Han solo and chewbacca relationship problems

Top 5 moments of Han Solo and Chewbacca's friendship

han solo and chewbacca relationship problems

The life and times of Han Solo, according to the new Star Wars canon . Solo split up so that Chewie can gets his own five-issue standalone comic . Vader makes Han into immediately after the relationship between him and. Actor Harrison Ford has said the relationship between Star Wars' Han Solo and The full interviews appear in this month's collectors' issues of. It's hard for Star Wars fans to imagine a certain scruffy nerf herder without our favorite wookiee by his side, but every relationship has to start somewhere. crime boss Dryden Vos, who might have a bit of an anger problem.

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Chewie is understandably freaking out about his best friend being frozen in carbonite. He channels his emotions by roaring and throwing Stormtroopers into the carbon freezing chamber. You have to take care of her. On top of all that, he centers Chewbacca by giving him the responsibility to help look out for Leia.

This moment is beautiful because it demonstrates how well Han understands his friend and that Han is far less self-centered than many presume. Chewbacca did save his strength and used it to play a pivotal role in aiding Leia and the others in escaping from the clutches of the Empire at the end of the movie.

He would also go on to crucially assist in the plan to save Han from Jabba the Hutt at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. Chewie, Is That You?

han solo and chewbacca relationship problems

Chewbacca believes that Han saved him, but according to Solo it's the other way around: I was on a bad path, and Chewie, he put me straight. Saved my shanks more than once too. He said it was part of some life debt It means that he owes his life to me He doesn't owe me. I got a debt to Chewie to get him his home back.

han solo and chewbacca relationship problems

For longtime fans, it also makes a great deal of sense too. As the Rebels geared up to assault the Death Star, Chewie seemed to be reluctantly going along with Han's plan to make away with his reward.

Explaining Han Solo and Chewbacca's Classic Origin

I know what I'm doing," Solo said to his pal after Luke Skywalker stormed off. Off-screen, it very well may have been the Wookiee that influenced the change of heart in the smuggler. Han realizes that his partnership with Chewie led to a far more rewarding life than he could have ever imagined or deservedso he wants to repay his friend.

In an emotional scene, Han says goodbye to Chewie, because he now has to go back with Leia and start his own family. I'm gonna be a father and no way my kid won't have you in his life. Han and Chewie are back to their smuggling ways in Star Wars 7, hauling rathtars and swindling whoever they can in the galaxy.

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It will be interesting to see if a future canon publication will detail this time period, since it's now something fans will be very curious about. Did the First Order target Kashyyyk? It's an interesting topic that could serve as a compelling story. In the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, Han reassured Leia that Luke had surely survived; that he had got off the second Death Star, before it was destroyed, but she already knew it, as she felt her brother's presence though the Force.

Han told her he would not interfere in their relationship, but Leia informed Han that Luke is her brother, much to his shock and embarrassment, and they subsequently share a passionate kiss.

The Cast of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Han Solo's Backstory & Relationships

During the years of his marriage, Han found it difficult to stay in one place for long, making some aspects of his relationship with Leia difficult at times. As he was no longer a smuggler, Han spent his free time as a racing pilot during Leia's tenure as a New Republic senator. However, when their son fell to the Dark Side side, becoming known as Kylo Ren, they separated for years in agony and grief, each mourning the loss of their son in their own way. In The Force Awakensafter not seeing each other for many years - Han and Leia are happily reunited.

han solo and chewbacca relationship problems

Before going with Chewbacca and Finn, to rescue Rey, and destroy the Starkiller Base, Leia and Han lovingly embrace each other unknown to either of them, this would be the last time Leia would see Han alive.

However, Han's relationship with Ben, while loving, was flawed; Ben had abandonment issues due to the important status of both his parents and due to Han's inability to stay in one place long. This was part of the reason Ben was so easily ensnared by the First Order's ideals. Upon reuniting with Leia, Han shared his belief that there was too much of Vader in Ben to have stopped his initial struggle and fall to the Dark Side side.

Han was devastated that his son had become evil and mourned him bitterly, yet, despite the atrocities that Ren had committed over the years - Han still believed that Ben could come back to the Light Side and be redeemed.