Aries woman and leo relationship

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aries woman and leo relationship

Relationships between a Leo man & an Aries woman can thrive due to shared values and a love of adventure. Learn about this ambitious, high-energy fire sign . Aries Compatibility With Leo in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, Friendship and attractive masculine sign, and no matter if male or female, they will have this. When the Leo man hooks up with the Aries woman, one thing you can be assured of is plenty of fire. This is a highly passionate match, as you would expect.

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They are interested in similar things. Aries is interested in Leo, while Leo is interested in everything great about Leo. This is a very nice distribution of interests, since Leo will cherish all the things Aries will say and do for them, and give it all back multiple times greater. This is, of course, the scenario of two healthy individuals in these roles.

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If one of them has greater psychological issues, their communications will turn to senseless talk about one of them, and their relationship will become a battlefield for the ego where they both constantly need to prove something to each other.

Sun is connected to love, pure and simple, not the nurturing kind but the creative, warm, passionate and playful love. Both of these signs have a strongly positioned Sun, growing on the soil made out of the Fire element.

Emotional compatibility of this magnitude is a cure for all other imperfections they might encounter, while evolving in time and spicing their sexual relations with even more warmth and emotion then the beginning of their relationship might have promised.

aries woman and leo relationship

It is almost as if these were the words that describe them. Anything concise needs strong Mars energy, the ruler of Aries, while Leo brings clarity to all. Their only problem is the need they both have to be the leader and the brave one in the relationship.

Leo Man and Aries Woman

This can come between them and manifest as a typical battle of the sexes in case they are of the opposite sex or as a fight for dominance of any kind, consuming the quality of their relationship only because of their need to be the one with dominant values in general.

Aries loves to be active, walk, exercise and always feels excited when about to do something for the first time. Leo is a sign of fixed quality, a drama queen of signs, the one that wants to show off and go where they can be seen. This is a waste of time in the eyes of an Aries, always ready for something different and exciting. For as long as Aries has the will to initiate their shared activities and compromises for a show off from time to time, they can find things to do together and enjoy them.

When they fall in love deeply, they are almost impossible to separate as they stubbornly hold on to the idea of their future together. Leo and Aries compatibility in friendship Leo and Aries share a lot of characteristics and traits in their personalities that influence in their social lives.

Both are enthusiastic, extrovert, optimistic, fun, adventurous and energetic. Aries and Leo in friendship are a great combination. However, Aries is more impulsive than Leo, so Leo can help Aries to rush less and keep a bit calmer. Anyways, great adventures are waiting for you two!

aries woman and leo relationship

Can Aries and Leo be best friends? As we have seen before, yes. The friendship of Leo and Aries as a male-female relationship are almost impossible. They are meant to end up as a couple —and one of the good ones!

aries woman and leo relationship

What about the family compatibility of Aries and Leo? When we talk about familiar relationships, Aries and Leo are very compatible in almost any environment, so if they are thinking about starting a family, it should turn out well-structured and stable. When Aries and Leo have kids, these make bonds even tighter between the father and the mother. They both will feel strong, in their own roles and supporting each other to overcome any problem that may appear.

aries woman and leo relationship

Aries and Leo compatibility in love Aries and Leo in love are one of the best combinations of the zodiac, as we have told you before. Both are signs ruled by the element of fire and the fire is always burning!

aries woman and leo relationship

And what happens when you put two flames together? Yes, they make a bigger one! Imagine the power of Leo and Aries together when the first one is ruled by Mars and the second one by the Sun. It will be all an explosion of fireworks without limits. Both of them need to satisfy their adventurous spirit.


If there is a problem in the relationship, both are capable of risking everything to solve it because they know there is only one life and they have to make the most of it. At the same time, Aries and Leo in relationship are both leaders at the forefront of any situation. The sparkling in their eyes when they look to each other cannot lie: So it is no surprising that this can go two ways: Everything goes fast, one way or another.

Emotions are strong and the understanding between both zodiac symbols is almost perfect because both of them are optimistic, daring and with a particular vision of life.

This impetuous personality that identifies Aries and Leo can lead to some competition and an afterwards discussion precisely because of the pride that also defines them. If this happens, they have to be careful, as flames can burn everything that surrounds them! As both of them are passionate, all this explosive anger is also quickly forgotten. They prefer to turn the page and look to the future with positivism and no regrets at all. It is good to be similar because they can share many hobbies together, which will make their relationship stronger.