Henry ii and thomas becket relationship help

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henry ii and thomas becket relationship help

Medieval and Middle Ages History Timelines - Henry II and Thomas Becket. laid down by Henry II regarding the relationship between the church and the state . The Becket controversy or Becket dispute was the quarrel between Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and King Henry II of England, Another disagreement involved Henry's attempts to collect sheriff's aid in . In return, the king managed to secure good relations with the papacy at a time when he faced. The conflict between Henry II and Thomas a Becket in British history, the full text of A History of the British Nation, by AD Innes.

henry ii and thomas becket relationship help

Henry II and Thomas a Becket Henry, of course, assumed that his friend would be sympathetic to the royal cause in the escalating battle between church and state. Thomas underwent a change of character as Archbishop.

the murder of Thomas Becket

He was ostentatiously severe and strict in his observance of church law. He wore a penitential hair shirt under his vestments, and had his underlings flog him frequently.

henry ii and thomas becket relationship help

More importantly, he opposed Henry over the question of the supremacy of ecclesiastical courts. See The Constitutions of Clarendon Criminous Clerks At that time anyone in orders could only be tried in church courts.

Becket controversy

In practice, the number of clerics was huge, including several levels of lay priests and clerks. Henry, anxious to assert the power of royal justice, claimed that the "criminous clerks" should be tried in royal courts. To his surprise, Becket refused to agree. They eventually were reconciled with the aid of the pope, and Becket returned.

The conflict between Henry II and Thomas a Becket

He immediately infuriated Henry by excommunicating those bishops who had prudently supported the king during Becket's exile. Henry flew into one of his famous rages. Four knights, perhaps seeking to curry favour with the king, rode from Westminster to Canterbury and killed Becket in front of the main altar of the Cathedral when he refused to relent.

Henry's Penance Henry, full of remorse, did penance imposed by the pope. He walked to Canterbury Cathedral in sack cloth and ashes and allowed himself to be flogged by the monks there. He also gave way for the moment on the question of court authority.

The conflict between Henry II and Thomas a Becket

In a very short time miraculous cures began to be reported at his tomb. The old Cathedral burned down inand it was the growing popularity of Becket's shrine as a place of pilgrimage that paid for the rebuilding. Much of the magnificent Cathedral that we see today was built on the proceeds of gifts and the sale of "official souvenirs" at the shrine during the next few hundred years.

In the Constitutions of Clarendon he propounded a scheme which he professed to regard as expressing the true customs of the kingdom. Becket was induced to promise to accept the customs; but not without justification he repudiated the king's view of what those customs were. Criminous clerks The clauses in the Constitutions which forbade carrying appeals to Rome and required the higher clergy to obtain a royal licence to leave the kingdom were hardly disputable.

But the case for the "customs" broke down when the king claimed that criminous clerks should be handed over to the secular arm for further judgment after the Church had indicted its own penalties.

Becket, however, chose to resist the demand on the ground that a cleric as such was exempt from secular punishment in virtue of his office. Becket in exile The barons took the king's side and threatened violence. Becket yielded avowedly to force and nothing else. Having done so he obtained a papal dispensation annulling his promise.

Medieval and Middle Ages History Timelines - Henry II and Thomas Becket

The king's indignation was obvious and justifiable. Becket persuaded himself that his life was in danger, as it really may have been; and he fled from the country to appeal to the Pope and the king of France. In the course of the quarrel both sides had committed palpable breaches of the law. Now, with Becket out of the country, diplomacy at Rome, coupled with the logic of facts in England, might have secured the king complete victory; but he was tempted to a blunder.

He had his eldest son Henry crowned as his successor.

henry ii and thomas becket relationship help

Coronation was a prerogative of the Archbishop of Canterbury; the young prince was crowned without him. The Pope threatened to suspend the bishops who had performed the ceremony and to lay the king's continental territories under an interdict. Henry was alarmed and sought a reconciliation with Becket.

henry ii and thomas becket relationship help

At a formal meeting in France the quarrel was so far composed that Becket was invited to return in peace to Canterbury. Becket's Death He returned, but not in peace. He had hardly landed in England when he excommunicated the bishops who had participated in the coronation ceremony.