When will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

Smitar's Stories: Loving Khushi Part 4: Day Section 3

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

first day of khushi and arnav khushi looks Arnav looks khushi is going to market to the shop keeper to complaint about giving her bad. All she did was talk about the actress – her attire, speech, mannerisms. So much so Hmm?” As NK watched with a resigned smile, Arnav and Khushi exchanged their life stories all the way in the car. 'I never thought I'd meet 'the one' while holding onto a sari.' .. It was spartan, but exuded coziness. Now she would have to live an entire life of being Arnavji's wife, but without her husband . Arnav strode towards Khushi who was standing on her toes to reach the tie of the wind chimes No more a spartan lifestyle for him.

She felt something exploding inside. Her legs turned to mush and she hung on limply to Arnav. Was this what it felt to be in love? She had scoffed at her friends who regularly fell in and out of love. Romance was over-rated, not for the likes of practical, sensible Khushi.

Then why was her heart beating so loudly? She lay on the bed trying to get thoughts of Arnav out of her mind. Finally she got out of bed and plunked herself down on the couch with a Raizada novel. The usually engrossing author failed to grip her, with his protagonist only reminding her further of Arnav. Throwing the book down in disgust she went back to bed.

It took her a long time to fall asleep. She woke up with a start. Someone was banging on her door. She cracked the door open gingerly and saw Arnav standing there with a brown bag in his hand.

She opened the door and glowered at him. She was still in her knee-length nightshirt and felt naked under his gaze. She put on a robe and sat down for breakfast. The hot cereal tasted good and they ate in silence. She quickly changed into comfortable jeans and a polo shirt and joined Arnav outside.

The morning went by quickly and by the time they returned to her cabin, Khushi was practically walking on air.

Arnav & Khushi ❤️❤️ "Dilbar Dilbar "

The next few days were a blur. It seemed to Khushi that she was spending every waking moment with Arnav. She realized that she was hopelessly in love with him — she did not want this vacation to ever end!

That night after dinner, Khushi was in a contemplative mood. Why spoil the magic now? Even as Khushi seemed to lose herself in his arms she heard tiny alarm bells in her head. She was attracted to him, but did she really love him? They had known each other for only a week. It was happening too fast and she needed space. Time seemed to stand still as neither of them said anything. She felt adrift unable to handle her turbulent thoughts.

What was she then afraid of? The next morning while Arnav was still sleeping she ran. All the way back to her cabin and to portland. She had to get away to sort out her feelings — strong feelings she had not known she was capable of that Arnav had aroused in her. By the time she reached her apartment in portland, she had only worked herself into knots. She felt she had made the biggest mistake in her life. Why had she run like a coward? She wanted to turn the clock back, ask Arnav for another chance.

The next morning, bleary-eyed from a sleepless night, Khushi dragged herself to work. She crossed the courtyard, and the doorway to find Arnavji leaning against his car, waiting. Are you waiting for Amanji?

Arnavji, I am going to the market.

The alleys are narrow and crowded. I have to bring them back with me. You will feel bored. She slowly settled back in her seat, and smirked. She had to admit it. He stood silently by her as she fought with the vegetable vendor, haggled with the caterers, tested each grain of rice, each onion, each potato that she bought to the dismay of the shop owner, teased and argued with the man selling nuts, touched the feet of the elderly man who had been supplying milk and ghee to the Satwik Mistaan Bhandaar for years, joked and bargained with her usual suppliers It was a revelation for him.

The animation on her face, the joy, the sense of achievement He hadn't seen it in months. He had missed it keenly. He also realised how much Babuji was respected among his peers, how much Khushi was loved, how all her chachas and mamas enjoyed the banter He helped her load all her purchases into his car, both of them in good humour. Then he said, "Khushi, I want to pay for the wedding. I have hurt you so much.

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The last 6 months of our marriage I am just trying to help. I don't want help. I don't want to hear anymore.

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

I don't want to spend my life listening to such, such I was just trying to push you away from me I had a tough time paying all my debts to you. I don't want any more debts between us. Then he asked, his voice low but sure, "But what about the debt I owe you, Khushi? That you owe me? What do you owe me? I never gave you anything I never had anything to give you Money can be repaid, but How should I repay you for that?

I was on the verge of leaving the house. How do I repay that gift? You put up with his disgusting behaviour while at RM, and made sure that Di never found out. How do I compensate you for that? How do I repay that kind of love you have for me, Khushi? What can I give you in return, Khushi? How do I repay you for that kind of selfless love? You never gave up on me You love my family like your own.

And you put your life in danger to rescue me from Shyam. How do I repay you for all these? Shall I give it to you? There is no you and me, only us. We are not two different people. And we are in this together. You don't have to shoulder all the burden alone. I want you to be happy. I want you to have everything I took away from you the last time we got married. I want you to laugh, dance, be carefree, enjoy spending time with your friends and family I don't want you worrying about money, running around trying to do everything at the same time If you want we can order sweets from another I will make the sweets.

I want to make special sweets for you so that you too can enjoy the wedding. I don't trust the others to make sure that they are sugarfree. Arnav sighed, a smile on his face. You can make a list of things that need to be done. I will send over 4 men to do the hard jobs like shifting furniture and decorating the house with garlands and lights. I want you to let me help you in the shop AND, most importantly, I want to buy the staples for the next month or so. They should actually be staying in Sheesh Mahal, but You know why they don't want to stay there.

Even Akash won't step in to it unless and until I do, and that too only because he does not want me to be alone when I go there. We are all going to be staying in your house. Can't you let me pay for the provisions? It is not right. They are our family. I will arrange for them to stay in some hotel. How can you do that? He sighed in relief. Give me the menu.

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

Let me arrange the caterers. They will give us a discount.

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

You pay for it. Just let me arrange it. They reached Gomti Sadan. Arnav and Khushi hauled the bags out. Munna and Krishna ran to help them. They stocked all the ingredients in airtight containers in the shop's kitchen while Arnav and Khushi went in to the house. Amma and Buaji were ready with tea for them. Babuji, Buaji, Amma, Arnav, and Khushi, they all sat companionably around the dining table, drinking tea and chatting. After a while, Khushi left the room to check on the shop.

Will you be able to attend it with us? I won't be here. I need to leave for Delhi in a few hours. When will you return? I will be back by Thursday, the 25th of October. Akash called a while earlier. The family will be here by 1 November. Babuji nodded his head, and said softly, "Goo. If you need to purchase anything, just give them the list. Please give Khushi the menu to be given to the caterers. I will arrange it.

when will arnav and khushi meet the spartans

Akash, Mamaji, and I will be here from the beginning of next month anyway. We will fix the dates and time for the sagai, sangeet, mehendi, and wedding today itself.

We will start inviting the guests from tomorrow. I will arrange their stay in a hotel nearby They are from Lucknow and Kanpur. The ones from Kanpur can stay with our relations in Lucknow. Don't worry about that. We will get you the sweets from the shop. Part 29 He smiled at her before proceeding to his room. She stood shell-shocked at the door of the kitchen watching him walk away. She hadn't expected this. She had thought that they would be together till the wedding.

Nearing the stairs leading to the top floor, he turned to look at her. She looked distraught, as though someone had just died. Her eyes shot open wide at the shock and sheer pleasure of his tongue, yet again, claiming her pain as his own. She could see Arnav was straining to hold himself aloft while only his hot tongue touched her as it licked her lower lip, salving her wound.

Deep inside her, she felt a sudden rush of love and affection for this flawed man. She reached out to hold his face in her hands and whispered tenderly, "Its ok, Arnavji. He lost the strength in his arms and flopped over her body, easily covering her fragile body with his strong muscled sheath. Khushi gasped at the suddenness of his actions yet never letting go of his face.

His nose nudged hers ever so slightly and her wide gray eyes stirred a longing in his loins only Khushi could satisfy. He began licking her lips earnestly, as if his saliva would heal all the wounds he'd inflicted on her.

She didn't know what possessed her but her longing for him broke her resolve and she arched her body up pressing against his.

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Arnav smiled affectionately at this gesture of hers, indicating to him her complete surrender and trust. He entwined his arm under her body lifting her breasts so they pressed and flattened against his chest. Her head fell back, revealing the smooth expanse of her creamy neck. He continued the flick of his tongue over her jaw line, trailing hot wet kisses down her neck and her delicate collarbone.

His other hand undid the strings on her kameez, something he'd wanted to do since the first day he saw her. She moaned in pure delight as his fingers pressed into the soft flesh of her back. As the neckline loosened, he gruffly pulled the kameez down, revealing the soft mounds of her delicate breasts, thrust in air, inviting him to relish and drown in them.

Unsure, he looked at her face. Her face flushed with desire and her teeth biting her lower lip in anticipation were encouragement enough for him to cover her nipples with his hot mouth. Gently at first, he sucked harder and harder to meet the fervor of Khushi's ardent and insistent moans. She lost all ability to think. Writhing in his arms felt so right. His mouth claiming her breasts felt so right.

Everything about their bodies and minds entwined in this intimate way felt so right. Hey Devi Maiyya, guide me'and the thought of calling Devi Maiyya in the midst of heated passionate moment made her giggle.

Arnav lifted his head, puzzled, to find out what she found funny. He groaned with naked desire to possess her inside out and earnestly devoted his attention to both her nipples.

As he laid wet kisses over her soft mounds, he stopped midway. Khushi who was fervently running her fingers through his coal dark thick hair at the nape of his neck, froze for a moment. Khushi could not believe her ears, did Arnav really sat that! Could she really do this for him? Something in his face told her that he needed her just the way he had explained.

It would be his salve, his redemption from years of pain behind those haunted eyes. Arnav lifted her off the bed as she debated what to do next. He scooped her up against him.

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He strode towards the bathroom with her clinging to his chest. He stood astride, in front of the wide and full length bathroom mirror. He lowered khushi to her feet. She stood infront of him, eyes shut, unsure of what was to happen next. He watched her reflection in the mirror, shy, delicate, and completely ensconced by the width of his shoulders behind her, her kameez lay by wayside on either side of her shoulders and her arms covering her bosom from his searing eyes. Arnav stepped closer and before she could react, he ripped open her kurthi as it fell in two pieces on either side.

Khushi screamed in horror and turned around to hug him tight around his waist. He could see the full expanse of her flawless back in the mirror, the gentle rise of her smooth hips and the contours of her slender legs. Arnav held his breath as he admired his love. Khushi looked away, shy and unable to meet his dark brown eyes that were visually making love to her.

No one knew how, but before long Khushi was standing against arnav, fully unclothed and feasted upon by his loving gaze. She made a futile attempt to cover her feminineness with her hands, but arnav pried her hands away and held them on either sides.