A view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship test

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship test

A View from the Bridge study guide contains a biography of author Arthur Miller, 14 How does Eddie react to Catherine getting a job?. To hear Eddie tell it, Rodolpho is the spawn of Satan. He's the evil blond Italian who's come to steal away the beautiful Catherine. Of course, Eddie isn't exactly. A View From The Bridge - Quotes with Analysis - Rodolpho . Upon noticing that Rodolfo and Catherine are forming a relationship, Eddie sets about pointing.

This is the advice you would expect a mother to give her child because it is rooted in her love for her. Marco and Rodolpho How does Miller show this? Example 1 Marco and Rodolpho have a fraternal bond. Marco is the older brother and tends to look out for Rodolpho. He is also proud of him. Evidence [Marco puts an arm around Rodolpho and they laugh. Rice, pasta, fish, everything.

Marco Analysis The stage directions show their affection. Miller presents them as men who are seeking a better life.

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Marco is weighed down with responsibility but he feels that he can start to support his family in Sicily even though he must make the sacrifice of not seeing them for possibly several years. Rodolpho is young and carefree, but Marco does not envy him.

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship test

This shows how strong his love for Rodolpho is. Example 2 At the end, when Marco knows he will have to go back to Sicily, the stage directions are significant.

Forbidden love How does Miller show this? Eddie With your hair that way you look like a madonna, you know that? Eddie Analysis These are not really the sort of comments you would expect a father, or father-figure, to make to his daughter.

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship test

Evidence When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie? Catherine Analysis He is unwilling or unable to have sex with Beatrice because of his feelings for Catherine. As Rodolpho tries to stop him, Eddie asks You want something?

He repeatedly goes to Alfieri to see what can be done about Rodolpho. This is when he phones the Immigration Bureau. We can infer that he is asked for, but does not give, his name when he does this, as he is heard saying Heh?

He fully understands how enormous the betrayal is among his fellow Italians.

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This emphasises his desperation to keep Catherine and Rodolpho apart. He sums up his feelings for the brothers when he says, I want my name! This sets up the scene for Eddie to stand in an elevated spot to address the people, just as in a Greek tragedy. Ironically, when Marco spits at Eddie, Eddie feels that it cancels out his betrayal.

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He insists, I want my name, Marco. His final words, My B! This is, after all, a very human failing.

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Eddie goes out to work and Beatrice stays at home. He has trouble accepting the fact that Catherine wants to go out into the world and find a job. Evidence You lived in a house all your life, what do you know about it?

a view from the bridge catherine and rodolfos relationship test

You never worked in your life. No — no, you gonna finish school. What kinda job, what do you mean? All of a sudden you Analysis Eddie is unfair to Beatrice when he says this.

He has always expected her to be a housewife; in fact, he thinks all women should be like her. It is just his obsession with Catherine which makes him act nastily. Possessive How is Eddie like this? He hates the idea of other men looking at Catherine as a woman. And with them new high heels on the sidewalk — clack, clack, clack.