Transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

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transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Arcee and Cliffjumper Transformers Knockout, Transformers Prime, Wattpad, Sleep .. Transformers We Meet Again, Miss You, Transformers, Babe, Geek Stuff. Cliffjumper concurred with Ironhide that while Sentinel Prime was not an . Optimus Prime met Cliffjumper and Jazz in the armory as they were. Cliffjumper and Ultra Magnus' Wreckers escorted Optimus Prime, . Cliffjumper met Arcee again when he was taken on board the Nemesis.

Cliffjumper (WFC)

But Prime decided to go back to the power plant to stop the Decepticons and then find Mirage so they can hear his side of the story with Ratchet accompanying them.

Once they got to the power plant they saw no one there until Mirage shows up, who led them into an ambush by the Decepticons and Insecticons.

The reason for the setup soon became apparent, as Mirage had been implanted by one of Bombshell 's cerebro shells which Ratchet removed, after Cliffjumper knocked him out. Cliffjumper did realize that Mirage didn't betray the Autobots, along with realizing that Mirage was telling him the truth of not seeing them while he was on patrol, when he heard both Prime and Ratchet sum up as to why Mirage set them up.

After the Decepticon plant's destruction, Cliffjumper apologized to Mirage for not believing him. During the scuffle Cliffjumper suggested to Jazz into calling headquarters for help but were captured before they can make the call, as Starscream wanted their Energy absorber for the Combaticons. Cliffjumper with Jazz were chained up at a water and power plant but they did get rescued by the other Autobots when they found their location. The MovieCliffjumper, with Jazz again is stationed on Moonbase 1, from which try unsuccessfully to escape when attacked by Unicron.

After their apparent consumption by the planet-eater, they are ultimately saved by Daniel Witwicky. By season 3, Cliffjumper was reduced to a background character, a result of voice actor Casey Kasem 's objection to the portrayal of Arab characters as stereotypical villains [6] and eventual departure from the show. His last appearance in the original U. Books[ edit ] Cliffjumper appeared in the following books: In this story's accompanying book Cliffjumper was depicted in his yellow variant, not his usual red one.

He was a main character in the story Sun Raidwhere he was described as a "red truck. Joe force trying to rescue Optimus Prime. Dreamwave Productions[ edit ] When civil war broke out on the planet Cybertron between the Autobots and Decepticons, Cliffjumper joined the Autobot cause. When Decepticon leader Megatron and Autobot leader Optimus Prime disappeared in an accident with a space bridge, the Autobot and Decepticon forces splintered into smaller factions.

Cliffjumper stayed with the Autobots under the leadership of Prowl. What they discovered was Trypticon. The giant Decepticon easily routed them, and Prowl's team were only saved by Shockwave's calling him away to battle against the Fallen and Chaos Trinity. Six million years ago, Ultra Magnus united the Autobot factions and lead them to victory over Decepticons and Ultracons.

Megatron returned to Cybertron in command of the clone forces of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron and took over Cybertron.

Darkness Rising, Part 1

Cliffjumper was among the Autobots enslaved and forced to labor tunneling into Cybertron's core Transformers: War Within - The Age of Wrath 2. Eventually Optimus Prime returned to Cybertron and helped free the enslaved Autobots. Cliffjumper was among the Autobots who followed Optimus Prime on his mission on board the Ark and crash landed on Earth. Inwhen the Ark's computer re-activated, it reformatted Cliffjumper as in the form of an Earth car.

Eventually the combined forces of the Autobots on Earth, and their human allies were able to capture the Decepticons.

This great upset Cliffjumper Skidmark was a childhood friend of his. Raf helped Ratchet fix the computer.

transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

The team had returned and told them what happened. Cliffjumper faltered and Ratchet scanned him. Ratchet took it off. The silo walls block all radio waves. Cliffjumper pulled up into the garage.

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A lot people have social issues. A car came up. Cliffjumper looked at her. Abigail came out of her car. It's used you want me to make mature decisions I chose him. More like he chose me.

transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Cliffjumper made noise early in the morning. Ratchet confided in Optimus Prime that as long as the Autobots protected humanity, Cliffjumper's death would not be the only tragedy.

transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Darkness Rising, Part 1 He's not supposed to die! Though Cliffjumper had died, his body still had uses. When Megatron wanted a corpse on which to test Dark Energon 's resurrection powers, Cliffjumper's was used as a guinea pig. Once his torso was stabbed through by a shard of the material, Cliffjumper did spring back to life Only being sliced in two by Megatron stopped Cliffjumper's rampage, and his two halves decorated varying levels of the Decepticons' energon mine.

The initial Dark Energon stabbing did briefly bring Cliffjumper's spark back online, but when Ratchet's sensors picked this up, he dismissed it as a glitch.

Regardless, Arcee wanted to investigate. After the Autobots mounted an attack on the Decepticons, Arcee found the top half of Cliffjumper strewn about, but was horrified to see the monster that he had become. Whatever this thing was, it was no longer Cliffjumper, so the zombie was left behind as the Decepticon base exploded.

Predatory Later, at Cliffjumper's memorial, Arcee said she had not given up on finding the Decepticon responsible for his death. When she discovered their prisoner Starscream was responsible, she attempted to kill him, only to stop when a shocked Bumblebee convinced her to stop and let him escape.

She reflected to Optimus that her desire for vengeance had not brought the solace she sought. Partners While under the influence of synthetic energon, Ratchet brought up Cliffjumper's death as something Prime should have been more proactive in preventing. Operation Bumblebee, Part 2 When Arcee learned that Bulkhead and Ratchet repaired Starscream's wounds after getting intel on Airachnid 's location, she became angry, saying that Starscream had also taken a partner from her.

Crossfire Miko, frustrated at Bulkhead's slow pace in recovering from the effects of Tox-En poisoning and the blast Hardshell gave him, stormed out of the base to cry at the top of the mesa where the Autobot base was located. Arcee tried to help Miko through her grief by telling her the story of how she first partnered up with Cliffjumper.

Out of the Past When the Autobot base was destroyed by the Nemesis, Cliffjumper's memorial was destroyed in the explosion.

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Chain of Command When Cybertron was reborn, Optimus honored all those who had made it possible, Cliffjumper among them. Enemy of My Enemy Games Transformers: Steve Blum English Decepticons deserve a traitor's death!

transformers prime meet cliff jumper and arcee

Following the unleashing of Omega SupremeCliffjumper spotted a party of Decepticons preparing to assault the giant. He attempted to slow their advance with force fields and gun turrets, and when that didn't work, led them on a high-speed chase while trying to shoot them.

They eventually caught up with him when he crashed into a wall and, though his spirit was still defiant, he was unable to stop them passing him. Of course, they immediately ran into Jetfire He is unlocked by finding a data disk in the "Infiltration of Kaon" level. Nolan North English After Grimlock went missing from his post, Optimus Prime met Cliffjumper and Jazz in the armory as they were preparing to go find Grimlock and his team.

Sideswipe took the duo in a dropship to the Sea of Rust where they explored the ruins. After encountering a number of Decepticon GuardiansCliff got the opportunity to save Jazz's life when the other Autobots was caught under debris during a rust storm. They followed a distress signal to a huge pit, which Jazz insisted on going down alone, though Cliff kept in contact with him via radio. Cliffjumper ended up facing the hordes of Insecticons that poured out of the pit when Jazz flooded it, but with the other Autobot's help, survived.

Exploring further, they found an energon lake and spotted the huge tower in which Shockwave was conducting his space bridge experiments. Jazz and Cliffjumper infiltrated the facility, eventually finding Shockwave himself.

Cliffjumper attempted to sneak up on the Decepticon, only to end up trapped behind a force field.