazy girl who simply wants friends. She's even more obsessed with Tenchi than Tenchi's housemates Ayeka and Ryoko are -- she has pictures of Tenchi everywhere in her room!

hiei and mukuro relationship problems

She should be a great character since she's the savior of everyone, sacrificing herself in order to restore Tenchi's world, but all of that fades into oblivion much like Sakuya herself at the thought of just how creepy she was. Also unfortunate is that she had the makings of being a very compatible girlfriend for Tenchi -- all she wanted to do was make Tenchi happy. But there's "making someone happy" in a loving way, then there's "making someone happy" in a "kill your pets to show you I love you" way.

Ayeka, an aristocratic, holier-than-thou type of girl, wants Tenchi to be her husband and future ruler of the planet Jurai, Ryoko, a sake-loving space pirate, wants Tenchi for At the very least, Ryoko seems to actually be in love with Tenchi and lives to make him happy, but she could make him really happy by simply allowing Tenchi to do what he wants, which is to go to school and be groomed by his grandfather to be a Shinto priest.

Most of all, he wants to be alone. However, if Tenchi has to be with any older woman, let it be Galaxy Police officer Kiyone; not only is she not caught up in the battle over Tenchi, she's also the most normal of Tenchi's gal pals and the only one with a level head on her shoulders.

She says "Heero" way too much, is incredibly needy and whiny, and she's a spoiled rich girl who has a posse of suck-ups and hangers-on who agree with everything she does simply because of her status. She doesn't seem to know how the real world works, not to mention the war the colonies are in.

hiei and mukuro relationship problems

As for Heero's problems, he's a brutal killer who was manipulated by Doctor J to pilot the Gundam. If Hiei cannot even be frank with Yukina about matters, how could he be so with Mukuro? Hiei is very individualistic, a loner, well Hiei is still a young If Mukuro does anything, it'll be that she try to get Hiei to form an allianceas well as enlisting him to be a valuable partner in her dealings with Yomi and Yusuke.

They're fellow workers for a same cause, and that she being the stronger one, is helping the younger one to be strong. In 1 incident, Hiei was deeply wounded after a fight with the circle shaped boomerang guy in the mangaand he faint right on the floor. Mukuro appeared, with papers sticking all over her face and wearing a large cloack and head coverings and gloves. She popped Hiei into the healing tank, put the oxygen mask on for him, Hiei is wearing only his shorts.

Mukuro proceeded to position herself in front of the vertical structure, and looking deeply at Hiei, she pulled off her cloak and took off her garment. Standing naked before Hiei, who was floating with his eyes closed. Mukuro managed to smile a little, and she spoke: