Asami and mako relationship trust

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asami and mako relationship trust

Mako had some major relationship issues and flip-flopping that same level of trust and connection with Korra that Asami so naturally had. This page is comprised of Mako's relationships with other characters in the World Upon learning of Mako and Asami's rapprochement, Bolin admonished them. from Bolin that Korra and Mako had kissed, making it hard for her to trust him. By: Makorra7Ever. Korra's wanted to be in a relationship with Mako for a long time. But, hey, it's Tenzin, and I trust him completely. Plus, some.

They express happiness and relief that their "rivalry" over Mako did not destroy their friendship. This is the first time Korra refers to Asami as a "girlfriend", although at this point the term is not used romantically. From that point on Asami and Korra spend a significant amount of time with each other, seeking out new airbenders, fighting against bandits and investigating a faction known as the Red Lotus.

After both being captured by Earth Kingdom forces, [40] they work as a team to escape from the Earth Kingdom airship where they were being held captive, resulting in the airship crashing into a desert.

Asami becomes her day-to-day caretaker during the first phase of her recovery. Asami is the only member of Team Avatar with whom Korra maintains contact during this time, as they write to each other about their fears and vulnerabilities.

asami and mako relationship trust

Asami reveals that she has been receiving but not reading her father's prison letters, and demands that he stop trying to reconcile.

However, the relationship thaws as Hiroshi apologies, acknowledges his crimes, and expresses his pride in Asami, stating that Asami was the "greatest thing he ever created".

Asami angrily responds that she is well aware of her father's capabilities, and asserts that it is not Korra's place to second-guess her after being away for three years. Asami agrees reluctantly, reminding Varrick she has not forgotten his past betrayals. Hiroshi Sato loses his life in the battle, saving his daughter in an act of self-sacrifice, validating Asami's acceptance, and completing their reconciliation arc.

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Korra and Asami later step into the spirit portal, turn to face each other, hold both hands and gaze into each other's eyes as the camera swings upwards into the portal, officially signaling the start of their romantic involvement. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars In part one, Korra and Asami spend time in the Spirit World exploring their romantic feelings for each other.

asami and mako relationship trust

Upon returning to Republic City, the couple meet tycoon Wongyong Keum who plans to form an amusement park on the land surrounding the Spirit Portal. Asami loses her temper, recalling Kuem's shady dealings with her own father, and orders him to leave. At Air Temple Island, Korra and Asami receive advice from Kya on their relationship and the history of how same-sex relationships have been viewed in their world.

Asami is nearly killed in the fighting, distracting Korra and allowing a dragon-eel spirit to attack the Triple Threat's new leader, Tokuga. In the aftermath of the battle, Korra kisses Asami out of relief, leading to Mako, Bolin, Jinora and Opal discovering their relationship.

Three weeks after Tokuga's defeat, Korra told Asami she is in love with her, and Asami said she feels the same way about Korra. In a collection of highly emotional personalities, Asami is described by The A. Club as the "brains" of "Team Avatar 2. Club referred to as "stone cold". She never holds generalized prejudice against benders, despite losing her mother as to a murderous triad firebender in her childhood; she harbors little long-term ill will towards Mako after their romantic breakup, remaining friends after a period of upset - she even shows little animosity towards Korra after the Avatar 'stole' her then-boyfriend Mako.

Instead, she develops a deeper friendship with Korra - so much so that the two become romantically involved in season four.

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The major exception to this theme is the resentment Asami carries against her father, Hiroshi, for both his emotional betrayal and physical attempt on her life. She musters no sympathy or forgiveness toward him for several years, preferring to keep him out of her life, and refusing his attempts at reconciliation. However, after receiving a heartfelt apology from jail, and coming through correspondence to understand how much he was suffering from his own guilt, she eventually forgives him, echoing familial-reconciliation themes exhibited throughout The Legend of Korra.

Asami is particularly nimble in combat, once eluding attacks from five chi blockers before using her electrified glove to stun them all. Additionally, Asami is Team Avatar's de facto machine operator.

Asami can also pilot airships, and operate other machinery such as motorboatssand-sailers, and forklifts. Having assisted her father in operating their company before assuming engineering and management responsibilities, she has developed a keen eye for discerning high quality design and construction from subpar work, and utilizes this knowledge to further Team Avatar's goals in episodes such as season three's "Long Live the Queen".

While Max Nicholson of IGN enjoyed the rivalry, [77] other reviewers felt that Asami was more likeable and sympathetic than Korra, making it difficult to root for the latter. Krell commended the character for not prioritizing the relationship when "more important things were at stake", but felt Asami "should know better than to take Mako back for a second time. Nicholson expressed that her falling out with her father Hiroshi Sato would make a "compelling moral struggle" and compared their relationship to that of Avatar: The Last Airbender 's Zuko and his father Ozai.

Vanity Fair praised the writers for taking "a tired dynamic between two women and turn[ing] it into something fresh and exciting," [66] while Polygon wrote that by portraying Korra and Asami as bisexual, the series even avoided the error of assuming sexual orientation to be a strict divide between " gay " and " straight ".

He also suggested that anyone who felt the relationship was not adequately foreshadowed had watched the last two seasons only expecting to see heterosexual relationships. The heiress snapped at the Avatar after the latter suggested that he may still be untrustworthy, to which Asami told Korra not to decide what was best for her.

Nonetheless, the two showed they trusted each other more when Prince Wu had been captured by Kuvira's spies, working in perfect sync while Mako was one step behind them. In need of a vacation, the two retreated to the Spirit World together, where they officially started their relationship. She was hesitant about going public with their relationship, though it was only because she desired to have Korra to herself, thinking of their relationship as special and rare, without having the public's eye focused on their every move.

Despite being back among the people, Korra and Asami continued to be naturally drawn to each other and worked together flawlessly, supporting and protecting each other when necessary.

When they felt the time was right, they made their relationship public to their friends. I'm sorry things got so messed up between us, but whatever happens today, I want you to know how much I care about you.

Asami met Mako after she crashed into him while riding on her moped as he crossed the street. Initially, she was apologetic until she realized he was the captain of the Fire Ferrets. Being embarrassed for hitting him, Asami invited Mako to go out to dinner as an apology for the incident, which he accepted. Their relationship hit off immediately, and she had her father offer Mako to solve the Fire Ferrets' financial issues.

They spent a considerable amount of time together in the following weeks, during which Asami bought Mako a new silk scarf. While enjoying a romantic carriage ride through Republic City ParkAsami noticed Mako was still wearing his old red scarf, and he informed her that it was the only memento he still had of his deceased father. After Asami told him that she had lost her mother at a young age as well, they locked in an intimate embrace, with Asami saying she felt safe with Mako.

She would visit Mako during practice as well as before and after pro-bending matches. She would watch the Fire Ferrets' games from the stands, from where, before the final match of the tournament, Asami and Mako blew kisses to each other. Asami invited Mako and Bolin to stay in the Sato estate after the Pro-bending Arena was closed down following the Equalists' attackdisplaying her care for Mako.

When the Sato mansion was investigated based on Korra's suspicions, Mako defended Asami against the allegations against her father, even going so far as threatening to end his friendship with Korra if she continued to berate his girlfriend.

After it was proven that Hiroshi was working with the Equalists, Mako comforted the distraught Asami as they left the Sato estate.

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She had an angry and upset reaction once an irked Mako coldly told her off while leading the search for Korra. Questioning Bolin over the nature of Mako and Korra's relationship, she found out the two had kissed sometime prior to the finals of the Pro-bending Tournament and was visibly upset and angry over this new development.

Later, as Mako lovingly carried Korra to OogiAsami looked toward them, bearing a crestfallen look. After returning to Air Temple Island, Asami and Mako started to drift apart; she watched from a doorway with a dejected expression as Mako sat at the bedside of an unconscious and injured Korra, holding her hand.


She continued to be bothered by his attentive behavior toward Korra, like when he entered the kitchen asking for hot water so he could give Korra tea.

She snapped at him, telling him that, as a firebender, he should boil it himself. She drilled him about his feelings for Korra, stating that she noticed his constant doting on her and that she knew he had shared a kiss with her during the Pro-bending Tournament. Mako was unable to give her an answer regarding his feelings for Korra and placed a hand on hers, saying that they should concentrate on their own relationship. Enraged and feeling betrayed, she yanked her hand away and stormed out of the kitchen, stating that there "might not be any relationship to worry about" by then.

Asami barely kept her alliance with Mako, begrudging him even during the attack on Republic City. For example, when he tried to sit in the front seat of her Satomobile next to her, she told him irritably to sit behind with Korra. As Team Avatar watched the invasion of Air Temple Island from afar, she looked at Mako, vexed, who had his arm around Korra and was comforting her.

He admitted that he would always care about her. She pecked his cheek and admitted she cared about him too, implying that she trusts Mako.

After discovering her shipment of mecha tanks had been stolen, she turned to Mako for help, who calmed her down and assured her he would find the people responsible, even going as far as setting up a sting operation behind Chief Beifong's back. Overpowered by emotion, Asami kissed Mako.