Hangeng and heechul relationship

OK WE CAN ! - My opinion about Hangeng/Heechul relationship

hangeng and heechul relationship

Although none of the Super Junior members have publicly spoken up about the situation between SM Entertainment and their Chinese. Why Heechul is hiding and lying about his sexuality. never 'dated' but there was some kind of intense relationship between them, no doubt. Siwon and Han Geng (known as Hankyung in Korea) debuted together to have a bad relationship with SM Entertainment and Super Junior.

Being his friend, fellow member, Heechul feels that he should take care of Hankyung even more. Furthermore, the so called ai mei love is actually only because of the requirement in front of the camera.

Heechul is a fairly traditional guy. But there's a very interesting thing that happened. At their dorm when they were filming Hankyung's China 10 days trip diary, Hankyung asked Heechul whether he would miss him.

And he also said that Hankyung is very good at swearing. Otherwise why would they ask me to come on this show with you? And if it's not for Hankyung, nobody would cook for Heechul. Therefore, they can't live without each other.

Heechul showed Hankyung the DVD and made some very weird noises. Haha, your pronunciation, sigh, don't ever speak Chinese again.

Heechul actually want quit from Super Junior 2

As SM's trainee having 2 years of strict training and the first Chinese trainee whom debuted, Hankyung always had the feeling of having to endure the tremendous responsibility. Hankyung who silently has to endure all the pressure by himself always knows how to overcome all the difficulties strongly.

From the very first regret on stage till now when everything is going smoothly, every step going forward has been made with tears and sweat.

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Hankyung, being in a different country than his hometown having to live 2 years of tough training, even though it harmed his body, he still brings up his strong and gentle personality and is able to be understandable. Every time when facing the fans and the camera he would always be able to smile, and keeps the pressure and endurance to himself.

hangeng and heechul relationship

Hankyung being Chinese, has Korean as his biggest obstacle in Korea. Bit by bit he learns to listen carefully to what other people say.

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Quietly smiling to encourage others. The two of us don't need to say anything.

hangeng and heechul relationship

Just drinking Soju together silently. Compared to a Korean next door, Hankyung being Chinese understands him even better. Watching horror movies and playing computer games are their hobbies. Being an older brother he always receives lots of love from his younger brothers. Everybody also likes him and helps him a lot.

hangeng and heechul relationship

No matter if it's help in his daily life or the language. His perfect face plus his perfect body, being able to dance ballet and perform martial arts and his perfect personality.

Cinderella was then being jealous like a girl. I have also taught you lots of swear words. Hankyung, I also want to go. Let's go, go in here suitcase Heechul: I don't have a plane ticket, so. Don't let your hands stick out. I'm trying to be cute for Hankyung. If it weren't for you I would never. In contrast, many fans all over the globe still support the idea of Super Junior being thirteen members, which includes Han Geng.

However, whenever Super Junior or Han Geng have discussed one another, it has always been a bit awkward; each side has tried to portray themselves in the right, while acting as if there weren't harsh feelings between the two sides.

The Super Junior members said that they, at least those four, never had any contact with Han Geng. Although the members may be speaking the truth, there is something a bit off about the interview. Also inHan Geng discussed that he was willing to meet with the other members and perform with them, if the Korea side was willing. However, even at the time it was clear that SM Entertainment would not reconcile with him.

Han Geng said that he was in contact with two of the members. Super Junior never confirmed this. Induring an interview Han Geng publicly recognized that he may seem ungrateful to Super Junior, but that the situation was too difficult for him to remain in. During this latter interview, this interview was less about rejoining the group as the earlier one had been, but about how he was right in his decision to leave. At the beginning ofSuper Junior M member Zhou Mi said that he hoped that the group and Han Geng would be able to casually meet during the group's time in Beijing.

Do you think that Hankyung and Heechul ever dated?

Despite Zhou Mi's comment, there has never been any mention by the group or Han Geng that they have ever met. Siwon's appearance with Han Geng, where the two first shake hands and then Siwon playfully hugs Han Geng, may very well be the first time that the two have run into each other since Based on what Han Geng and the Super Junior members have said in interviews, there is little contact between the two sides.

If Han Geng is no longer a part of Super Junior and the Super Junior members have nothing to do with him Super Junior is a group that has managed to thrive despite members' absences, there is really no reason for this recent run in to be big news. To some, it is simply a meeting between a Chinese solo artist and a Korean boy band member.